Top 7 Ways to Find Motivation When You’re Stuck – 2024 Guide

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It can be extremely frustrating when you feel stuck in a rut you can’t get out. Of course, the worldwide situation has left many people with little to no motivation, or less enthusiasm for activities they once enjoyed. This can be remedied with some helpful tactics to implement into your day. Finding motivation again can indeed be tricky; hopefully, with these tips and tricks, we can help you to regain the courage to continue with whatever endeavor you are struggling with. These tips can apply to large business projects, regularly working out, writing a novel – the list goes on. Whatever you choose to do in life, may become a chore after a while – especially if it is repetitive or requires a lot of physical or mental energy. Therefore, it’s important to keep yourself motivated and inspired throughout the process in order to keep busy and work towards your goals. Here are some things you can do:

1. Take a walk

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This one is scientifically proven, too: take a walk! Consider this method when you need some inspiration or to clear the mind of anxieties and stress. Getting some fresh air helps to refresh the mind and some light physical activity will get your blood pumping, getting some lovely oxygenated air to your brain. Perfect for finding some new and refreshing inspiration. Finding somewhere green to take your walk is even better since studies have shown that even as little as 20 minutes in a park or greenspace can dramatically increase productivity levels. Pop-out on your lunch hour or take a morning stroll; you might find your productivity benefits from it.

2. Make a list of tasks from easy to difficult

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This is a fool-proof way to help your productivity snowball. Make a list of certain things that you need to do, ranging for easy to more difficult. The action of ticking something off will help get the ball rolling and you’ll begin to feel more productive straight away. Something even as simple as ‘Write to-do list’ can be added, so that as soon as you’ve made your plan, you can already tick something off! The psychology of this is proven, your brain releases endorphins once you begin achieving goals – no matter how small – so you’ll be getting your tasks done in no time. If you are stuck and you do not know how to manage all things, help from the websites, such as, is a great choice. You can make your life easier thanks to websites such as this one.

3. Listen to or watch something motivational

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This can be anything that brings you inspiration and motivation. You might find inspiration while listening to some upbeat music, a motivational podcast or a video. Even if it involves listening to your favorite song or somebody who you know to be motivational, it can have an outstanding effect on your mood and productivity. Imagine you’re Rocky Balboa, you’re going to feel much more pumped after you listen to “Eye of the Tiger”, right? Our brains are more affected by visual and audio stimuli than you might think, and these directly link to how much we can get done. Be careful, though. The wrong music and videos may distract you though, so pick wisely.

4. Plan ahead

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Trying to envisage your future goals is a great way to motivate yourself in the present. If you understand why you need to do things, you’ll be more motivated to get involved and get them done. Visualizing your targets and goals can help you picture the steps that need to be taken in order to help reach those end objectives. This branches on from ‘making a list’, since you can note down the steps in a project or personal feat that need to be taken to reach completion. Visualizing the process in anything may seem daunting and counterproductive, but it can help you to see completion at the end.

5. See how far you’ve come and rewarded yourself

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Make sure you can see how far you’ve come to become motivated to move forward. If you are working on a long and complex project, having seen what you’ve already achieved can spur you on to keep going. Use a progress tracker to see what big milestones there are and reward yourself or your team when you complete one. This is a key part to staying motivated. Learn to celebrate your successes and reward yourself in order to stay motivated. This means acknowledging your employee’s hard work for meeting deadlines, rewarding yourself with a slice of cake for hitting the gym every day this week, it can be a little or as big as you feel necessary. As long as you find time to reward your hard work, you’ll find the motivation to continue. If you keep burning the candle at both ends, you won’t have the energy or drive to keep going. The recognition is important to feel satisfied in your endeavors.

6. Try with some online classes

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We understand how difficult it can be to stay motivated while you are stuck at home, so we suggest you start including yourself in new activities. There is no better time to learn a new language than now. You can make the time you need to spend at home much more fun and enjoyable. There are plenty of online language schools you can try, however, it is very important to find a reliable and credible one. If you are interested, you can consult with excellent and experienced Language Trainers and they will help you achieve your goal and actually do something positive and effective in your free time. The best thing about online classes is that you can still interact with others and make new friends while you are learning.

7. Take a break and learn something new

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Moving onto a new task or something different for a little while maybe an excellent way to refresh your mind. Try a crossword puzzle, learning a language, or an online course. This may help to stimulate your mind and encourage fresh thinking. It also challenges new perspectives and may give you some insight or new skills you can implement in your daily life. New life skills are ideal for your CV regardless of your profession – there are so many out there like this one here that make online learning as easy as sitting on your sofa. You might find that broadening your mind helps you to better engage in your work or personal activities and you’ll find a new sense of focus.

Next time you’re feeling stuck in a rut, uninspired or a little lackluster, why not try out one of these methods? You might find that they help to increase your productivity so you’ll have fewer times when you completely lose all motivation. These tips are widely used by many professionals and successful individuals; you might find one that increases your workload tenfold. Let us know if you have any extra tips for increasing your motivation.

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