How To Easily Win Seven Trials Of Osiris Matches – 2024 Guide

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Welcome, guardian, if you are looking for a way into the lighthouse to get some of that sweet gear, you have come to the right place. The Trials of Osiris are once again in motion, but to get the best possible items, you need a flawless victory. So how can we get seven wins in a row? It is by no measure an easy task, but with following some rules and a bit of luck, you will be on your way to the best armors and weapons. We realize that sometimes you are plainly down on luck and may need extra help, but some sites (more here) can help you in that situation as well.

Now there is one tactic that we can recommend to you that has become popular lately. It is that popular that even Forbes is advising you to take that strategy. The idea is simple, take your Trials card, go to Crucible, finish your first trial match, with a win, of course, and then reset your card. Then you continue to that seven times.

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So why do we do this? It is true, you will not get the best possible equipment this way, but it is a much easier way to get seven wins in a row and get your armor glowing. The reason why this is easier is matchmaking. Let us say you won five matches in a row. That means the Trials will give you a team that is in a similar position as you. All of your opponents will try hard, and they are not bad players because they were able to win five matches. With this strategy, you get to play against people who are far more relaxed, since it is their first game as well.

In the case, you are not just looking for seven separate wins and shining armor. What should you do to be flawless? To start, get good. And what by that, we mean you need to be fully in touch with the most recent changes and balance patches of the game. Understanding changes, no matter how small they are, will help you realize what the meta is and adapt to it. Maybe last season, some gun was too overpowered, and you enjoyed playing with it. But if it got nerfed in the latest patch, you might not be able to win your games with it as before. You need to identify the best gear and tactics.

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Have you ever watched any Esport professionals play? It does not matter which game, if it was a team one, like Destiny 2, you must have noticed that they talk a lot. It is impossible to underestimate the value of communications in PvP games. If you do not own a headset, you will need to get some of the apps that will enable you to communicate with your teammates. Discord is a good recommendation for most gamers. Once you can speak with your teammates, tell them anything you notice on the battlefield. Keep your team informed where you are, tell them about your intentions, and put your plans into words. Assuming you are all on the same page is not the way to go. If you see the enemy, inform before engaging. Tell your team about weapons they are using, superactivations, and anything else that is relevant. Keep in mind that even a lack of activity is something to report back. If you are keeping an eye on some area, and there is no one there, that means that they are somewhere else, maybe behind your teammates, so tell your team to expect the enemy.

It is not uncommon that players get completely serious only when they are down one combatant. But that is a handicap you do not want. It is essential to avoid doing first. Try to evade open areas and possible sniper fire, as this is how many die at the start of the match. Knowing the map and surroundings is crucial since hiding behind cover is how you win your fights. Whoever dies first in your team, of course, should continue to spectate as a ghost and report, as communication is the key, as we already pointed out.

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When winter comes, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. That is true in Destiny 2 as well. Of course, we are not saying you need to stand right next to each other since rocket launchers and grenades would end your career. But you need to work as a team and guard each other back. If you notice a Guardian who is alone, you will, naturally, focus him and finish him with ease. The same goes for you as well. If they find you unprotected, your shooting days are over for that match. Again, this all goes back to communication and having a plan. You can’t simply wander around the map looking to engage an enemy. There needs to be a plan of movement and action in your team.

Speaking of plan, you need to have a variety of roles. You and your team can’t all be the same role with the same weapon, even if that weapon is phenomenal. So once one of you agrees to be the medic, you need to consider equipment. The best thing to do is to take your best available armor, but add mods to it that complement your strategy and will help you execute your plan of action.
As we know of today, the Trials are here to stay for the next season as well. But any title you want to earn, you must deserve during one season. But it is a relief to know that we will all have another chance in seasons to come and that you can make it to the lighthouse next year as well. So the final advice we have for you is to relax. After all, the goal is to enjoy yourself and have a good time with your friends as you slay your opponents every weekend. So Guardian, see you on the battlefield and eventually for sure, in the lighthouse.

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