Top 10 Different Types Of Kisses

Top 10 Different Types of Kisses

Different Types of Kisses

Feelings are the most beautiful things in human beings. Each of our life’s activities is connected with some of the other feelings. We laugh, cry, fall in love and perform various tasks in our day to day life. Every feeling has a certain gesture by which we can express feelings more precisely to our loved ones. Kiss is a popular gesture of love. Kissing is a way to get closer to your partner or loved ones. By kiss, you can show how much you love a person.

Kissing with your favorite person is something you need for relaxation and soothing feel. To kiss is an enjoyable moment and actually gives your mind and body a good feel and touch. If you love your partner a lot and want to have some quality time with him then try one of these kisses. We have listed Top 10 Different Types of Kisses.

10 Cheek Kiss

A cheek kiss can be given to anyone whether it is your family member or friend. It is a form of like feeling which you can show to the person for whom you care. A mother can kiss her child on the cheek showing how much she loves him or it can be given by a girl to her boyfriend to express her eternal feelings.

The cheek kiss means that the person wants to know more and more about the other person.

9 Kiss On The Hand

This kind of kiss is done at weddings. This kiss is done by the boy by taking the girl’s hand in his hand. It can also be seen in parties and birthdays.

This kiss is popular in many countries of the world. It is a symbol of how much you like the person. This kiss can also be done when a boy proposes the girl for marriage.

8 French Kiss

Kissing is another name of love and passion for the person. The french kiss is a type of smooching that takes place between two lovers or couples. This kissing boosts your mind and body to have a passionate feeling and you will just get drawn in the feelings with your partner.

A French kiss is a very lovely thing to do in love and you will want more and more. As more you kiss, the more you will love your spouse.

7 Leave A Mark Kiss

This is one of the most amazing kisses in the world. The girl puts extra lipstick on her lips and kisses her partner to leave the marks of her lips on his face. This kind of kiss can also be given by a mother to her kid.

Leave a mark kiss is a funny thing that can be done by a girl to her boyfriend or by a wife to the husband. You can give a leave a mark kiss to your spouse or husband when you both are alone at your place.

6 The Spider-man Kiss

This is a film style kiss which can be given by a girl to her boyfriend or by the wife to her husband. However, this kiss is somewhat an awkward kind of kiss. The male stands upside down just to kiss her love on lips.

This kiss is a sign of doing something new and adventurous. The Spider-man kiss is a good thing that can be tried between the couples who are always ready for some new kind of pranks and mischiefs.

5 The Lizard Kiss

This kiss involves only the tongue and not the lips. The lizard kiss is done by moving the tongue against the tongue of the partner. This kiss will really drag you into the love of your partner more and more.

The lizard kiss is a symbol of strong feelings for one another which couples often do for strengthening their relationship. It is a sign of string love between them.

4 The Air Kiss

The Air kiss is actually not a kiss but just telling the word mwah by getting close to the person’s cheek. Such kisses can be done between two friends, relatives and also couples. It is a form of greeting one another. The Air kiss is a popular gesture of meeting one another in many countries of the world.

You can give an air kiss to a friend if you met him after long years. It is a decent form of liking towards another person and will build your relationship even stronger.

3 Kiss of an Angel

The other famous kiss is the kiss of an angel. This kiss is done on the eyelid of the person by another person. The kiss of an angel is done between couples or mother and son or daughter.

It is often given when a person wants to convey another person how much he loves her. The kiss of an angel is given by a mother to her kids at night to tell them to sleep well.

2 Fruity Kiss

This is a very delighting as well as delicious kiss. In this kiss, the two people put some fruit in their mouth and bring their lips close to each other. They kiss until the fruits get into the mouth of each other. Fruity kiss is done between two lovers and couples during their secret moments or while on honeymoon.

You can even choose both of your favorite fruits to add to the moments. Fruity kiss will drive both the partners very crazy and they will love each other more and more.

1 Text Kiss

Text kiss is a form of massage kissing when you stay away from your love or partner. This type of kissing is done by sending each other sexy styled images of kissing and imaging both of you in the same situation.

Text kiss can be shared between the partners who are in a long-distance relationships and who communicate via messages. You can even share a text kiss if your partner is near you as it will build your relationship stronger and deeper.

The kiss is necessary for a healthy body as well as strong relationships. So, kiss every day in order to have a happy life.

Top 10 Different Types of Kisses

1. Text Kiss
2. Fruity Kiss
3. Kiss of an Angel
4. The Air Kiss
5. The Lizard Kiss
6. The Spider-man Kiss
7. Leave A Mark Kiss
8. French Kiss
9. Kiss On The Hand
10. Cheek Kiss

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