Top 6 Most Profitable eSports Video Games you can Bet on – 2024 Guide

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Lately, people are going crazy about video game bets, and this trend is emerging greatly in the industry of online betting. Several video game developers are working on taking huge strides so that the players are prevented from cheating in games that involve betting. Aimbots is one such popular trend and has already started controlling numerous leagues. Viewers are also more interested in watching such competitive games. As a result, with increasing viewership, the trend of betting on video games is also surging.

If you are also interested in online betting on video games or want to know more about it, consider visiting Unikrn. This website offers a plethora of tips and advice on winning more bets. It has the best odds and offers the greatest options. Several operators are now interested in offering betting options on several eSports and other relevant events. You can bet on some of the best options and earn more.

Let us rundown through the available eSports video games on which you can conveniently and expect higher profits.

1. Rainbow Six Siege

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It has evolved greatly and has grown much more than​ ever before. Several seasons are released in a single year. They are nowadays including entirely revamped competition maps which are tried and tested before being released. Developers have made an effort to keep the feeling of tactically shooting fresh. Rainbow Six Siege is here to stay since Ubisoft is planning to launch its PlayStation version. It is soon to be introduced in the Series X Xbox and to the Consoles of PlayStation 5. Their new update, which will release later in the year will bring these changes along. Ubisoft has the sheer dedication and complete faith in this new venture. Its future in the field of sports betting is quite bright.

2. Rocket League

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The interface is quite unusual, many may feel​ that it is one of the toughest eSports to play. In reality, Rocket League is one of the easiest games for a player to understand. You can assume it to be football played by cars. It was released originally in 2015, but gradually it emerged as one of the massive eSports. Players can play it in two varied series according to their preferences. The two divisions include The Rocket League Champion Series and the Rival Series. Both the divisions are successfully organized and funded by the Psyonix Developers. Epic Games then bought Psyonix
Developers and they are believed to have an enormous portfolio in the eSports industry. Players can expect great things to be introduced in the Championship series of the game.

3. The League of Legends

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We have been hearing about this ever since we were​ children. It sometimes happens that as soon as someone takes the name of eSports, the first thing that comes to our mind is the League of Legends. It has leagues ongoing all the time throughout the world. The best part about it is that players can freely bet on any league at any given point in time. The number of markets accessible in betting for the League of Legends is highly impressive. If you bet on it, you get a dozen markets to bet on them. A plethora of advantageous offers is available in the world of eSports betting with League of Legends.

4. Dota 2

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Dota 2 is a massive game as far as the core fans of eSports are​ concerned, and also taking into account the fans of eSports betting. The prize money is also much higher than the other available options. When people hear about something which is developed by Valve, they automatically become hypercritical and trust it completely. Moreover, they always expect something great from Valve. Dota2 deserves to be one of the best eSports that is thrilling as well as rewarding. The format of the tournament played in it is more in the format of an open circuit. With Dota2, you will always find some or the other option to bet on and try your luck. A plethora of markets is offered just like the League of Legends to bet on significantly.

5. OverWatch

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The developers of OverWatch took an approach that proved bold and​ paid them off tremendously. The matches in it are played more like that they are played in any traditional sport. The initial season has four stages, but the current update and the latest season follow the traditional system of a league that continues for the entire season. There are several knockout stages for the finals as well. Its second session is already announced by the developers, and they are all set to take a considerably long leap. In the next season, each team is expected to have its own stadium of eSports.

6. Counter-Strike

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One of the immensely popular games played by almost more than​ half of the population. This is the best choice of eSports for betting on. Each game has its own fan base who are passionate about each update in their favorite game, but when it comes to the fans of Counter-Strike, they are proven to be genuine beasts. Counter-Strike has been prevailing for 20 long years, and it still stands with the same pride in the industry even after so many years. The release of its Skin update was one of the major reasons why its popularity exploded tremendously. Anyone can now flexibly play it, and the fans will not have to spend a lot of time to understand the tactics of Counter-Strike.

Options will never fall short when it comes to video games on which you can bet online. Dig deep into a few tactics of playing the game right so that your chances of winning increase. The industry of betting on eSports may have a totally new concept, but it is not simple betting for sure. However, the world of eSports is not small either.

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