Top 5 Clouds to Use for Business Connectivity in 2024

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Have you ever had a computer crash? Remember that horrible feeling and the terrifying first thought that came to your mind? ‘Oh gosh, my data! What am I going to do now? Everything went down the drain!’ Also, you know those situations when you desperately want to show a file or a photo to friends or a client, but they’re stored on your hard drive which is pretty inaccessible at the moment? Precisely this kind of situation has led experts to find a new way to store data and make the physical hard drive become an obsolete thing. The use of the cloud is gaining in popularity, especially its use in the business world, where no owner wants to risk the fate of their crucial files due to a technical accident.

For this reason, everyone’s rushing to find the ideal cloud that will be able to provide them with the best possible service and security. Storage definitely isn’t their only function – they also come with a very successful connection between business owners and employees, as well as business owners and clients.

Numerous companies around the globe today have employees whose residence is related to another city or state. Thanks to advanced technology, this kind of employment has become absolutely possible and even popular among entrepreneurs and firms. Workers on the other side of the world are able to perform their activities without any hassle with their superiors monitoring their work through these connector servers.

Long-distance data exchange is no longer an obstacle or a problem. Instead of carrying a whole chaotic pile of paper to business meetings, you can now use your archive electronically in just a few clicks.

All of the above are reasons why, when opening a business, one of the first things to do would be to get a good cloud. Although it seems like a simple and quick task, we advise you to be well informed before choosing one. Today, there are too many companies that offer such services, and you should be able to differentiate between the ones that are worth your time and the ones that are not. Here, we help you choose by suggesting the top 5 best business cloud servers.


1. Google Drive

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Many entrepreneurs will tell you that this is one of the best platforms, precisely because of the quality of service and it has a huge number of users. When creating an account, you get 15GB of free memory that’ll keep your files safe, sound and always available to share. An appealing start, right?

Google Drive is accessed very easily through its browser, Google Chrome, or software. Very simple. Adapted to both private and business use, it can serve as an asset for cooperation. Wherever you are, when requested, you can send data, photos, projects or anything else to your colleagues or clients. This technical giant keeps developing and progressing, so nowadays we can also find Google Cloud as an even more precise solution for business owners.

Thanks to the G Suite, you won’t run out of space to store everything you need. Drive is also connected to Google AI, whose good features are reflected in its ability to recognize content and collaborators that are important to you, using quick access options. There’s also a common space at your disposal, where each of the employees has their own file that you can easily manage and have an insight into. Everything in its place and updated quite frequently – what could possibly go wrong?


2. Microsoft One Drive

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There isn’t much to be said about the reliability of Microsoft as a company. We are everyday users of their services, so we can’t go wrong with choosing this cloud either – and this would be one of the choices that’s definitely at the top.

You can get a free 5GB in a trial period, and if you opt for this server later, prices range from $5 per month for 1TB to $10 per month for more storage. A key feature of Microsoft’s OneDrive is the great search power and very good connectivity between platforms. With the help of its own software, it downloads and synchronizes data regardless of the circumstances and conditions. It has no problem with other application manufacturers as it allows them to work properly.

Their path to the top, as a company, was paved with flawless projects, which was shown in this case as well.


3. Amazon Cloud Drive

The first provider of these services in the world that developed a whole range of possibilities. Within the various packages, they offer you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

One option is to pay only for the amount of memory you actually use, at no extra or hidden cost. The second is to reserve a certain amount of memory, which can bring you some discounts and savings later. The third option includes a package within which you can get a significantly larger amount of memory but at a lower price than you would get in some other places.

Many opt for the Amazon platform precisely because of these different offerings that can be tailored to the different needs of customers. In addition, they provide services and hosting of websites and business applications, which is an additional plus.

Those clients who want to keep only photos can do so indefinitely for $11.99 per year, and for $59.99 per year they can use all that this server has to offer indefinitely. Still, Amazon is best suited for those who need really large storage space – if the amount of space is smaller, then it might not be that cost-effective.


4. IBM

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The technological achievements of this company aren’t to be underestimated – it’s definitely another provider you can trust thanks to their successful work so far. It stands side by side with giants like Google and Microsoft.

The benefits are numerous, and they’re moving forward day by day with a bunch of innovative ideas. This type of cloud allows deployment and access to many IT-related segments and elements and offers various things that every prosperous entrepreneur needs. For things to be even better and for the optimized use of this one, there’s always a chance to improve it with some additional software like ConsoleConnect.


5. Salesforce

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Salesforce is another software company that’s taking over the market and there are many reasons why this is so.

The term SaaS was introduced by them and means Software As A Service. Within this project, they offer a platform consisting of several clouds, where everyone can choose the one that would benefit them the most. These include one for integration, then analytics, marketing, commerce, and finally platforms for sales and services. The last one is the oldest, but the others are also fast-growing.

Lately, they’ve been concluding partnerships with large companies, because, as they say, they don’t want to create barriers – and one of them is Google.

After learning something more about this, finding the cloud platform which will serve best for your business shouldn’t be that difficult. Every serious firm feels the urge to connect with employees, colleagues and clients in the simplest way ever and ensure the longevity of its data. That’s where the future of this invention has its chance for constant growth and improvement. So next time when you think about storing your most valuable stuff on the regular hard disc – think twice!

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