Learning Online Games – Who Can Come In Handy And Where To Order The Service


With the growing popularity of online games, the demand and desire of gamers to come and become the best in one of them is growing, revealing their potential and the capabilities of their hero.

To do this, you need to play a lot and often even intuitively feel your character, it’s not for nothing that some gamers are even associated with the profession and class in which he plays, tacitly calling this class his game nickname, since he showed a filigree performance and an accurate understanding of all the specifics of the class.

This can be learned in two ways:

  1. Play a lot, conduct a huge number of PVP and PVE raids in order to accurately and intuitively learn to feel your hero.
  2. Order a training service from the Skycoach.

What is coaching in online games

Coaching is a step-by-step game with a professional coach who will teach you all the subtleties of the game in your class, namely:

  • Movement
  • Positioning
  • Skills
  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Raids
  • Understanding the Meta


Each player must make the most of their class in terms of movement. These are kiting enemy characters in melee combat, dodging skills that deal increased damage from certain positions, avoiding damage from mages and archers due to the cover system, and so on.

Trainer Skycoach will teach you these subtleties so that you understand the principle and feel the peculiarities of the movement of your class, and turn these opportunities to your advantage.



Positioning is an extremely important aspect of any profession and class. Mages and archers fight at a distance, warriors and daggers keep in close contact, tanks hold the middle lane, and so on.

Your ability to choose the right position to attack the enemy and while farming directly affects your ability in combat and the overall potential of the hero.

Often it is because of the wrong position that players die in the first minutes of PVP, especially in large-scale battles.

A Skycoach coach will help you understand all the subtleties and aspects of such a game.

The magician must keep his distance from everyone except the archers – on the contrary, you need to get closer to them, otherwise you will be shot from a more advantageous position.

A warrior, on the contrary, should not allow a gap in the distance and constantly deal damage, like a dagger. Such rules work in the World of Warcraft and not only.



Each hero has his own set of main and secondary skills, from which you need to highlight the main ones and form the right builds from them in order to deal maximum damage to the enemy and impose as many negative effects as possible to reduce his combat capabilities.

The Skycoach coach will help prepare several build options, between which you can switch depending on the game situation, but this is not the main role of the coach. He will teach you how to evaluate all skills correctly and tell you the aspects that you should pay attention to when forming an assessment and adding a skill to builds.

Gradually, you will learn to use only effective skills and literally feel the potential of your hero.


The most interesting and most unpredictable format in any game – you can have a perfect fight and lose at the last moment from a random blow, win against a stronger enemy, or take part in a massive battle. Any aspect of PVP is interesting and unique, and a Skycoach coach will help you discover and feel it to the fullest.

You are taught the correct use of skills against other players, the intricacies of positioning for single and mass battles, what skills to use and why, what consumables will help you attack more painfully and survive even in the most difficult battles.

How to choose the right battle group when it comes to battles in the arena, or mass PVP – the trainer will tell you the basic principles of selection and evaluation.

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