Top 10 Most Expensive Animals In The World

Pets are the most amazing friends in the world which we can have ever. They are much more loyal than other human beings. They make us laugh and do various pranks to keep us happy. Pets can be our safeguards at night while we all sleep or have been for a short trip with our family. The pets make the house fill with entertainment and joy all day and night. They give us support when we are alone and become our best companions.

Once we get close to the animals, we will need no more other people to be with us. But do you know that animals cost very much or their loyalty? There are many of the animals which have the highest rates if you want one. We have listed the top 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World.

10. Chinese Crested Dog – $5000

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At number 10, it is a very ugly looking dog named Chinese Crested Dog. In spite of being very dirty in looks, it is one of the costliest dogs in the world with a price of over $5000. The unique feature of this dog is it did not have any hair on its entire body except for the legs part and ears.

It is very tiny in size and has a smooth coat. Very special care should be taken of these dogs due to their skin tendency. Their skin gets immediately affected by dryness, sunburn, and acne.

9. De Brazza’s Monkey – $7000- $10,000

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De Brazza’s Monkey is the monkey from central Africa and they dwell in forests. They have grey fur with black limbs. At the back of their body, these monkeys have a reddish-brown color. It has a semi-circle structure on its forehead. These monkeys have white eyelids that look similar to the beard.

De Brazza’s monkeys normally live in small groups and they are very shying natured. They communicate by making and sounds and shaking branches of trees.

8. Sheepdog – $15,000

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At number 8, Sheepdog takes the place in the list of one of the most expensive animals in the world. The dog has long hair on both sides of his face resembling those of two ponytails. The dog is of different colors such as white-grey or white-black and many more. They have thin eyes and a soft coat.

They are given special training to herd sheep. Sheepdogs have great running skills and they are sold at approximately $15000 or above. They take a long time to mature. Their food includes mostly raw meat and not any birds or chicken.

7. Lavender Albino Ball Python – $40,000

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Lavender Albino Ball Python is found in many parts of Africa. It has a shiny body with silver and yellow colors. The eyes are red and they sparkle in any of the normal lightings.

The color of these pythons is due to the mutation of genes. Lavender Albino Ball pythons are often preferred by people as pets because of their lovely color and texture.

6. Arabian Horse – $100,000

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The Arabian horse is a horse basically from the Arabian Peninsula. It has a soft and silky coat with a long tail. The head of this horse is slightly different from those of normal horses. They are found in desert areas most of the time.

The horse has quick learning ability and also smart communication skills. The horses are of various colors like white, black, bay and many more.

5. White Lion Cubs – $140,000

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White Lion is among the rarest species in the world. They are mostly found in the regions of Southeast Asia and South Africa. The white color of these lions is the result of mutation. The white lion’s cubs are also of various colors such as white and blonde.

Due to their scarce population, these lion cubes are kept in zoos and safaris. The main reason of the scarcity of population of these lion cubs is trading and illegal hunting which are now looked after by the management of lions.

4. Sir Lancelot Encore – $155,000

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Sir Lancelot Encore is a golden Labrador retriever. It has a pretty-faced with a soft coat. One of the couples from Florida namely Edgar and Nina Otto had this dog before some years. But due to cancer, the couple lost this precious dog in the year 2008.

It is a cloned dog and the couple later made an official website to make aware others about the cloning of the dogs. Sir Lancelot Encore is actually a dog from South Korea.

3. Tibetan Mastiff – $582,000

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At number 3, it is a Tibetan Mastiff which is a very strong dog with a heavy body. It is basically from Tibet, Nepal, and India. The dog has fur all over his body with long hair on its tail. The height of the dogs is generally between 80-83 cm. The unique feature of the dog is their body which can survive in coldest temperatures of hilly regions of Tibet and Himalayan mountains.

The dog is of various colors like black, red, golden, blue and many more. However, these dogs are not suggested for residential houses and apartments due to their aggressive temperament.

2. Miss Missy – $1,200,000

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Miss Missy is a breed of Holstein cow. It is from Canada who has been the Grand Champion in the Western Fall National Show of the year 2009. The cow has been Grand Champion in the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

It is the most expensive cow in the world which was sold at $1.2 million in the year 2009. Miss Messy is the second costliest car in Canada and fifth in the whole world. She has been the champion many times.

1. Green Monkey – $16,000,000

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At number 1 it is Green Monkey which is an American racehorse. This horse has raced in many popular racing events such as the six-furlong maiden race at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. He completed the race standing at number 4 within the time 1 minute and 21 seconds.

The original owners of Green Monkey were Randy Hartley and Dean De Renzo. This horse was sold for $16,000,000. The Green Monkey gave birth to a foal in the year 2010 which was bred by Jacqueline Fleck.

The true love for pets has made the owners of these animals purchase them even at the highest prices. More than the money, the animals need love and special care to become our best friends.

Top 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World

1. Green Monkey- $16,000,000

2. Miss Missy – $1,200,000

3. Tibetan Mastiff- $582,000

4. Sir Lancelot Encore- $155,000

5. White Lion Cubs- $140,000

6. Arabian Horse- $100,000

7. Lavender Albino Ball Python- $40,000

8. Sheepdog- $15,000

9. De Brazza’s Monkey- $7000- $10,000

10. Chinese Crested Dog- $5000

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