Top 6 New Player Tips for The Elder Scrolls Online

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The Elders Scrolls Online is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) action that was first released in 2014. Even though it had a lot of negative critics and player opinions, the developers tried really hard to improve the gaming experience and make the game better. Today, there are more than 2.5 million active players every month and the game is sold in more than 15 million copies.

The first versions weren’t that good as it was expected, but every next release was attracting more players. The initial version was released for Windows and OS X, following the PS4 and Xbox versions, and today it’s also available for Stadia. The player is taking the role of an explorer, and you can choose between different races who have different skills and fighting styles.

Beginners in Elders Scrolls Online need to carefully explore the concept and get to know everything they think it’s important to start playing the game. You need to be aware that the concept is pretty complex and you will need to practice the basics before you can become an expert in ESO. After you pass that lesson, you will also need to:

1. Build a strong character

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You have plenty of choices and options, so you can choose how your character looks and which skills they own. You need to also choose the race and class and set the character up following your preferences. As you make progress, you’ll be able to upgrade the character and improve its skills, so you can win the next levels and gain more experience. Assign the needed skills, even though you won’t need them all at the beginning.

First, you need to choose the faction, then the race, the class, and specializations, and assign the skills in the end. Factions allow you to join a team or an individual player so you can complete the tournaments. Races offer different packs of skills and use appropriate weapons. Classes and specializations are helping you to determine the style and advantages of your character. You can try different sets of skills until you find the winning combination.

2. Try everything that is offered

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The game has some basic rules you need to respect, but you are able to develop your own winning strategy, which includes different types of weapons and armors. You need to explore the game very carefully and pay a lot of attention to the details that may be crucial for your progress.

Strategy multi-player games offer a lot of modes and skills and it’s on you to try everything that seems interesting and useful until you find your style and improve it as you gain more experience through the gaming process.

3. Complete the quests

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When you enter the ESO world, it’s always better to follow some tutorials so you can have some pictures of how you will need to play this game. You need to follow the questlines provided by the creators. That will let you discover the magical world of Elder Scrolls Online and explore the gaming zones and maps. When you reach the first town, you may need to choose a profession, but if you are not sure about that, you can skip this step, until you decide what you’ll do. The game is also offering books that it’s better for you to read because they can improve your character’s skills. Wait until you earn enough money before you build your first house.

4. Follow the skill advisor

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The game is generating a skill advisor tailored following your initial preferences. That will help you level up, so it’s always a good idea to follow these recommendations and make your decision. These bits of advice may change if you decide to change the character. Many players decide do upgrade their current character or even rebuild it, so they can explore the possibilities and try something new.

5. Boosters are allowed

It’s normal to have hard times passing the levels and gaining more experience, especially when you need that the most. We all know how desperate we can be when we are trying so hard to complete some quest or win some game, but sometimes that just doesn’t work as we wish. But, people at offer you a different pack of boosters with competitive prices. When you join the service you’ll be assigned to a professional player who will offer you different solutions to your problem. Generally, you need to choose what do you want to do, so they can know what’s your priority. The whole price will be charged after the booster is used. You are not limited on how many boosters you can use. You can buy new packs every time you need them, as long as you have enough money for this type of service.

6. Learn the different types of attacks and fighting mechanics

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This game offers a lot of mechanics that can be combined and used together. Your character can perform light, but also heavy attacks, depending on the conditions and what’s required. Also, you can use different types of blocks, but you need to follow what attacking method your opponent will choose. ESO offers a different kind of attacks, including basic pack, Magicka attacks, Stamina attacks, and Special attacks. Maybe it’s too complicated to explain them theoretically, but as soon as you start playing, a lot of things will be more clear. You only need these guides to create some basic pictures of what you can expect during playing Elder Scrolls Online.

In the beginning, the game will look too complicated and confusing, but we surely recommend you to give it a chance and try to understand the characters, weapons, attacks, and quests. This article contains just a few of the basic things you need to know, so you can get interested in the game. About the rest of the specifications and experiences, we will let you discover them by yourself. As you play, you will understand why this game is so popular between the video-game players all around the world.

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