Top 10 Laziest Animals In The World

Laziest Animals

Weekends are the best times when we can just lay down on the sofa and enjoy the whole day by eating and sleeping or watching TV with our pets. We feel lethargic on holidays and laziness surrounds the whole day. Actually, laziness is very bad in our life and a man who is habituated to laziness can never ever perform anything good in his entire life.

But do you know that some animals too are lazy similar to humans? They are so lazy that they can rest on trees on sleep for long hours after eating their food. These animals sleep almost for the whole day and they are very lazy to find even their food. They hardly search for food and eat whatever they get in their surroundings. Let us discuss Top 10 Laziest Animals In The World.

10 Tiger

Tiger is the largest member of the cat family which is a carnivore. They feed on both small and large animals such as deer, buffaloes, and bovids. They sleep near their prey so that it is not taken by any other animals.

Tigers sleep almost between 18 to 20 hours a day after the heavy meal and when they wake up, they again roam in the woods for another prey. Tigers sleep with a heavy stomach. They are one of the laziest animals on earth.

9 Squirrel

The next on the list is a little and fast-moving creature, squirrel. They have soft fur on their body. They are found in all kinds of atmosphere. The squirrels feed on seeds and nuts and sometimes even on insects.

Their food contains a higher amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and eating after this food, they sleep a lot. They make the nests with twigs and leaves of the trees and sleep in that. They collect many materials like features and wooden sticks to build their nests. They sleep around 14 hours in a day.

8 Spiny Anteater

Spiny anteater is the animal that lays eggs. Their food includes ants and termites. They are found mainly in Australia and New Guinea. They have medium-sized bodies and hair and spines on their bodies. Spiny anteaters are of many types and they have large and sharp claws and strong diggers.

They do not roam in direct sunlight as they cannot take the heat in their bodies. They move at a slow rate and after eating food, spiny anteaters sleep for almost 12 hours in a day just to avoid direct sun.

7 Cat

Cat is one of the laziest animals on earth. They are often kept as pets by many people. The cats have sharp claws with soft fur on the body. They can catch their prey with their powerful hearing capacity. They feed on rats and small birds.

They sleep a lot after meals. You must have seen a cat resting for long hours on the ground or on a couch. They are very lazy and can spend more than one and a half-day in sleeping.

6 Armadillo

Armadillo has a shell on their bodies. They are medium-sized animals with a weight about 54 kg. They are found in parts of the Americas. Their food includes insects, grubs, ants and termites. The inner body of the animal is covered with soft fur.

Armadillos sleep during the day and hunt in the evening. They love sleeping a lot and can sleep for about 18 to 19 hours per day after having eaten a heavy meal. They do not perform any activities during the day.

5 Lion

The king of the jungle is next on the list of laziest animals. The lions are found a majority in Asian and African continents. They stay in a group and also hunt in their groups. Their food includes wildebeest, buffaloes, zebras, nilgai and many others. Lions sleep in the day and they are active at night. They do hunting at night. They are one of the laziest animals who can sleep for 24 hours also.

4 Lemur

Top 10 Laziest Animals In The World[-Photo via San Diego Zoo AnimalsLemur is an animal that is found mainly in Madagascar regions. They feed on many fruits and leaves of different kinds of trees. Their food also includes small insects and plants.

They spend their time mostly on the trees. They build nests in groups during the day while at night they roam alone for the search of food. Lemurs can sleep for 16 hours in one day.

3 Giant Panda

On number 3, it is Giant Panda. It feeds on bamboo and also grasses, meat, and wild tubers. The pandas also eat yams, honey, eggs, and many other foods. A giant panda can eat up to 14 kg of bamboo shoots in one day. They have a short and straight digestive tract.

They have less energy in their bodies due to which they do not climb on sloping terrain and rough paths. The giant pandas love to climb on the trees and sleep for about 10 hours in one day.

2 Sloth

The next animal on the list is sloth. They love trees and stick around the trees for the whole day. They are very slow animals. They are great swimmers. The sloths feed on tender shoots, leaves, small insects and small reptiles.

They have a slow process for digestion. They sleep for about 20 hours in a day and give birth to young ones also on treetops.

1 Koala

Koala is a small-sized bear found mainly in Australia. It has a big head with round ears and an unusually shaped nose. It has no tail and is silver or chocolate in color. These bears mostly feed on the eucalyptus trees’ leaves and they can sleep for 22 hours a day. They stay on various kinds of trees such as acacia, Callitris, Melaleuca and many others.

Koala bears eat the eucalyptus leaves which contain more proteins. They can glide nicely and need little water for survival. They eat less food due to which the energy is low in their body and because of that, it sleeps a lot.

Can anyone beat these animals in breaking the sleeping records? Also, do share it with your friends and on social sites.

Top 10 Laziest Animals In The World

  1. Koala
  2. Sloth
  3. Giant Panda
  4. Lemur
  5. Lion
  6. Armadillo
  7. Cat
  8. Spiny Anteater
  9. Squirrel
  10. Tiger

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