Top 10 Countries With Highest Internet Speed

Countries With Highest Internet Speed

The world runs on the internet today. Science has made many things possible in the 21st century which was not would haven possible without it. One of the greatest inventions of science is computers. The computers complete each and every task of human beings within a few minutes. They are the nerves of the professional world and financial institutions. The computers would not have worked if there would not have been an internet connection.

The internet is what the world wants and we all love the speedy internet. Without a proper internet connection, the downloading of movies and songs is a boring process. This article will tell us about some of the countries where the internet services are best and they have a good speed. They are popular for the best internet services in the world. We have listed Top 10 Countries With Highest Internet Speed.

10 Finland, 17.7 Mbps

Finland has one of the fastest internet services in the globe. The Finnish people use the internet at a speed of about 17.7 Mbps. The citizens of Finland were given the internet connection of 1 Mbps in the year by the Ministry of Communication.

This speed is good for downloading the pictures and music files and doing lots of other tasks such as sending emails, surfing the internet and accessing the social sites and watching videos.  You can upload many files with this speed.

9 The Czech Republic, 17.8 Mbps

The Czech Republic is not only good for tourist spots but also for good internet services. The speed of the internet here is about 17.8 Mbps. This speed is good for downloading various files, browse the web, watching many HD videos and accessing social media websites.

People in the Czech Republic enjoy watching movies and many other kinds of funny videos on various sites using an internet connection with this speed. The Czech Republic has good internet services in all parts of the country with good speed.

8 The Netherlands, 17.9 Mbps

The next country on the list with one of the best internet connections in the globe is the Netherlands. More than half of the country’s population has internet connections in its homes. The speed of the internet in this country is 17.9 Mbps.

This speed is more than enough for completing any activities of your daily routine on the internet such as downloading various songs and videos, files of medium or big size, watching HD movies and browsing the web.

7 Japan, 18.2 Mbps

Japan is always connected with technology. It is one of the best nations in the world with modernized technologies and advancements. The country has fiber optics with great speed in every part which gives speedy internet connection. The speed of the internet in Japan is 18.2 Mbps on average.

This speed is very good and many people can access the internet connection at the same time by watching movies and various kinds of videos. Some providers in Japan give about a 2gbps internet connection.

6 Latvia, 18.3 Mbps

At number 6, it is Latvia which has a good internet connection. The country uses the internet at a speed of about 18.3 Mbps which is very speedy. This speed is more than enough for downloading multiple movies and videos at the same time.

Each house has a good internet connection and many people can upload and download several files whether small or large at the same time. This speed can browse the web and does various other online activities in no time. Latvia has one of the fastest internet connections in the whole world.

5 Switzerland, 18.7 Mbps

Switzerland is the country which has one of the fastest internet connections in the whole world. The country has 18.7 Mbps internet connection which is of great speed. This speed is good for all the online activities such as uploading and downloading images, videos and also big movies.

There is an improvement in the working of internet services every year here. The Swiss people enjoy the uninterrupted internet connection every day for their office work and various other projects and assignments. This speed is also good for browsing the web and social media sites.

4 Hong Kong, 19.9 Mbps

Some years back, Hong Kong was the only nation that had reached the number one position in using high-speed internet connection in the world in a year. The people here use the internet with a speed of 19.9 Mbps on average. Every house has an internet connection here and the people enjoy online activities a lot.

This speed of internet connection is very essential for performing all the office work and downloading the heavy files and documents on several devices. This speed enables faster downloading of various videos and movies and browsing the web.

3 Sweden, 20.6 Mbps

At number 3, it is Sweden which uses the internet connection of 20.6 Mbps speed on average. This speed is perfect for doing anything on the internet. The people in Sweden enjoy continuous internet connection without any problems. Many people can perform various online tasks at the same time.

Downloading of big movies and lots of other videos is quite a smooth task here. You can upload the heavy images on social media sites with this speed. Browsing the internet becomes all the more interesting at such a high speed and you will enjoy performing each activity.

2 Norway, 21.3 Mbps

Norway uses the internet connection of speed 21.3 Mbps. The country continuously makes efforts to provide better and faster internet services every year. This speed is good for uploading or downloading various images and other huge files. The people in Norway can download the movies in just a few minutes with such a fast internet connection.

1 South Korea, 29 Mbps

South Korea is on number 1 of the list with the best internet connection around the globe. The country used the internet with a speed of 29 Mbps. The downloading of a big movie just takes 1-2 minutes.

Browsing the web and many other online activities become simple with this internet connection. About 85% of the houses of South Korea have an internet connection.

These countries are still becoming better in providing high-quality internet services to its citizens every year at low rates.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Internet Speed

1. South Korea, 29 Mbps

2. Norway, 21.3 Mbps

3. Sweden, 20.6 Mbps

4. Hong Kong, 19.9 Mbps

5. Switzerland, 18.7 Mbps

6. Latvia, 18.3 Mbps

7. Japan, 18.2 Mbps

8. The Netherlands, 17.9 Mbps

9. The Czech Republic, 17.8 Mbps

10. Finland, 17.7 Mbps

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