10 Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Your Car

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car

Science has made the life of man easier and smoother than before. We can perform every task with the help of technology. There are various gadgets introduced in the 21st century for the convenience of human beings. Every year a new gadget is manufactured to serve each purpose of our daily life. Automobiles are one of the greatest inventions of science made for making transportation better.

Car is like a dream for everyone. It reaches every person on time to the right destination. Car is a comfort that everyone wants to buy for ease of traveling. But the car should also be maintained properly with proper servicing and washing. It is necessary to keep in mind certain things while washing your car. We have listed Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car.

10 Pouring Waxes

One should never pour any wax or liquid on the body of the car. The liquid wash and wax contain harsh chemicals and substances which will fade the color of your car. Using liquid wax damages the beauty of the car. However, you can use these liquids on the applicator.

The liquid wax can also make stretch marks on the body of the car which looks bad while traveling in the car. So, if you were using liquid wash till now, stop that thing to save the color of your car.

9 Avoid Washing Can on Sun

This is one of the most important things to be kept in mind before washing the car. You should never prefer washing your car in the direct sunlight. This is because the heat from the sun can form water spots on the car looking very dirty on the body.

There will be permanent watermarks on the surface of the car. And with dirty water spots on your car, how can you go to your office, party or to a friend’s party or marriage? Wash car preferably in the early morning or at night.

8 Never wash your wheels and tires after washing the whole car

Never wash your wheels and tires after washing the whole car. The wheels have many dirty particles, dust, pollutants, and many other particles which get accumulated every day. If we wash the wheels after washing the car, these dirty particles will spread on the clean body of your car which will increase your task for again washing it. So it is always recommended to wash wheels and tires first and then wash your car’s body.

7 Use of Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaner

While washing your car, keep in mind not to use any household cleaners which have ammonia. The ammonia is not good for your car as it has concentrated smell and also destroys the dashboard areas of the car. It damages the shine of the car by fading its color.

If you wish to use cleaner to wash your car, always go for ammonia-free glass cleaner to wash the glass and mirrors of the car which can make them shiny giving a good look.

6 Change Water for Washing

If you are using a bucket of water for washing your car, throw that water. Never use the same water for the next wash as it contains dirt and mud which will make the look of the car dirty making it black. It is always a good habit to use freshwater with each wash of your car.

You should have a separate bucket and clean cloth for washing your car which should be used for any other purpose. Use good quality soap to wash the car.

5 Don’t Make Use of Solvent Based-Tire and Rubber Protectants

If you own a car then don’t make use of solvent based-tire and rubber cleaners. You should often check your rubber cleaner bottle for distilled petrochemicals.

Such chemicals can severely affect the surface of your tires. This is a good tip to be kept in mind if you have a car or planning to buy one in the future years.

4 Clean Dashboards Often

Do you which portion of your car is very dirty? It is not your tires, body or seats but it is your dashboard part. Every day when you drive the car, the steering wheel carries the germs and bacteria from your hands. The console to has many germs as it is frequently used while driving.

When you switch the AC in your car or when the window is open, the dirt gets accumulated on the cup holders, dashboard portion and the console. You should clean these areas quite often with a good disinfectant.

3 Towel Cleaning

Car washing also has one of the major points to be kept in mind. The type of cloth and towel that you use to clean the car also is an important factor to be taken care of. Use cotton towels to clean your car.

You can also make use of microfiber cloth or towel. Do not make use of fabric softener while washing the car as it remains on the towel which will not clean your car fully.

2 Waxing

Waxing the car is also one of the important stages in washing the cars. You should wax your car for maintaining its color and paint. You should apply a coat waxing on your car for a better look and finishing touch.

So there is no need for overwaxing and just two coats will serve the purpose of making the car look classy and good. These are some of the important hints while waxing your car.

1 Cleaning The Car’s Antenna

The antenna is the area which is very dirty if we have a look at it. While turning the engine on and off several times in the whole day, the dirt and air particles stick to the antenna making it very dirty. You should use some wax or candle to clean the surface of the antenna. The wax will not only clean the antenna but makes its life longer for many years.

These are the most important things to be taken care of while watching the car. So, this Sunday if you want to wash your car, apply one of these tips.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car

1. Cleaning The Car’s Antenna
2. Waxing
3. Towel Cleaning
4. Clean Dashboards Often
5. Use of Solvent Based-Tire and Rubber Protectants
6. Change Water for Washing
7. Use of Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaner
8. Cleaning Your Wheels and Tires Last
9. Avoid Washing Can on Sun
10. Pouring Waxes

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