Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands In The World

First thing in the morning without which the day is not completed is toothpaste. As soon as we wake up from the bed, we need a toothbrush and paste to clean our teeth from dirt and germs. Toothpaste helps to remove food particles which are stuck between your teeth and keeps your mouth fresh whole day. Wherever you go, may it be school, college or office, the clean teeth and fresh breath are the essential things which add to your personality?

Toothpaste comes in various flavours and contains many ingredients useful for treating well teeth problems. Today, we will see some of the Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands in the World.

10. Pepsodent

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With the tag line,” Dhishum Dhishum”, Pepsodent has gained good response all over the world as a good toothpaste. This brand is owned by Unilever from the year 1942 except in USA and Canada. Pepsodent toothpaste is prepared from Pepsin which removes plaque from the teeth. The toothpaste contains Sassafras which gives a minty flavour useful for a fresh breath.

Pepsodent toothpaste is sold on a large scale in the UK and USA and it is on 71st number among the top brands of toothpaste of the world as per 2014. The advertisements of Pepsodent have always been fascinating for people by showing some of the famous personalities in it.

9. Arm & Hammer

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Arm & Hammer is one of the oldest toothpaste among the best toothpaste in the world. This toothpaste is liked by people in many countries by more than 165 years. The toothpaste gives you the shiny teeth by removing the stains from the teeth. Arm & Hammer toothpaste contains ingredients such as baking soda which remove the stain and peroxide which helps in healthy gums.

This toothpaste repairs the teeth and cleans them from every corner. It strengthens the enamel by making your smile broad with white teeth. The dentists also give good reviews of Arm & Hammer products due to its efficiency.

8. Close up

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Everybody loves the lovely red colour of Close up toothpaste. It was the first toothpaste in the world in gel form. Close up is owned by Unilever and it was introduced in the year 1967. The toothpaste contains cinnamon which is the basic ingredient in the mint flavour. Close up toothpaste helps in removing hard stains from the teeth such as tea, coffee and tobaccos. It helps in whitening your teeth which helps you smile the whole day at your work.

The advertisements for Close up have been shown by teenagers for making the product more attractive. Various celebrities and well-known persons have been endorsed for working in the advertisements which increase the publicity of the product.

7. Aim

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The aim is the toothpaste which was brought in the market in the year 1975 by Unilever. It is a toothpaste from Church & Dwight which have many good flavours such as mint and cinnamon. These ingredients help in keeping your breath fresh for more than 12 hours. This paste helps to remove cavities making stronger the teeth.

It consists of cellulose gum and fluoride and other ingredients which are good for the teeth. Aim toothpaste is available in 2 forms and they are gel and glue forms. The advertisements of aim toothpaste have a good tagline, “A warrior for your teeth’.

6. Aquafresh

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Aquafresh toothpaste ranks 6th among the best brands of toothpaste of the world. It was made by “Glaxo Smith Kline” in the year 1973 with the aim to provide double protection to teeth. Aquafresh toothpaste has white fluoride which gives a fresh breath and removes cavities by keeping your teeth healthy. The toothpaste is red in colour and in gel form which is useful for healthy gums.

Aquafresh is a brand of oral products such as toothpaste, toothpaste and mouthwashes. There is also a chewing gum of Aquafresh which is an alternate of toothpaste. The ads of Aquafresh shows deep oceans giving a message of freshness.

5. Glister

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Recently, many people complain of tooth decay due to insufficient minerals in the body. Glister toothpaste is a product of Amway and a good quality toothpaste. It keeps the teeth bright by removing the tough stains and giving a fresh breath. Glister removes plaque and keeps the enamel stronger.

Gilster toothpaste is made up of sodium lauryl sulphate and titanium dioxide which are good for healthy teeth. This product has been given a good rating among other FMCG products. It has an amazing flavour giving your mouth a fresh feel.

4. Crest

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A product of Proctor & Gamble, Crest toothpaste is the most famous brand of toothpaste all over the world. Along with toothpaste, Crest deals in mouth and oral care products which are of good quality and are useful in treating well oral problems. Crest toothpaste contains Stannous fluoride as the main ingredient in curing dental problems. The earlier name of this toothpaste was Fluorisan which was changed to Crest.

The benefits of this toothpaste are that it can be used during pregnancy. Many remarkable ad campaigns were done by Crest between the years 1970-80 for the promotion of the product.

3. Sensodyne

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With its ads coming on television every now and then, Sensodyne has been a popular toothpaste among people all over the globe. This toothpaste is useful in curing the sensitivity problems of teeth. Sensodyne toothpaste was made by Alexander Block with such medicinal ingredients which treat the sensitivity problems by curing it of the root nerves of the mouth.

Another main ingredient in the toothpaste is Strontium chloride which feels the gaps between the teeth and covers it protecting from cavities. Sensodyne has potassium nitrate which cured the pain of the nerves.

2. Forever Bright Tooth Gel

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As the name suggests, this tooth gel is best to cure dental problems. Forever Bright Tooth gel contains mainly Aloe Vera adding to its flavour. It is the tooth gel which does not have fluoride present in it. The other ingredients used in preparing the tooth gel are peppermint and spearmint which keeps your mouth fresh.

Forever Bright Tooth gel is made from all-vegetarian ingredients which are the main benefit for all veggies. This tooth gel gives protection to your teeth from bacteria and plaque. Forbes has listed this company as one of the tops among the 400 public companies of the world.

1. Colgate

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With the first in position, Colgate has gained much popularity worldwide. The founder of Colgate was William Colgate from which the brand derived its name. Colgate has been the best brand since years in healthcare and oral care products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth washers. Colgate has always made its products better by adding new ingredients and giving them a new look.

This toothpaste gives you cleaner teeth by removing plaque and stains. Colgate Palmolive helps in brightening your teeth to keep your smile special wherever you go. Since 2000, Colgate is a 2nd brand selling the highest number of toothpaste in the world.

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