5 Reasons Why Buying Sex Toys Is No Longer a Taboo

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Sex toys have been a controversial topic for quite a long time, but fortunately, things have started to come around in recent years. For far too long, people have been judged and ridiculed for using sex toys, whether they were men or women.

The social stigma surrounding sex toys has been present for ages, and people who own and use them have been deemed perverted or deviant, but no longer. Today, we’re going to discuss what changed for the better, and we are no longer considering sex toys to be taboo. Let’s get started!

1. People are more confident in their sexuality

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We are well into the 21st century, and it is evident for everyone that people have been sexually awoken. Nowadays, whatever your sexuality maybe, people are open and accepting; at least a good number of them are.

Undoubtedly, this sex revolution has led to people being more open when it comes to sex toys. Nowadays, you shouldn’t face any backlash for walking into a sex shop and leaving with a toy or two. To be fair, we are still quite a bit more understanding when it comes to women and sex toys than we are with men, but there has also been some improvement in that field, as well.

All in all, this era of sexual awakening, if you want to call it that, has undoubtedly opened many doors for people that are willing to experiment and explore their sexuality, and it feels pretty great to be a part of that.

2. People began realizing they can improve your sex life

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For many years, people have thought of sex toys as instruments of the lonely, when in fact, a sex toy can brighten up your sex life by tenfold, even if you’re sharing your bed with your partner.

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and freedom, and you can transform your bedroom into a chamber of love and passion. Most people end up in a rut after some time. There are only so many sex positions you can try before one of you pulls a hamstring or dislocates a joint. Some of them you can visit here.

With sex toys, on the other hand, you can not only spice up the old, regular sex positions that you cycle through during the week, but you can actually make the sex far more enjoyable, and more often than not – a lot longer.

Many men suffer from premature ejaculation, but if you can afford to let your buddy rest while you play around with your partner and some toys, you can enjoy the sexy times for a lot longer.

3. People are more willing to explore their fantasies

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Many people hold back during sex because they don’t want to frighten their partners into thinking they’re with some kind of deviant. And for a long time, this was one of the reasons why people didn’t want to even talk about sex toys, let alone use them.

Nowadays, we’re bombarded with sex. Let us just be clear – we’re not talking about porn. Sex is everywhere around us – in commercials, on social media, at your local bar, etc. With all this sex around us, it is easy to understand why many people are more willing than ever to explore their fantasies.

For some, that’s having three-ways, for others that’s using toys, and for some, that’s having sex with a doll, like the one you’d find at myminisexdoll. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is – people are willing to experiment, and in doing so, you have to add some toys to your boudoir routine.

4. BDSM became more popular

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BDSM is another thing that has been quite frowned upon for many, many years. If there was something people thought to be perverted and deviant, it was BDSM. However, as years went by and we became sexually woke, as the popular kids like to say, we started noticing that there is a direct correlation between pleasure and pain.

BDSM became extremely popular a few years ago when “50 Shades” came out, and that is unquestionably one of the major breaking points when it comes to BDSM entering the mainstream. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to start experimenting with bondage and light BDSM, and that had led to an increase in sales in sex toys, which had undoubtedly led to people becoming more open-minded when it came to toys.

5. We felt lonely

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There aren’t many good things that have happened in the previous year and a half, but the lockdown and social distancing have made us consider some alternatives to human touch, and that’s where we have found understanding for sex toys.

Some people have decided to dedicate the abundance of free time to empower themselves in one way or another, and as you know, it’s impossible to talk about empowerment if we don’t talk about sex. Now, those lucky enough to be locked in a house with their partners probably took a little bit longer than the ones that were all alone, but it didn’t take a lot for sex toys to become one of the most commonly ordered things off of Amazon or other internet resellers.

Step by step, pretty much every single and lonely person has gotten their hands on a sex toy, and sooner rather than later, they began discussing their new partner with their friends, only to learn they’ve bought one as well. Little by little, this became a conversational topic and not a taboo.


In the end, we feel like it’s safe to say that we have finally understood the benefits that these sex toys bring with them. Not only do they bring you pleasure and make your sex life more fun, but they’re also perfectly safe. There’s no risk of STDs, you have all the privacy in the world that you can ask for, and you can just use them whenever you feel like it – provided that you’re home.

Also, it seems like people have finally realized that nobody cares what you do in your home. You don’t care whether another person uses a sex toy, so why would they care if you do.

When you combine all those things together, you come to a conclusion that sex toys are no longer taboo.

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