Top 10 Best TV Shows In The World

Best TV Shows in the World

Television has been the easiest and most common form of entertainment for many decades. It is very simple just to switch on the TV with remote control and turn the channel which we love the most. Each person needs some hours of recreation every day to keep his mind and body working for new activities and tasks. Television has a vast list of programs starting from news to movies. We often get confused as to which channel to enjoy. The TV series is something which is gaining much popularity in today’s time all over the world.

The TV shows have different categories and subjects such as comedy, romantic, sci-fi, adventure and much more. They are created with the point of view of the audience. The TV shows present the story within half or one hour with the best acting skills of actors and directors. If you want to watch some of the best TV series, choose one among these. We have listed our Top 10 Best TV Shows in the World.

10 The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a horror TV show created by Frank Darabont. Andrew Lincoln plays the main role in this TV series. It is the story based on the character of Rick Grimes is suffering from a coma and when we wake up, he finds the world of zombies.

He then joins his family members to protect themselves from zombies. The Walking Dead runs successfully from October 2010. This TV show has also earned many awards for being the best television series.

9 Silicon Valley

This is one of the best comedy American TV shows. The plot of the series is about the five men who found their company in Silicon Valley. This show started in the year 2014 on HBO and finished its 4th season in the year 2017 and the fifth season is yet to come in 2018.

Silicon Valley stars Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, and many other sin lead roles. This TV show got a good rating due to the good amount of comedy involved in a technical way.

8 How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular TV shows since its release year. It is a story of a character named Ted Mosby and his friends.  Ted tells the story to his kids how he met their mother and the journey of their love. This TV series was developed by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays.

How I Met Your Mother is the story of friends when they were teenagers. The show got positive reviews worldwide and it won many awards like People’s Choice Awards and ALMA Awards.

7 Master of None

Master of None is the combo of comedy and drama. The story revolves around the character of Dev who is involved much in romantic relationships. The TV show has many funny incidents between Dev and Rachel, his ex-girlfriend and explains their romance in a nice way.

Master of None was praised by critics and it received many nominations and awards. This TV show was made in two parts with different incidents relating to one character.

6 Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a fiction kind of TV series developed in the year 1963. The story is about a Doctor who travels the whole universe in a space ship of the time. The machine has a blue color on the outer surface. The Doctor has many friends and enemies also form which he saves many people.

This TV show is one of the most famous TV series on British Television.  It has received many awards for the best story as well as the best acting.

5 Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

This is the talk show which appears on the night on TBS. The anchor of this show is Samantha Bee who is a comedy actress. The show covers the news, filed pieces and health segment. Many guest actors are invited to this show.

This show is loved by people all over the world and the audience often demands to broadcast more than one day in a week. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee gives information about many fields keeping you updated with the latest events.

4 The Big Bang Theory

A TV series developed by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the Big Bang Theory is a story about 5 friends who live in one apartment. They get Penny who is a waitress who shares an apartment with them. It is a comedy show involving intellectual skills and common sense.

The show has gained higher popularity all over the world. The Big Bang Theory completed 9 successful seasons in the year 2016 and this show achieved a Golden Globe Award and many awards for being the best comedy show.

3 Modern Family

This is one of the most popular American family TV series which covers the life of Jay Pritchett and his family members. The story involves other families who stay in Los Angeles. It is a type of comedy-drama which was loved by the audience a lot.

All the seasons of Modern Family were very successful and it won many famous awards such as Emmy Award and Golden Globe Awards for best comedy, storyline and best acting too.

2 Sherlock

Sherlock is one of the most wonderful TV series loved by many people in various parts of the world. It is basically a crime story. The TV series take incidents from detective stories of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock received many positive reviews with appreciation about the story and performances of the actors. The show has earned many famous awards like Golden Globe, Emmys and BAFTAs for various categories.

1 Game of Thrones

This is the most popular and watched TV series in the world. Game of Thrones is a story of the battle between the noble families for independence. There are in all 3 stories in this TV series. The story has conflicts, games, plots and lots more for a throne.

It has a huge fan following and earned 38 Primetime Emmy Awards and 3 Hugo Awards and many other nominations. The costumes makeup and many other weapons used in the TV series are amazing.

These TV series are a good source of entertainment which you can enjoy in your leisure time.

Top 10 Best TV Shows in the World

1. Game of Thrones
2. Sherlock
3. Modern Family
4. The Big Bang Theory
5. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
6. Doctor Who
7. Master of None
8. How I Met Your Mother
9. Silicon Valley
10. The Walking Dead

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