Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

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Animals With Strongest Bite Force

Love and hatred are common feelings in both humans as well as animals. Humans conspire against each other in a number of cruel ways. Human beings take revenge with their own people because of some unfair treatment-experienced. We apply many cruel means to take revenge on the people whom we hate and many times we bite the other person in anger.

The animals too show their aggression in the form of bite on humans. They bite with such a force that a man has to be rushed in hospital in a short time otherwise which he may die. Today, we will discuss some of the animals who have a strong bite force and which can be very dangerous for human beings if they are around these animals. We have listed out Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force.

10. Lion – 650 psi

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You may be surprised to know that the lion has lesser poisonous bite force other members of the cat family. Don’t go by the lion’s size as its bite force measures only 650 pounds per square inch. The reason behind the weak bite force of the lion is that it hunts bigger animals like baby elephants and buffaloes for his prey.

The lions stay in a group and they attack animals in the group. And so his bite force is not very dangerous. He is less dangerous than jaguars, cheetahs, and tigers.

9. Tiger – 1050 psi

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The next on the list is another member of the cat family, Tiger. Tigers have stronger bite force than lions. The tigers stay alone and also hunt alone on bigger animals like buffaloes and zebras. The tigers have a bite force of 1050 psi which is more than lion but lesser than other members of the cat family.

The large body of the tiger can easily hunt any large animal with its weight. The tiger is an apex predator and can hunt any animal when he is hungry.

8. Spotted Hyena – 1100 psi

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Spotted Hyenas are found mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. They are powerful hunters and can even digest animal’s skin, bones and waste. These animals hunt medium to large-sized animals especially the young ones of the animals. They hunt their prey from the sight, smell, and hearing. The spotted hyenas hunt either single or in groups.

They feed highly on wildebeest, rhinos, and zebras. These animals live in groups known as clans and they have stronger bite force than lion and tiger. The hyenas can easily digest the whole of the animal flesh with even the bones.

7. Grizzly Bear – 1200 psi

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The grizzly bear is a large-sized North American bear which is a carnivore. They feed on both large animals as well as plants. Their weight is more than 800 lbs. They have a sharp sense of smell and powerful jaws with which they can tear apart even the large animals. They have the bite force of 12pp psi and they can eat even the large whales and fishes.

Grizzly bears are very aggressive and they can attack the humans also if they are around them. They can almost eat hunt any animal both on land as well as water with their sharp jaws and teeth.

6. Gorilla – 1300 psi

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Gorillas are inhabitants of the Central part of Africa. They are herbivores and feed mainly on trees, plants, and fruits. They live in groups known as troops. They have strong teeth and long canines. Their sharp jaws can easily trap food from any plants and they have a bite force of 1300 psi which can get food within a few minutes. When they feel in danger from human beings and other larger animals, they use their long canine to remove the threats.

5. Jaguar – 2000 psi

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Jaguar belongs to the cat family and it stays mostly in rainforest areas. It has a different way of hunting in which it attacks directly on the skull of the animals for its prey which can cause heavy damage to the brain of the animals. They eat only meat and can eat any animals which are found in the nearby regions. They hunt deer, tapirs, peccaries, dogs, zorros, and anacondas also.

Jaguars have a unique way of hunting animals by which they suffocate the animals and pierce in the bones of the skull of the ears. They can break the turtle shells and kill even horses and birds.

4. Hippopotamus – 1825 psi

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The next on the list is a large-sized Sub Saharan Africa inhabitant, hippopotamus. It is an herbivore animal. They have large canine tusks with large sized bodies. They feed mainly on grass and plants for their survival. They are very aggressive and can attack human beings also.

These animals spend many hours grazing on the grass and can eat about 68 kg of grass in one day. They also feed sometimes on tiny aquatic animals such as carrion.

3. American Alligator – 2125 psi

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The American alligator is one of the most dangerous species of animals on the planet. It is an inhabitant of the southeastern United States. It feeds on fish, mammals, birds, and reptiles. They are considered as an apex predator and can hunt the animals by size and age.

They can eat any small animals such as fish and turtles to even large reptiles such as snakes. American alligators spend a long time on land for hunting purposes. They have powerful jaws and strong teeth.

2. Saltwater crocodile – 3690 psi

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The saltwater crocodile is 2nd on the list. They have sharp teeth and strong jaws by which they can tear apart any animal in a few seconds. They feed mainly on fish, birds, mammals and water buffaloes. They are 23 ft. in length and have a weight of 1200 kg. They have aggressive behavior and are apex predators. The saltwater crocodile is very dangerous to human beings.

1. Nile Crocodile – 5000 psi

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Nile crocodile has the strongest bite force in the world. They are the inhabitants of lakes and marshlands. These crocodiles can tear apart any animal. They mainly feed on birds, animals, and reptiles. They are opportunists and can wait for long hours and even many days to attack their prey.

They have sharp conical teeth that can catch hold any animal tightly. They apply heavy force by drowning the large animals beneath the water.

These animals are very dangerous to any animals in their surroundings and there are many cases of human attacks by these animals.

Top 10 Animals With Strongest Bite Force

1. Nile Crocodile- 5000 psi

2. Saltwater crocodile- 3690 psi

3. American Alligator- 2125 psi

4. Hippopotamus- 1825 psi

5. Jaguar- 2000 psi

6. Gorilla- 1300 psi

7. Grizzly Bear- 1200 psi

8. Spotted Hyena- 1100 psi

9. Tiger- 1050 psi

10. Lion – 650 psi

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