How to Unlock Flying in Shadowlands


To make moving around the game world of World of Warcraft faster and easier, you need to acquire new equipment that will help you fly. Such means will protect you against opponents who don’t give you passage if walking. Any treasure trip, which is usually full of difficulties and obstacles, will become incredibly easy. You will solve problems much faster and defeat the toughest enemies.

The only drawback is that you won’t be able to fly from the very beginning of the game. So gamers will be able to inspect new locations from a bird’s eye view, which will significantly reduce interest in studying WoW. There are no new rules in the Shadowlands add-on, plus users will have to take the time to get a flight license.

It’s recommended that everyone in search of new information that will help in the process of discoveries study

Here you will also be able to get the necessary items and increase your playing skills, after which you will enter into a fair battle against representatives of other factions.

Alternative to the “Pioneer”


In previous add-ons, it was possible to complete designated tasks (simple goals or long-term ones) of the “Pioneer” series. Successful completion of missions led to new opportunities. But there are no such goals in Shadowlands. Also, you don’t need to complete the campaign from the “Pathfinder” to get a unique opportunity to fly. There is an item for players that allows them to freely fly around new locations. All you need to do is get Memories of Sunless Skies to rediscover the Dark Lands.

If you have already reached level 50, you’ll get access to unique vehicles. It doesn’t matter which covenant is selected for the account. You can go on a journey through the main locations of the Dark Lands:

  • Ardenveld;
  • Bastion;
  • Maldraxus;
  • Revendret.

However, there are also places where it is strictly forbidden to fly with new equipment; these are Cortia, Oribos, and Womb. Now the Womb is a place where it is allowed to move only on foot. But over time, the characters will be able to fly on their flying animals, so you just need to wait a little.

The magic item doesn’t fall into the hands of a gamer just like that. In order to become the proud owner of an incredible artefact, you need to go to Chapter 4 of “Chains of Domination”, “The Final Seal”. You must reach the 44th level of fame. Anyone who has waited for the release of the game update 9.1 can try their hand at reaching new levels.

Experienced gamers achieve their goals in a matter of minutes and switch to flight vehicles. At the same time, you don’t need to spend your own resources to get magical items. They become a well-deserved reward, so the only thing that is required of the player is the careful completion of the assigned tasks.

Danger is everywhere


At first glance, it may seem that the Dark Lands are a continuous territory, regions of which smoothly transition from one to another. But in reality, their vastness is connected by streams of anima. They cannot be walked on — characters can take a seat on a vehicle controlled by the flight master. You will not be able to travel with the item recently obtained for personal travel.

This suggests that if you plan to travel to Ardenveld from Bastion, you will still have to use the services of “public” transport. Flying around the Bastion by personal transport is allowed, but there are obstacles erected between the locations, such as invisible walls. You won’t be able to cope with them alone, so hurry up to take the proposed means of transportation by air.

There’s a secret for those who are trying to go through all the missions in each campaign step by step — it is not necessary to spend time completing tasks in update 9.0. New chapters will be available even to those who didn’t have time to complete the previous tasks. The main condition is the required level of fame. For example, to proceed to the “Chain of Dominance” story, you must first go through the chains that will open access to the Rune Cutter. Anyone who can cope with the proposed mini-goals will be able to improve their skills and easily conquer a new vehicle.

Free flight methods in covenants


When Shadowlands was released, the developers made sure that each covenant had up to 8 ground vehicles. But that’s not all the characters can take advantage of. By the time of update 9.1, the Covenants of Necrolords, Ventirs, Night Folk and Kiryas will be able to use new vehicles that will send them on a magical journey through the air.

Depending on the faction, it is permissible to choose a vehicle made in a different style. They differ in color. Unique animals will immediately appeal to your character, so he is unlikely to want to travel further on foot. To open funds and use them, you need to complete the following tasks: improve your reputation (for the Covenant “Death Walk”), increase the level of fame in your own faction. You also need to defeat unusual enemies in a new location.

When the task in a certain covenant is completed, the character will be given a personal mount. For the players, this part of the game is extremely important, as it opens up previously unexplored air spaces and makes it possible to win using new powers.

If the character is from the Kiryas faction, he will be able to fly on the Centurion. Allies playing for the Night Folk will hover on serpents, and the Necrolords can try their hand at flying Corpse Flies. Players from the Ventyr covenant will ride the Stoneborn who have recently awakened from a long sleep. Each character will be able to fully enjoy flying and defeat their enemies from incredible heights.

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