6 Ways You Can Get Replacement Car Keys in 2024

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It is important to be aware of the importance of your car key, because you can’t do anything without it. Your mobility then stops and you are helpless if you lose it. Of course, even if this happens, it is not unusual. However, when a situation like this happens to us and we don’t have a key nearby, we feel that we are stuck.

Don’t worry if you run into this problem, because there are many ways that can help you with that. This also applies to those situations that involve a broken or stuck key – in any case, we are talking about its replacement. For many, this replacement is quite expensive, but not everyone is like that.

If you have no idea what could be the ways to replace the key that will not spend all the money out of your wallet, find out in the rest of the text. To break through a series of unnecessary expenses, read some of the options that we have saved for you.

1. Contact your insurance company

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In order to avoid all unnecessary costs of replacing the key, and it has been stolen or lost, simply do this. All you need to do is contact your insurance company and you will be eligible when applying under your policy.

Sometimes you don’t even have to start the process. Most companies already have this situation in mind and that is why it is in your policy as a standard thesis. You will then be paid immediately for the loss or theft of your key. However, sometimes you will get a half service and it will definitely depend on your insurance. So then you will be able to receive the upgraded policy.

No matter whose insurance you have, it is best to check your documents in detail so that you do not waste time on other alternatives. Also accept the upgraded policy if you get from your insurance, because you may have something from it.

2. Go to an expert

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We have to single out a different situation. We mean the fact that a person may already have a functional car key, but simply want to make a spare for himself. This is even the ideal advice we can offer you, so you will always be sure. You also automatically reduce the cost of potential key re-creation, as you will not be charged for prior checks if you already have the correct key.

However, you can make a copy of the existing key in one of the stores where there are experts in this field. However, in order to confirm your identity, you must bring all the necessary documents with you. That way you will have proof that you are the real owner of the car. As we have already said, the price of this procedure is very low. This includes a vehicle registration document, driver’s license, etc.

3. Call your locksmith

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Although we are only now listing this option, it should be your first. This way you can avoid spending time on the process with an insurance policy or anyone else. So, when you get into this situation, it is best to call the nearest or your own locksmith. He will certainly offer you the best key replacement proposal, which is mostly half the money you would give to the manufacturers.

Another reason why you should contact locksmiths is that they have a lot of specialized equipment that some cars require. According to the locksmithandsecurity, some of the equipment that must have are anti-snap locks, mortice locks, cylinder rim locks, etc.

4. Buy keys

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If you can’t use all the options listed above, you only have one left. In the end, you can always buy a new set of keys. Of course, this will be a slightly more expensive way to replace the keys, but it is important that it works. You will get your keys and you will be able to enjoy your car again. Costs include redesign that includes several checks such as coding, alarm control, remote control, programming, etc.

5. Buy keys at a discount

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Of course, this is a much better alternative than the previous one if you succeed in this. How can you do that? It’s actually very simple. All you have to do is research the places where the goods are sold at half price. These are platforms like eBay and others. You may have more success there than anywhere else. These are common things to find online keys at half price. It would cost you incomparably more if you tried with the manufacturer. However, if you can’t find it online, try companies that work exclusively with key replacement. Of course, with a simple vehicle that is older the process runs much easier. So the older the vehicle you have the faster you will get your new keys.

In addition to the above, you also have Amazon, but it is best to compare several alternatives before deciding on the most appreciative one. Consider several factors such as time, money, etc. and you will quickly come to a solution.

6. Pause for a moment

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This may sound a little strange, but try to wait for a moment. Yes, wait for a while and check if your key started working again. While this may sound crazy, believe us it doesn’t have to be. It is very common for extreme heat/cold to cause key problems. Car owners generally think that it has stopped working, but very often it happens that everything is caused by time.

Also, if you run with an electric key in your hands, you can sweat and have such a bad effect on the correctness of the key. This is another factor that can cause bigger problems. If time allows, listen to us. Maybe everything will be as before.


It would be best if we kept our personal belongings close to us and thus prevented any potential loss. However, the loss of keys is one of the most common examples when it comes to forgetting things. We hope you will not get into this situation. However, if you ever had to replace the keys, now you know ways that will surely help you with that.

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