Top 10 Awkward Child Celebrities Who Became Hot

Awkward Child Celebrities Who Became Hot

Intelligence has always been ahead of beauty in every aspect. We have many examples of people in the history who was ugliest looking yet they have created wonders. There are many scientists and great people who did not have a good face but had a good brain that took them to the apex of the world. Beauty is not just having a good face but also talent and intelligence. It is the human brain which has made wonders in the world.

Today’s article is about the people who did have a beautiful face yet they became hot in the eyes of the people. Earlier, these celebs were having ugly faces but later on, certain surgeries and beauty treatments turned them into beautiful looking. Let’s have a look at Top 10 Awkward Child Celebrities Who Became Hot.

10. Taylor Swift

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Starting with one of the most popular singers in the world, Taylor Swift was not as beautiful as she is now in her small age. In her school days, she had rough patches on her skin with marks. She used to wear a band to tie her hair.

But now, Taylor Swift has rocked the world with many of her best singles and other music videos. She is now considered to be one of the most beautiful and ravishing celebrities in the world.

9. Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is the favorite actress of every guy in the world. The Beauty and the Beast actress was not good looking in the early twenties. She was a normal looking girl with weird hair and skin. She had a good talent from the school days in dancing and acting.

After her career breakthrough in the Harry Potter series, she became popular among the audience. Her beauty changed from average to excellent in the past few years and currently, she is listed in one of the hottest celebrities in the Hollywood industry.

8. Alexa Vega

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Alexa Vega is one of the most ravishing American actresses. She began her career by acting like a kid in television shows like Twister and Spy Kids. She didn’t look so hot in these shows and the audience didn’t like very much.

She came in the limelight with the sequel of Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Due to her changed appearance and good acting, the audience loved her. Alexa was one of the hottest young celebrities as per the magazine Vanity Fair in the year 2003.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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On number 7, it is a beautiful American actress and producer, Jennifer Love Hewitt. She got her career breakthrough on the small screen with Disney Channel series. She had the chubby cheeks in her childhood days.

She became popular with some of her best films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Café. She got the title of sexiest television actress on television in the year 2008. Her beautiful looks just made her reach among the top actresses.

6. Taylor Lautner

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Taylor Lautner got popularity for her role as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga. He started his career by acting in many comedy-dramas. Earlier, he did not interest the audience as he had a boring face with weird hair and mouth.

But later on, he transformed his looks into something very extraordinary. With The  Twilight Saga, he became one of the hottest and most handsome Hollywood actors and started to be considered as a sex symbol.

5. Justin Timberlake

The lead singer of NSYNC, Justin Timberlake is popular among his fans. He acted in several TV shows in his early career stage. He didn’t look good in his twenties but then he changed his look which shook the world.

He used to have a funny hairstyle at her young age which changed into a sexy one. His earlier looks were similar to that of a street artist but now he is one of the sexiest celebrities in the world. He has received many titles for his styles and looks.

4. Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman is a charming and stunning American actress. But she was not so hot looking in her earlier days. She began her career with Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace. She is beautiful and sensational and even good at acting.

In her childhood days, Natalie Portman was an average looking girl which changed into the Oscar-winning actress of the films. She has also got many other notable awards such as BAFTA Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for the best acting category.

3. Kristen Stewart

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The next on the list is a hot and beautiful American actress, Kristen Stewart who became popular with Twilight Saga series. She began her acting career with TV series and later on jumped into the films. In her school days, Kristen used to have short hair with not that sexy looks.

After she entered the films, her looks were changed and she is now the brand ambassador of many popular fashion brands like Chanel and Balenciaga. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

2. Dakota Fanning

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You would not believe that Dakota Fanning has braces in her teeth in her earlier days. She is now one of the most stunning American actresses as well as a model. She has acted in many films and been nominated for her films also.

Dakota Fanning has short hair at her young age and now she has appeared on the cover photo of many popular magazines such as Elle and Vanity Fair. From a dirty looking little girl, Dakota changed completely into a fashion model.

1. Kylie Jenner

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At number 1, it is Kylie Jenner who is a beautiful American television actress, Kylie Jenner.  She had a pretty face in her early twenties which in no way looked like that of a famous actress. Now, Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential teens in the world.

She is sexy with lovely eyes and perfect lips and is often considered as a bombshell. Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram with more than 95 million followers.

These people didn’t have great looks in their small age but they had talent which took over the beauty and they reached the tremendous height of success.

Top 10 Awkward Celebs Who Became Hot

1.Kylie Jenner
2.Dakota Fanning
3.Kristen Stewart
4.Natalie Portman
5.Justin Timberlake
6.Taylor Lautner
7.Jennifer Love Hewitt
8.Alexa Vega
9.Emma Watson
10. Taylor Swift

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