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Some lawyers fought against injustice in society selflessly. Ben Crump is a perfect example of such lawyers who take the side of needy innocent people. His strong ethics, perseverance, and dedication made him famous and successful. Do you want to know more about him? If yes, here is the perfect article to drive your motivation and boost confidence levels. So, read on!

Who Is Ben Crump


His actual name was Benjamin Lloyd Crump, who is one of the famous and well-renowned lawyers. He took the cases related to fault death cases and injuries. He even worked with civil rights and other lawful cases. He argued in several famous controversies, such as Johnson and Johnson Baby powder. After that, another most significant case of him was George Floyd. This case was all about the people who were being poisoned in the Flint Water Crisis.

He represents both national(American) and international clients. In most of his cases the media highlights issues. Even in 2024, he fought several cases. Moreover, Ben was also recognized as Black America’s Attorney that brought him great respect and fame in society.

Ben Crump’s Early Life And Family


Ben was born in a large family where he has nine siblings. His family was situated in Lumberton in North Carolina near Fort Bragg. Ben grew up in the hands of his grandmother and his mother, Helen Crump. Helen was a hotel maid. Helen was married twice, and Ben calls her second husband as a dad.

He got married to Genae Angelique Crump and was blessed with a daughter, namely Brookly Zeta Crump.

His Milestones And Career Highlights

In 2002, he took the first case representing the African-American. In this case, the African-American driver was badly hurt by the whites. In his next case, he represented the severely beaten teenager by the cruel white guards in the detention center.

He even represented Zeke Upshaw, minority accidents due to racial discrimination, Michael Brown, Alesia Thomas for ill-treatment in custody, and many more where justice was required. He even fought for Tamir Rice, who was brutally killed as he was holding a toy gun.

He started his own law firm in 2017 called Ben Crump Law, where he practiced law without any assistance. A few famous cases of his career include the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna. He said that the US law systems were treating African-Americans poorly. He argues numerous cases even in 2024. He has recently taken up the murder case of Tupac Shakur.

Less Known Interesting Stuff About Ben Crump

Here are a few interesting facts about Ben Crump that you might be interested in. So, read on!

He is a famous lawyer for his strong ethics. Everyone consults Ben for wrongful attacks or racial discrimination. Since his childhood, he used to question everyone about racial discrimination. He faced several scenes where blacks were suppressed by the whites and treated ill in his hometown Lumberton.

Net Worth of Ben Crump

Ben Crump is one of the influential personalities of the world in law and order. His annual revenue is around $5 million, as he represented most of the high-profile cases. He fought against injustice and helped several people. He is also recognized as one of the hardworking lawyers in America. Most of the cases in which he represented are associated with racial discrimination.

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