Top 10 Ways Of Using Vodka You Didn’t Even Know About

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We tend to think of alcoholic beverages as drinks only that are supposed to be consumed. However, when it comes to such a well-known drink as vodka, a bunch of alternative uses of it appears that will be able to amuse even the most reserved person! So if you happen to have a bottle or two at home and they are not being used, think of going for one of the options we will suggest below to not let the drink spoil.

What Can You Do With Vodka Except For Drinking It?

Vodka is known for being quite a long-lasting alcoholic drink since its lifespan can be almost indefinite in case we manage to store it right. It is also rather multipurpose and can be used as both a plain drink to consume, as well as the part of cocktails. But did you know that vodka has several quite unusual ways of utilization?

If you do drink this beverage from time to time, being aware of other alternative ways of using it may appear to be useful. And in case you are strictly against consuming alcohol, you will find such properties of this liquid that will perhaps make you treat it a bit more favorably.

1. It treats toothache

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If your tooth starts aching but the pain is still not unbearable, you can help yourself and relieve the ache by pouring some vodka onto the cotton ball and put it on the gums right around the sore tooth.

2. Vodka makes your locks healthy and dandruff-free

Having dandruff makes you suffer and feel uneasy? If you have a bottle of vodka at home, do not waste such a treasure! Mix a shot of the beverage with one glass of aqua, and use this mixture for rinsing your strands after they are washed.

The use of such a strong alcoholic drink will prevent the skin flakes and the leftovers of your shampoo or conditioner from creating a buildup. Also, if you want to have your locks shiny and free from frizzing, mix a bit of this beverage with the hair conditioner – iit will make the pH level of the product lower.

3. Make a DIY flexible ice pack

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You definitely know that ice packs have a very uncomfortable feature of being stiff when completely frozen. It makes them pretty hard to adjust to the curves of the body!

To fix this issue, simply mix one glass of vodka with the water you are going to pour into the ice pack. The alcohol will lower the freezing temperature making the icy bag very cold yet still flexible.

4. Use it as a moths repellent

Did you know that this beverage scares mosquitoes and other insects off super effectively? No? Well, now you are aware of that.

To make a homemade bug and insect repelling mixture, pour some beverage into a spray bottle and add several drops of lavender essential oil simply to hide the smell of the alcohol.

5. Use it to cure the sting of a jellyfish

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If you have ever been stung by this sea creature, you know how painful those stings can be. So next time you are at the seaside, consider having a bottle of vodka with you – just in case you will get stung. They say this liquid, when being poured onto the damaged area, can soothe the pain and unpleasant feelings in ten or twenty minutes already.

6. Vodka as a disinfector

Now that people are concerned about their personal hygiene all over the globe, store-bought disinfectant became very popular. However, people often note that those liquids and gels tend to damage and dry the skin too much.

To get your hands protected and still smooth, make use of vodka instead! Just pour some onto a clean cloth and wipe your palms. And if you add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to it to hide the alcoholic smell, your DIY disinfector will scent your hands, too.

7. Opt for it if you ran out of aftershave

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Most aftershave products contain alcohol for disinfecting the skin of the face and make it softer. Vodka, since having an ideal alcohol balance, can work as a perfect substitute for the aftershave liquid.

8. Treat your rugs to keep them clean

Rugs face a lot of heavy foot traffic daily in our homes. We walk in and out, kids run here and there with their shoes on, finally, our pets never wipe their paws prior to entering the house!
All this fuss leaves tons of dirt and germs on our rugs turning them into a health hazard. And since we can’t wash those daily, sprinkling them with vodka will help to disinfect the rugs and keep them fairly fresh and odorless.

9. Vodka prevents dark colors from fading

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Want to keep your favorite suit good-looking longer and protect it from those ugly faded spots here and there? Opt for vodka in such a case since this beverage works as a protection from color fading.

10. Get rid of mold and grease

Both greasy dishes and moldy surfaces can easily get out of hand if not taken care of in time. Surprisingly, one of the most effective means to clean both is…vodka! For moldy surfaces, simply treat them with vodka and a sturdy brush, as for the dishes, add some of the beverage into the water where they will be sunk. After a few minutes, you can wash them as usual – there will be no spot of grease left!

Of course, these are not the only methods of using such a common alcoholic drink in an alternative way! People say they utilize it for cleaning windows and mirrors, for deodorizing the shoes and snickers, and even for keeping their shaving razors always sharp!

No matter what you will be using vodka for, just knowing that it has lots of alternative ways of exploitation is already a good thing to be aware of.

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