4 Misconceptions About Couples Who Use Adult Toys in Bed

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We live in strange times. Technology is taking over the world, but it still can’t get inside of your beds in the way some other things can. If you didn’t know, the usage of sex toys among couples is on the rise and it shows no signs of stopping. The modern culture and Hollywood movies, and books that come from other parts of the world are making it normal to use these little helpers.

But, it is not something that is quite yet the norm. As you could guess, there are many people who still hide the fact they need that bit extra push in the bed. This is a shame, as if people knew of all the experiences there are, they would be more open to letting a sex toy into their love life. Many couples out there who would need help probably think that sex toys are not something couples should do.

It’s no wonder there are many myths surrounding couples and coitus aids. Luckily we are here to put a little light on it and tell a little story about the four misconceptions about couples who use adult toys in bed. You’ll be thoroughly surprised by some of these.

1. Sex Toys Mean There’s Something Wrong

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This must be the biggest of them all. A study shows that couples who have a bit of help in bed are more prone to having orgasms, and their overall satisfaction is on a higher level. Many sexual relationships have been elevated on higher levels with just a little bit of innovation in close quarters.

Sex toys are good for you, they instigate imagination, create fantasies, and make life so much better. A happy bed makes a happy wife, which in return makes everything else better. Of course, it goes the other way around, as help in the form of testicle ticklers could make a man a better head of the house. If you are convinced that all myths regarding sex toys are way over their head be sure to pay Lovify a visit. Your whole life and understanding of it are about to be changed. Having to use a sex toy doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong. It means that something is lacking and it’s your duty to bring that into your life.

2. Only Single People Require Help

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Now, here’s a fun fact. A lot of women are in dire need of sex toys. Almost fifty percent of them have one in their possession and frequently use it. But, it gets even better. The number of those using them is bigger when we look only at women who are in a relationship. Most people believe that only single ladies and single men are using them. As you can see, this trend is widespread. By following the development on the market we can say that the number of those who are using sex aids is going to grow in years to come. If we experience another pandemic like this one, we can even guarantee you this. The reason is also simple, and it is the fact that both males and females use them. And if you doubt it, the couples require them too.

3. STIs Occur When You Share Sex Toys

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People care about their health. There’s nothing strange there. But it would seem that we carry some prejudices regarding sex from the middle ages. Couples of course share some of the sex toys they use, and this is quite normal. Another thing that’s also normal is to take good care of hygiene. We assume that most couples who use help like this care for their protection. Of course, there is STIs risk when you use a dildo or a similar aid. There are always risks of them, regardless of sexual activity. But, most people already know this and it has nothing to do with sex toys. If a vibrator is in question, or a dildo, you will of course clean it between each course, and even better use a condom.

This is nothing out of ordinary, and no heads need to drop. It is like people who use sex toys are some dirty pagans. No, they’re not, and you really shouldn’t believe in this misconception.

4. Sex Toys Signal Loss of Passion

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Here we go again. It’s hard to defend sex toys from attacks this dumb. Yes, sex toys are used to bring that extra boost into your bedroom. Most couples resort to this to spice things a bit in their relationship. But, there are many other reasons why they’re introduced and it varies from couple to couple. Like, let us say first; sex is great! There’s no doubt about it. We all tried it and it is amazing.

But, so are the sex toys. People often believe that these helpers are a substitute for sex. Wrong! Some of the sensations and feelings you’re going to experience when using and sexual aid can’t be compared to anything. Sex is great and there’s no substitute for it, but in the same manner, it can’t come in place of some sex toys. If we need to be straight with you, think about prostate massagers when we say there’s no substitute for it. While sex is a brilliant thing, it can’t cover all the holes, if you get what we mean.

Final Thoughts

We could go on and on, about all the misconceptions of the world regarding couples and sex toys, but we won’t the four you have above pinpoint the issues straight to the middle. It is easy to form a wrong opinion about an obscure subject like this one, but you shouldn’t do so. Instead, be sure they get the right information and form your opinion accordingly. You could also consider using some of the sex toys available on the market. It could do wonders for both your perception and your sex life. Give it a try; trust us you have nothing to lose but a few prejudices.

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