Top 5 Celebrities Who Play(ed) World of Warcraft

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At the end of the day, when all the masks and costumes are taken off, celebrities are still people just like us. In their spare time, (and they don’t have much of it considering their daily commitments and obligations), most of them like to enjoy relaxing activities and rest their brains from everyday business tasks. Some of them love hitch-hiking tours, some stay home, wrapped in blankets, with a big glass of wine in their hands and their favorite movie on TV. Some of them go crazy cuddling with their pets. And some play games. Not the simple, Super Mario-simplicity-level ones, but the real, more demanding things, like League of Legends, Skyrim and, after all, World of Warcraft, which may be one of the most celebrated ones.

This game has captivated millions of people around the world – both guys and girls – and keeps doing so every day. For all lovers of RPG sagas and the inner worlds full of magical creatures, it might represent the biggest gaming discovery since the beginning of this century. It’s constantly developing and blooming thanks to bunches of new expansions and also great platforms and sites such as especially for Shadowlands PvP carry and Arena carry.

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These online places tend to offer some really cool discounts and prices for hiring a professional player to train you, boost your Arena carry or Shadowlands PvP carry and so much more. So, regardless of whether you’re still learning about the game or you’re doing some seriously hard work, it might be quite helpful. It’s like a whole new, parallel world and this could be the exact reason why so many popular people choose to spend their time off enjoying it – as there are so many things to learn, there’s so much to train and to improve.

It seems that celebrities take this quite seriously as some of them tend to be true pros in this field. And. If you’re still wondering who they might be, we’ve chosen five of them that caught our attention. We believe that for some of them you could swear they don’t even know what WoW is – but appearance might deceive. Keep reading!

1. Henry Cavill

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How surprising is this? Well, for some – not at all. For all those who have followed the audience’s magnificent response to Henry’s latest accomplishment, The Witcher, this isn’t big news, since the actor himself has confirmed many times that he’s a huge fan of the games based on this amazing character written by Andrzej Sapkowski. However, what many of us may not have known is that Cavill’s gaming obsession doesn’t end with this example.

He’s a passionate player of WoW, as evidenced by an already well-known anecdote he shared in an interview. At the time, he stated that he almost missed the news about him getting the role of Superman by not answering the phone call as he was in the middle of the WoW session at that point. And indeed, since everyone is well-aware of the gamer spirit of this charming thirty-six-year-old, you can hear that he’s also a huge fan of Skyrim, Overview and other famous PC entertainment that drives people around the world crazy.

2. Robin Williams

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Did you know that Robin Williams was honored with his own character posthumously in WoW? Yes, that’s right – precisely because he was a huge fan. Those who were a little bit more versed in his life haven’t missed the fact that he loved to spend his free time playing it. Since his most loyal fans knew about his hobby, they launched an initiative to pay homage to this wonderful, legendary actor in some way. Blizzard made this wish come true and soon the character of the genie named Robin was introduced as an allusion to his voice-over and the role of the Genie of the Lamp in the animated movie “Aladdin”. Another interesting fact is that this wasn’t the only game that he used to kill boredom with, and that he named all three of his children by game characters.

3. Mila Kunis

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We can’t say that Mila is the only lady in the celebs starry sky known to play this game, but stating that she was a fiery fan and a devoted player has astounded and amazed many fellow players and the audience. Especially the male part. The actress herself has pointed out on several occasions that she was obsessed with WoW to such an extent that incorporating her playing into her day-to-day responsibilities and her acting career was quite a challenge.

If her story is to be believed, Mila hasn’t played since 2012, when she decided to quit after realizing that this activity was taking away her valuable time that she needed to spend on other things. Considering that she’s now a mother of two and continues to flourish in many Hollywood accomplishments, this could be true. What’s interesting is that, although she did her best not to seem “suspicious” to other teammates at all times, she was eventually “busted” by one of them who recognized her by voice on one occasion. However, by this time she had been hiding her identity on the platform very successfully.

4. Adrianne Curry

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A top model playing WoW? What kind of weird coincidence should that be? Well, we suppose that most people think this way, but hey – Adrianne Curry has proven that she can break any unwritten rules. Not only did she repeatedly admit that she was addicted to playing WoW so much that many of her friends were seriously angry with her for this. She found a way to share her affection with the wide audience in a completely controversial way by posting a picture of herself without her clothes on, only with headphones.

The description stated that playing WoW naked is exactly what she wanted to do after an exhausting day. No need to say: this was quite a boom. Everywhere. And, like most gamers, she doesn’t stop on this one – she states that she has had a super huge affection for video and PC games since she was a teen. Some of her hobbies included DOOM, Resident Evil, King Quest and many others, however, World of Warcraft seems to be her favorite of all times.

5. Jamie Lee Curtis

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Last, but absolutely not least – Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently turned 61, is definitely one of the biggest surprises on this list. Not only is she known for her remarkable interest in this sphere, but it has also been rumored that the legendary actress plays this game with her grandson in her spare time.

She also caused a lot of attention when she appeared in an orc costume at the premiere of the movie “World of Warcraft” and shook social networks to the core, as Twitter and Facebook were overwhelmed with positive comments. In addition, it’s well known that she has enjoyed many years with her family in many gatherings such as BlizzCon and the EVO Fighting Game Convention. Could you ever guess?

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