Smart Shopping: How to Accessorize in Style on a Budget

Smart Shopping: How to Accessorize in Style on a Budget

Accessorizing can instantly elevate an outfit and make it feel fresh and modern. The right accessories can pull together and polish any look. Designer purses, fashion-forward jewelry, elegant scarves, and stylish shoes certainly have that magical effect, but often come at sky-high prices that just don’t fit typical budgets. Thankfully, with some savvy shopping, you can accessorize affordably while still looking on-trend and stylish.

Hit the Discount Shops


As most smart shoppers know, stores specializing in overstock, discounted or clearance merchandise can be treasure troves for scoring big savings. These retailers purchase excess inventory and samples at extremely reduced rates, passing the savings on to customers. Comb carefully through their wide offerings of dramatically marked-down accessories like handbags, carryalls, totes, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, costume jewelry, watches and more.

Selections change almost daily, so frequent visits to these budget fashion warehouses will uncover the best edited-down designer names and current looks at wallet-friendly prices. Be sure to join mailing lists too, as many discount shops offer special coupon promotions for loyal return customers. With some persistence, creativity, and patience, you can easily and stylishly accessorize your entire wardrobe at a mere fraction of traditional department store sticker prices.

Be Ready for Sales Seasons

Speaking of department store sales, big-name retailers routinely host special seasonal promotions on accessories, with up to 90% reductions when making room for incoming merchandise. Generally, the best deals on warm weather accessories like floppy sun hats, inexpensive boho sunglasses, printed scarves and totes occur during off-season winter clearance events. To score gorgeous gloves, glitzy jewelry, and designer handbags you can flaunt now, shop the often-overlooked summer sales for fantastic bargains.

Scour Secondhand Boutiques


Gently used consignment shops and charity-based thrift stores also offer excellent opportunities to score perfect-condition accessories boasting designer and vintage appeal at pleasing price points. Take time to leisurely dig through the vast and always changing selections to uncover previously owned bags, shades, fine jewelry, silk scarves and more sporting coveted labels like Coach and Michael Kors, typically only worn once or twice before donated.

Many non-profit resale stores also host monthly half-price days, so clever scheduling will seriously stretch fashion dollars. Additionally, websites and apps dedicated exclusively to secondhand shopping conveniently collate offerings from top consignment shops.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

Want to flaunt a handbag, dazzling necklace or stylish shades no one else in town will be wearing? Consider an afternoon crafting your own fabulous accessories. Large retailers offer every supply imaginable for conjuring up museum-worthy jewelry, elegant hair adornments, unique handbags, one-of-a-kind belts and trendy cold weather gear like cozy scarves and chic winter hats. Scout the clearance aisles for accessory embellishments like unusual beads, buttons, fabrics, knitting needles and yarn too. Or cleverly transform items already occupying closet space into fresh new accessories. An outdated formal dress becomes a swirling skirt; worn out jeans transform into a boho shoulder bag. The DIY options for personalized accessories on a dime are genuinely endless.

Think Accessible Alternatives


Of course, ready-made inexpensive accessories abound at wallet-friendly fashion chains. Shop the latest statement jewelry pieces, designer-inspired purses, and seasonal shoes without draining bank accounts. These inexpensive boutiques also offer plenty of stylish discount sunglasses, floppy straw sun hats and colorful tassel handbags come summer. Similarly, certain popular big box and large retail chains sell their own affordable accessory collections echoing high fashion looks as well. And the apeople at Olympic Eyewear say you should never underestimate the impressive variety of latest looks available through online marketplaces that connect shoppers directly to manufacturers overseas capable of supplying accessories at unbelievable prices.

To conclude, getting creative by shopping cleverly or crafting pieces yourself saves considerably over high-end department stores.

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