Top 10 Best-Selling Laptop Brands

Best Selling Laptop Brands

The 21st century consists of various gadgets which ease our life daily. Technology provides us with comfort and entertainment. It is only through technology that we can perform each of our tasks speedily. Computers are one of the most fantastic discoveries of man which make possible even the toughest tasks. There have been many changes in computers from year to year.

The laptops are convenient to use and they can be carried anywhere you go. They are light in weight and durable in nature. It is always good to choose a laptop for the best brand. Today, we will see some of the best brands which produce world-class laptops with awesome features. We have listed our Top 10 Best-Selling Laptop Brands.

10 MSI

So we start off our list of Top 10 Best-Selling Laptop Brands with MSI which is a Taiwanese technology brand. It develops various computer products such as laptops, motherboards, and desktops. The laptops of MSI are of good quality and they have a royal look. They are reasonable in prices and very light in weight which one can carry to any place where they go.

The laptops developed by MSI are excellent for playing games and they have a good screen with amazing keyboards. MSI laptops have many other best features on the laptops which make them of the most convenient ones to use.

9 Dell

Dell is one of the most popular laptop brands in the world. The laptops developed by Dell have good keyboards with a perfect screen. They have good battery life because of which people prefer taking them to long-distance routes.

The touchpad of the laptops is very comfortable which will let you type for long hours. Dell laptops are the best choice for college students as well as for office employees. The laptops of Dell have a classy look and they stand apart from the rest of the brands.

8 Samsung

Samsung is another one of the most famous brands which manufacture world-class electronic products and many other computer products. If you want the best features on your laptop then go for the Samsung brand. They have good battery life, fast processors, soft touchpad and many other features. The laptops developed by Samsung are perfect to be kept in any corporate meetings and seminars.

The prices are also very reasonable and the laptops have been listed in the list of high-quality laptops. Samsung produces laptops which can give you more passion to use them again and again.

7 Toshiba

At number 7, it is a Japanese brand that manufactures communication systems and electronic components. It released Chromebook in the year 2014 with an awesome display. It runs on the Chrome operating system and has lots of storage. Toshiba’s laptops have good battery life and they are reasonable in prices.

Some of the popular products manufactured by Toshiba are Kirabook, Satellite laptops, Tecra laptops and many more. The laptops have good look which can suit in an office environment and also in colleges.

6 Apple

Apple is the best brand whether is a phone, iPod or laptop. It is the world’s best brand in manufacturing laptops. The laptops of Apple have a good touchpad with a long battery life which helps you to carry laptops to the trips and long route journeys. They have a good life and the sound system is also very powerful so that you can enjoy the game sounds and your favorite songs.

Apple laptops are the best option for students and officers for performing every kind of work. The logo of Apple will definitely add to your persona while carrying these laptops to the official presentation and meetings.

5 Microsoft

Microsoft is another competitor in the market of laptops. It produces some of the best quality laptops with good touchpad and long battery life. You can very well play different kinds of games on Microsoft laptops with good sounds. They encourage you to do better project work and presentations due to a wide number of features.

Cool detachable gadgets and many other innovative products are produced by Microsoft for its users. The laptops developed by Microsoft are also favorites of school-going and college-going students.

4 Sony VAIO

At number 4, it is a Sony VAIO. Sony is undoubtedly one of the best brands in developing home appliances and many other electronic goods and products. The laptops of Sony VAIO are ideal for office, schools, colleges and any other places where you need to carry them for doing work.

They have long battery life and the touchpad is just so amazing that you will go on typing on it for long hours when you have workloads. The laptops of Sony VAIO are reasonable in prices and they are very convenient to use and provide great work comfort.

3 HP

When it comes to computer and its parts, HP is always associated with them. It is an American company manufacturing world-class hardware and software products. The laptops of HP are stylish and innovative having good features.

The touchpad, battery life, and screen of the laptops are amazing to use. The consumers have always given positive reviews while using HP products and services. The laptops produced by HP have a thin screen with a clear screen and beautiful colors.

2 Asus

Asus is of the best brands in manufacturing electronic goods. The laptops manufactured by Asus have great designs with wonderful and classy colors. The touchpad will give your fingers the comfort to type and you will finish the work faster.

Asus has come with a wide variety of products such as a hybrid laptop with a good keyboard. They are thin and light in weight and also reasonable in prices.

1 Lenovo

Lenovo is on the number 1 position in manufacturing the world-class laptops with some of the greatest features and tops our list of Top 10 Best-Selling Laptop Brands. The laptops of Lenovo are thin in size and they can also be converted into tablets. The touchpad of the laptops is very comfortable for hands.

They have amazing colors with classy looks and stylish and innovative designs that will take your breath away. If you want to buy a perfect laptop then Lenovo is your brand certainly.

Which brand would you select for your laptop now?

Top 10 Best-Selling Laptop Brands

1. Lenovo
2. Asus
3. HP
4. Sony VAIO
5. Microsoft
6. Apple
7. Toshiba
8. Samsung
9. Dell
10. MSI

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