Top 10 Awesome Animal Facts That Will Amaze You

Awesome Animal Facts

Mother Earth is blessed with innumerable living beings in its surroundings. Each living being has a distinct feature different from others. Just like man, there are thousands of other living beings such as plants, birds, animals, mammals, reptiles and many others with different respiratory systems and functions. The animals have a stronger sense of smell than men.

There are some animals which possess much greater characteristics than man. Some of them have sharp eye vision while some have intelligence. You will be surprised to know some of the unusual facts of certain animals present in the world. Some of them are smart while some are very beautiful. Let’s know more about them. We have listed our Top 10 Awesome Animal Facts That Will Amaze You.

10 Cows

Cows are domestic animals whose facts are known most of by us. But there are some unknown facts about a cow which you will know today. Cows give us milk which is extremely important for the growth of human beings. But do you know that cows should have a calf to give milk?

Yes, it is true the cows who have calves are only able to provide humans milk. They are very emotional too and often become sad when friends leave them. The cows have in total of 32 teeth to chew the food properly.

9 Salamanders

Salamanders are amphibians who have long bodies and short legs. They are found mostly in Northern Hemisphere. They have an appearance similar to a lizard. They can see on the night because of a peculiar vision. They can grow up to 6 feet just like the height of a man.

The smell of salamanders is like that of pepper because of the white-colored substance that it removes as a waste. Their thick skin helps in absorbing more oxygen.

8 Sheep

There are some unusual facts about sheep which will surely amaze you. They are very good at remembering things for a longer period of time. The description of sheep has been done in many cultural works and in King James Bible too.

When they become ill or get affected by some diseases, sheep find plants in the surroundings which can immediately cure the illness and diseases. They cure the illness by themselves without even taking any help for their owners. What a lovely animal!! Isn’t it?

7 Salp

Salp is weird looking sea animal. It moves like a long chain. Salp has small black spots on its body. It looks just like jellyfish which is transparent in color. Salp has dorsal nerve cords as well as backbones. The salps are found in large numbers in Antarctica.

They feed on small bacteria and plankton under the ocean and because of which the salp stays near their food only. They form the long chain of many salps and together, they filer the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere which will ultimately put an end to the problem of global warming.

6 Cats

Cats are pretty and adorable which supports us mentally when we are sad and down. They have cute blue eyes and tiny structures. But in spite of being very cute and pretty, the cats are not able to taste any sweet dish or dessert. Their taste buds can’t take sweet things.

One of the funniest facts about cats is that they are good sleepers and more than half of their life period is spent on sleeping. They sleep a lot and the cats have surprisingly three eyelids. So, if you have a kitty at your place, then don’t offer them any sweets henceforth.

5 Legendary Bull

This is one of the interesting facts about Starbuck. Starbuck was the bull who was born in the year 1979. It was a heavy bull having a weight of about 2600 pounds and it was considered as a very good looking species of bull. His sperm was sold for $25 million because of its beauty.

Starbuck achieved the title of “Premier Sire” for 27 times at 5 Holstein shows in many parts of the US and Canada. This bull died in the year 1998 but he had more than 200,000 daughters after his death.

4 Snake Eating Spiders

Yes, it is true. There are some species of spiders in Australia that eat tiny snakes. These spiders can eat the snakes while they are still alive and can chew them properly.

When the spiders eat snakes, the poison of the snakes turns the body of the spider into black and fat.  What a powerful spider of Australia!! It is the spider from which snakes fear.  It is really a very strange fact, right?

3 Penguins

Penguins are found mostly in colder regions. There are many species of penguins out of which 17 species are present in Southern Hemisphere. There is some different ritual in the case of penguins. When the male penguin gives a stone to the female penguin and if she accepts it, then they are called partners.

These aquatic animals carry their eggs with them in their feet and do not leave them in any nest of the tree. From reading, we can definitely conclude the animals have more sensibility than what man has.

2 Monkeys

We were all monkeys after we evolved into a man. But then most of us are not aware of some facts of the monkeys which you will know now. Since we were monkeys obviously they have characteristics similar to human beings. They can talk among themselves with the help of voices, actions, and facial expressions.

The monkeys can also be affected with diseases similar to those found in human beings such as hepatitis, herpes and many others.  Monkeys are worshipped as God in India as they have a description of old religious books.

1 Dogs

Dogs are the most honest friends of man. They can be so close to a man that none of the family members of friends can be so close to him. Dogs can understand more than 250 actions, expressions, and words. But never hug your dog as they don’t like it.

Their tails are the biggest symbol which they show for their feelings. When the dogs are happy, they move their tails on the right side while they are very sad; the dogs move their tails on the left side.

These were some of the most interesting facts which you would have not definitely heard about the various animals in our surroundings.

Top 10 Awesome Animal Facts That Will Amaze You

1. Dogs
2. Monkeys
3. Penguins
4. Snake Eating Spiders
5. Legendary Bull
6. Cats
7. Salp
8. Sheep
9. Salamanders
10. Cows

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