Top 10 Dumbest Inventions For Dogs

Dumbest Inventions for Dogs

Science has created wonders in the world. There are many unbelievable things in our planet which are actually possible with the help of science. Due to technological development and invention, man has got a much easier life. Without science and technology, it is just not possible for any person to live in the 21st century. Just as science has made many things for humans, it has also created some unusual things for animals. We all know that the dogs are the most faithful friends of man.

They understand the feelings and emotions of humans more than any other humans. Science has made some funniest inventions for dogs also which are not only amazing but also popular among many pet lovers. Let’s have a look at Top 10 Dumbest Inventions for Dogs.

10 Clothes

We all love clothes very much and often purchase them at one or the other occasion. But the man has now passed his clothing love on his pets also. There are many costumes made for your dogs. Many people buy costly clothes for their pets and make them those.

It is done by many people as they love watching their pets wearing their favorite colored costumes. It is a nice way to choose your favorite patterns and colors of the costumes and dress up your pets.

9 Doggie Laptop

This is one of the funniest things which someone can buy for its dogs. There are doggie laptops which have come in the markets which you can give to your pets. These laptops have the image of bones on their bodies to attract your pets. But your dogs will soon come to know that these bones cannot be eaten and he won’t show interest the next time.

8 Skype With Your Dogs

Skype is a nice way to connect with your family, friends, and relatives who stay thousands of km away from you. But you can also connect with your pet ones using your Skype account. It is, in fact, a good way to see how your dog stays without you.

Suppose, if you are out of town for some office work or at a relative’s place, you can see your dogs via Skype account and talk with them. Your pets won’t feel alone without you when you connect with them online.

7 Doggie Broom

Dogs are in fact the best friends of man and it can be proven with this thing. There are now the doggie brooms that are invented for pet lovers. They are like slippers which you can put on your dog’s feet and they can walk all around the home with cleaning every corner.

These brooms contain fur which can clean the floor of the home. But in fact, the dogs do not really love these brooms and they often feel them uncomfortable. So, take care before buying and putting them on your dog’s feet.

6 Doggles

Some of the inventions are useful for dogs while many others are stupid too. A pair of goggles for your pet ones is a very funny thing one can do with dogs. The dogs do not have the problem of eyesight in the sunlight as humans have so what is actually the reason behind the invention of these goggles is still not known.

It will mark the dumbness of the owner and not the dogs of course. In spite of the dumb thing, many people love to purchase goggles for their dogs.

5 Vibrating Massage Mitt

This is one of the most stupid inventions for the dogs ever made. This mitt is for massaging the bodies of the dogs to relieve them from stress by its vibrations. But the dogs really hate this kind of stuff. The vibrations of this massaging mitt are so strong that the pets can’t just take them and they become aggressive.

They can bite you if you put this stupid thing on your dogs. So, it is advisable not to buy this mitt for your dogs as they don’t get body pain as we get.

4 Dogbrella

Just like we love rains, even dogs love rain. But there are some things made for dogs and one of them is an umbrella for your dogs. It is a good idea to protect your dogs from becoming wet in monsoons but it will not help you in any way.

The umbrellas will drop the water on to your feet and then you will feel uncomfortable to roam with your pets in the romantic weather outside. And so the best idea is to enjoy the rains without any umbrellas. Let’s the amazing weather make yours as well as your dog’s mood good.

3 Doggie Dryer

Yes, it is absolutely a true thing. There are even doggie dryers that are taken by people to dry the hair of their pets. We all have a general tendency that whichever things attract us we suggest others too. Man has made those things for dogs which he thinks are good for his pets but in reality, they are not.

Doggie dryers have no sense as there is no need to dry the body of your pet ones with the help of dryers. Their skin can automatically get dried. These funny things are not only dumb inventions but can make your pet ones really angry.

2 Babble Ball

This one is the really dumb thing one can buy for his pets. Babble ball is the ball that you can play with your pet ones and it makes many kinds of funny sounds. It will give fun to your pets but not you certainly. The different kinds of sounds will irritate you for the whole day and the dogs will want you to play with it more. So, it is better not to take it for your dogs.

1 Pawlish

This is the dumbest invention made for pets. It is a manicure and pedicure kit for your dogs. How silly it is to make your dogs do manicure and pedicure like you. There is absolutely no need to make your dog fashionable as they are naturally very good.

These inventions are actually not of any use on pets. The animals love nature and natural things and so, it is good to keep them in a natural environment.

Top 10 Dumbest Inventions for Dogs

1. Pawlish
2. Babble Ball
3. Doggie Dryer
4. Dogbrella
5. Vibrating Massage Mitt
6. Doggles
7. Doggie Broom
8. Skype With Your Dogs
9. Doggie Laptop
10. Clothes

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