7 Things to Know Before Playing World of Warcraft for The First Time

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The World of Warcraft game is quite famous across the globe. Many players love playing this game, and many beginners are joining it for the first time. It keeps on updating with time, and various things are adding to it. As a beginner, you must know a few things about this gaming activity to avoid making mistakes for the first time.

You must know what this game is about and how you can play it. When you start accessing it, you will get confused with many things. Any wrong selection can end your game. Therefore, you must know about different things like classes, characters, weapons, UI, boosts, etc.

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1. Selecting the Right Race

While creating a character for this game, you need to pick one race out of 24 options. In every race, you will get racial traits to add abilities or update the existing ones. There are different abilities like increased speed, high evasion, fast attacking, etc.

You have to read the race abilities and choose what suits you and your character. There is a list of active and passive bonuses. If you are a new player, you may not access ten races because you need to unlock them.

2. Selecting the Right Class

There are 12 available classes in the World of Warcraft. After selecting the race, you have to choose a class from the given options. You must know the purpose of different classes and then select any of them as per your requirement. The following classes are Death Knight, Priest, Demon Hunter, Monk, Druid, Paladin. Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, etc.

You have to decide the purpose of your character and get its separate powers. There is a trial button to try these characters and decide which one is the best for you. Make sure that you also check the specifications of the classes that you will get after you reach Level 10. As a beginner, you must have enough knowledge about these classes, and you need to select the right one.

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3. Selecting the Right Starting Zone

After locking the race and class of the character, you will have to choose the starting zone from the two available options. You have two choices, i.e., Shadowglen and Exile’s Reach. If you go for the Exile’s Reach, you will get more choices in class and race. It is highly recommended to go for the Exile’s Reach because you will get many tutorials to learn the game.

As a beginner, you are new to the game, and these tutorials can help you understand this gaming activity and know how to play it. You can also select your expansion. It is necessary to provide a starting zone to your race whenever you create additional characters.

4. Select the Expansion

When you complete the Exile’s Reach, you will get access to the main faction’s city. You will become a part of the battle of Azeroth expansion. It is one of the worst expansions in the game. Use a map and look for the blue hourglass icon.

You can reach the primary city by following the character, Chromie. You will get an option to play the available campaign. There will be six campaigns, and you can choose any one of them. As a new player, you can prefer Legion as it is the perfect expansion in the game.

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5. Select the Professions

It is an optional thing, but it is relatively crucial. Within an auction house, you can sell unique items with ease. Beginners must wait to select the professions until they reach the Shadowlands.

It is okay to experiment with professions if you are an experienced player. You must choose two professions and place them either in the Production or Gathering category. As a beginner, there is no need to experiment with professions. It is because it is an advanced game level.

6. Prepare Yourself for Toxicity

One cannot avoid the toxic community of this game. Many new players do not know about the level of toxicity, and they experience it later.

The entire network of this gaming activity is full of players. For a single mistake, you have to listen to other players. People are so much strict about the gaming rules and how other players are performing in it.

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7. Not Forget to Enjoy the Game

It is not crucial to be serious about the game every time. Make sure that you never forget to enjoy the game. You have to keep things smooth and enjoy every level. Sometimes, you may find yourself trapped, and you have to listen to the poor things by other players.

You can join the game whenever you want and avoid toxicity. It is necessary to join players who can help you play the game and communicate with you comfortably. You can choose your priorities and enjoy every moment of your game.

The Bottom Line

If you are a beginner, you must consider all the mentioned things before playing the World of Warcraft. It is in your hands whether you can enjoy the game or not. Make sure that you choose a good character with sturdy characteristics. If you have good weapons and powers, you can defeat anyone.

It is necessary to have all the information about the game before you invest your time in the game. When you know everything, it will be easy for you to compete with other players in the network. Make sure that you decide various aspects of the game carefully to win the game and defeat others. The important thing above all is to enjoy every moment of this gaming activity.

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