5 Things to Remember If You Are Involved In a Car Accident in Little Rock – 2024 Guide

It’s normal to panic when you’re involved in a car accident. However, there are five things you must remember to do and not to do after a car accident.

According to statistics, in 2018, approximately 1,530 fatal car accidents occurred in the Southern region of the United States. In Arkansas alone, 570 car-crash related deaths were recorded during the year 2017.

Though the number of fatal accidents has reduced over the years, they are still higher than many other developed countries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Car crashes can be avoided if everyone abides by the traffic rules. But when they occur, things can get so frustrating that you may not be able to think straight. During such a stressful emergency, countless things are on your mind, leading you to make an irrational decision. But knowing what you must do and avoid after a car accident can be extremely helpful if you are ever in a panic-stricken state.

Ensure Everyone’s Okay and Safe

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When a car accident occurs, your priority should be your safety and that of the passengers. Before doing anything else, check everyone involved in the collisions for any injuries. Even if there are no physical injuries, consider calling 911 right after the crash. If someone is unconscious or feels dizzy, give the 911 operator all the details to bring all the necessary equipment with them. It’s critical to seek medical help, even if your injury is just a scratch on your elbow.

If your car is too damaged to drive or is concerned about its safety, don’t try to move it from its location. But make sure you turn on the hazard lights to prevent another accident.

Maintain Your Calm

Whether the accident happened due to your negligence or the other party was at fault, you need to remain calm and relaxed. Don’t start playing the blame game on the road or get into a heated argument with the other party. The situation is already very stressful, and getting angry will make it harder for you to think clearly. Remember, you still have to record everything that happened, get information from the other party, file a police report, note all the damages, and notify your insurance of the incident. You need to be cool to do all that. Even if the other party begins to yell or argue, respond politely to it. Focus on the essential things that you need to do.

File a Report With the Police

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Whether it’s a massive or minor accident, it’s critical to get the police involved and file a factual report. When the police arrive at the scene, they will fill out a form after inquiring about the car accident. Please ensure you’re polite and cooperative with the police, but don’t give them any information that they didn’t ask for. Provide them with factual details of the accident, such as the time, location, people involved in the collision, your information, other party’s information, and information about your property damage and injuries sustained during the accident.

Ask the officer when you can get a copy of the report because it typically takes a couple of days.

Get your hands on the report copy as soon as possible, because it will make your case stronger while claiming compensation for losses.

If none of the parties accepts the blame for the accident, the police officer’s opinion will be considered significant. The officer will also enter their information in the report, in case the matter is taken the court, and they are required to testify.

In some car crashes, the damages are negligible, such as a minor crack on the fender or scratch on the body, and neither driver might want to involve the police. Even in such cases, filing a police report can be beneficial because it might leave you with internal injuries and body pain. If you identify the symptoms of anxiety and injuries after some time, having a police report will make it convenient for you to claim personal injury compensation.

Don’t Provide Your Insurance Company With Excessive Information, Until You Speak With an Attorney

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Notifying your insurance company of the incident is unavoidable. But remember that you are not obligated to give them all the details. All you’re required to provide them are the factual details of the car crash, such as:

  • Location of the accident
  • Time of the accident
  • Information about the other party at fault
  • Condition of the road where the crash occurred
  • Date of the accident

Talk to a lawyer first before yougive them any information about the injuries sustained by you and your passengers in the accident. This is because victims of car accidents are usually in a traumatized state of mind, and they cannot realize how severe their injuries are until after professional assistance. Don’t sign any document or record any statement without hiring a car accident attorney in Little Rock, especially if the party at fault is uninsured. Because in that case, your insurance company will be compensating you for all the losses, and they will try their best to minimize your payout.

If the other driver is insured, make sure you talk to your lawyer before you talk to their insurance adjuster. Move on to the next pointer to learn why your car accident lawyer should deal with the insurance adjusters.

Hire a Car Accident LawyerBefore Signing Any Documents

If you’re based in Little Rock and are involved in an accident due to another driver’s fault, you must contact a reliable car accident lawyer in Little Rock. Your car accident attorney will make sure you are compensated for all your losses, including the medical bills, loss of employment due to injuries, loss of wage for the time you couldn’t work, property damage, a loss of a loved one, and emotional suffering. If you’re not at fault, you have a legal right to file a compensation claim against the other party. Your car accident attorney will thoroughly investigate all the case details and gather every document to make your case more reliable and successful.

If you are looking to hire a trustworthy and well-reputed car accident lawyer in Little Rock to get your rightful compensation, get in touch with The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas. Lisa Douglas is an experienced lawyer who provides legal services as a car accident attorney, social security attorney, injury lawyer, criminal defense attorney, medical malpractice, and more. You can Contact her or any other reliable lawyer to get your queries and concerns personally answered.

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