10 Things to Know Before your L1 Visa Expires – 2024 Guide

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Once you acquire the L1 Visa to work and earn dollars in the US, certain things and regulations must be known and followed for as long as the mentioned Visa is not yet expired. Should you wish to learn additional knowledge about everything regarding L1 Visa, be sure to check out after this read. The website will enlighten you of the responsibilities of acquiring the mentioned Visa, together with its benefits and restrictions.

Acquiring the L1 Visa is indeed not as simple as it seems. You have to abide by specific rules and restrictions to make you subject to renewal or extensions. But do not worry because though it has limitations, the perks, and benefits of having one are already sufficient enough for you to enjoy the length of your stay in the said country.

Following are ten essential things you opt to know before your L1 Visa expires.

1. It is a Dual-Intent Visa

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Yes, you read it right. This particular US legal paper is a dual intent visa. It further implies that the USCIS supposes that you mean and intend to remain and reside there permanently. However, the issuing party also knows that there is quite a possibility that you will only work there for only a short period and that your stay is just temporary or until your status expires.

2. The length of validity of the Visa is 5 to 7 years in maximum.

At the initial issuance of the L1 Visa, it is considered valid for 2 or 3 years. The L1A can be renewed two times, and the extension length for each renewal is two years. On the other hand, L1B is also initially three years valid. What differs is that the extension is only for a year. It applies each time the party applies for a renewal.

3. The US employer must apply for the renewal of the L1 Visa of the desired foreign worker.

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Once the L1 Visa is granted and issued under your name and responsibility, you must already know that the party who should apply for approval is the American employer or the employer of your company in your home country. Yes, it’s them instead of you. This situation is likewise for the renewal application of the said document. As they request for your stay to be extended, they must submit a formal letter stating the valid and acceptable reasons to the USCIS along with all the other necessities and requirements the law demands your party.

4. Your employer must renew your Visa at least 60 working days before its expiry.

Your US employer should request approval to your extension request six months (at least) before the termination date of the L1 Visa. But they should apply for its renewal at least 60 days (two months) before the validity expiry of your Form I-94, as the usual process can take a long time.

5. There is no prerequisite amount of wage based on your job position.

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When you fly to the US and get an approved L1 visa to work, the law does not set any wage based on the job title and description you are authorized to have. However, the employer must follow the minimum wage law of the state.

6. Your legal dependents are allowed to stay with you in the US.

Your spouse and children’s eligibility to remain in the US while your L1 Visa is valid is guaranteed. But you have to note that your children must have a single civil status and are below 21 years old. During their stay, your spouse can be engaged in jobs, given that she obtained authorization. At the same time, your children can also go to a US school of their choice and reap the benefits of acquiring a US education.

7. Your I-94 card determines the length of your stay in the US.

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It would be best if you took note that the validity of your most recent Form I-94 is the same as your L1 Visa. Furthermore, when the legality of your working visa has come to its expiration, your residence is automatically terminated as well.

8. Have your Visa stamped before traveling out of the state

Should you have any urgent situation wherein you have to travel out of the US, you have to reach the Consulate’s office first and have your Visa stamped. You can also ask them about the necessary documents you have to bring along with you during international flights and stopovers. Doing so will ensure that you can safely return to the US without any hassle of being denied re-entry.

9. If you resign from your post, you’re allowed to stay in the US for 60 days. Or at least until your Form I-94 expires, whichever comes first.

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If unfortunate instances brought you to the decision of resigning from your job, you could temporarily remain in the US for 60 more days after your approved resignation. However, if your I-94 is expiring before that authorized grace period, we are afraid you are required to leave the country before the latter document’s termination date.

10. You’re not permitted to do part-time work while employed.

Even if a part-time job is tempting as it will surely give you an additional income source, you should not be engaged in any kind. The law prohibits any form of an extra job, and violating it can be grounds for your Visa’s revocation. Sure, you wouldn’t want to ruin your full-time career in the US because of a part-time job, would you?


Being sent to the US to explore and share your expertise is a dream come true to many employees, indeed. Additionally, having the US employer petition, you are quite an achievement already. It means that you possess the knowledge, superior skills, and expertise a foreign business or enterprise needs. That is something to be proud of and cherish in your whole career life. So explore, show them your expertise, do your best, and good luck!

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