3 Effective Techniques to Be Successful at Table Games – 2024 Guide

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While most of the casino games’ success relies on luck, there is still room for players’ strategic decision-making. It’s hardly applicable to slots. The vast randomness of possible outcomes makes it practically out of reach for bettors to build any well-thought playing system based on predictability. You can set a budget and determine how to spend it step by step, but there’s no way to know if you will have success in five, ten, or twenty spins.

Table games seem to be much more predictable, even if the chance is still the primary factor. Being a fan of poker or Blackjack, or having the thrill to put chips around the roulette, there are realistic roadmaps to follow in the pursuit of luck and profit. We share some of the effective techniques to be successful, and you can try if they work. You can even take a free test if you play online table games at Casino Robots before staking real money.

1. Poker is more than mere luck

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Arguably the most popular casino game online, poker comes up with plenty of reasons to attract both rookies and seasoned players. Regardless of the type of game – Draw, Stud, or Hold ’em, you know there are 52 cards in the deck. The number of all possible combinations is vast but not inconceivable. Having one or a couple of hole cards, you can calculate your chances to win.

Well, every poker style needs a different approach. Texas Hold ’em undoubtedly is the most popular gaming type these days. At the start, every player around the table (the number of participants varies from two to ten) gets two cards face-down. There are three community cards at the flop, so even before the turn of the river, a player can see if there is a realistic chance to win or not. The worst hands you can have after dealing the cards are:

2 and 7
2 and 8
3 and 8
2 and 9
2 and 6

These combos, especially offsuit, are destined to lose in the vast majority of cases. Wait for the flop, but if there are no two 2s to make it a three together with yours, just fold it there. Success is not only winning – part of it comes from preventing the loss.

Well, you can be much bolder if you have two Aces, A-K or Q-J. There comes the “dance” with other competitors. If you have a strong hand, don’t let the others stay in the game for free after the flop.

In Stud Poker, on the other hand, you have only one hole card, while the next three are dealt face-up. And since there are no community cards, it’s all visible by everyone except for this one piece in hand that stays face-down. So, evaluating the chances of your hand against others’ hands is easy. The catch is to add the hole card and make up your mind then if you are on the winning track or rather not.

Classical Draw Poker relies much more on strategic thinking. But this version of the game is significantly less popular online while still being preferred by a large number of traditional players.

2. Don’t count cards on Blackjack

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It is prohibited at land-based gambling venues. But this is not the point anyway, since the casino always has the edge. The decision depends on the bettor’s hand and the upface dealer’s card. If you have more than 17 points, it makes sense to stand. If your combo counts less than 11, then you need a hit. But there is a lot of space in between, isn’t it?

The visible dealer’s card is crucial in decision making. If a 10-value shows up, there is a high chance to lose unless you have 18 or more (straight Blackjack is the best scenario). What if you have a 15 in such a case? Hit, and you risk a bust. Stand, and it might be too low facing the dealer’s hand.

Double down might be an alternative when you have a high hand, but not sure if it is enough. Using insurance is not applicable and meaningful all the time. The timing and budget management are crucial. A player needs to know when it’s the right time to hit and stand.

3. Roulette bets management

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Predicting the exact number on roulette is pure luck. There’s no strategy to give you hints on what sector will pay back 35 to 1. Yet, there are well-worked techniques for success at the wheel. Nothing’s guaranteed, but a wise approach around the table is achievable.

Placing a wager on black or red gives a greater chance to win – a little less than 50 percent since the casino always has an edge. The same applies for betting on even or odd, or 1-18 or 19-36. It’s one way or the other unless the ball stops in the zero (or double zero in the American version).

The probability of winning, in the long run, depends on a hunch and patience. Always start with a small bet. You don’t have to place chips on every spin – it is allowed to wait and see. Please don’t rush the game because it will do no good most of the time.

Using progressive strategies might work, but there is a risk of failing. For example, lots of bettors stick with the Martingale system. When losing, double the bet until you win, and then start over again. But what if a bad streak comes up? After four or five unsuccessful bets, it becomes increasingly risky to double the wager. Sticking with the same color or betting strictly on odd (even) numbers makes sense if you know when to skip a bet. It is essential to walk away in roulette when you have at least as many wins as losses. But better avoid to make up for the unsuccessful spins with higher wages.

In the end, it’s still luck in the first place. But when using common sense is an integral part of the gameplay plan, then the chance to succeed increases.

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