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8 Tips on How To Write A One-Page Essay


According to popular songs, “One” might be the most lonely number. If you’re writing a one-page essay for homework, however, the page count must be kept at one. This short length might sound appealing when you are given a one-page essay by your professor or teacher to complete for homework.

Writing a one-page essay is not as easy as writing a longer piece. One of the challenges in writing a one-page paper is that it must still include all the main structural components of a standard-length essay. This includes the introduction and conclusion. It is important to write concise supporting paragraphs and conclude your essay in a clear manner.

With careful planning and strategizing, you can overcome this one-page writing challenge or you can always visit DoMyHomework123 to get the highest mark for your college home-tasks.

1. Instructions


Pay attention to your teacher’s instructions. They will explain exactly what he expects from your paper and how it will be graded. He may take points if you are slightly less than or more than the required one-page. You may need to refer to additional rubrics as you write your paper, such as the writing style guide.

Regardless of the size of your paper, all the instructions must be obeyed. For instance, you must capture an introduction, body, and conclusion. Such other formatting details like citations must also be captured. You must use technical words and expressions that explain the point accurately. It is these instructions that define the quality of your paper.

Essays are graded based on how well you adhered to instructions. In case you do not understand any of the entries, it is advisable to seek help from your tutor. It helps you to execute the instructions accurately and, therefore, score the best grade.

2. Choose a topic

The topic may be given or you may be asked to choose one. Identify a relevant and befitting topic. The scope of the topic should allow you to complete the discussion within one page.

It is especially important to choose a specific topic. It sets boundaries within which you will restrict your discussion. You avoid diverging beyond the topic, resulting in a longer essay. remember that a one-page essay is only five to six paragraphs. You have little latitude to discuss the topic in detail.

While the topic is specific, it must be fresh and interesting. You will still be required to read more materials and support your ideas. It helps you convince the reader about your perspective despite the limitation to make a point in only a few paragraphs.

3. Develop an outline


Next, choose the topic that you wish to write about. Then, you can choose to create your thesis statement according to the argument, stance, or assertion that your paper will make. You should outline the key points of your topic. Be sure to avoid highlighting points that are difficult to explain in a few sentences.

The outline is especially important when sorting your ideas. With only a few paragraphs, you cannot write everything about the topic. For this reason, you need to choose the strongest and most appropriate points to discuss. The outline gives you an overview of the ideas you will be discussing.

You can sort them in order of strength. You will also dismiss others or merge the weak ones. It helps you to produce the most compelling paper.

4. Introduction


Your introduction should be written. Save your thesis statement for last sentence to make it more impactful. The introduction should be catchy enough to grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read the rest. Some students prefer to write the introduction as the last step of the paper and then return to it after the rest is written.

It is especially important to craft the briefest introduction. You only have a paragraph of four to five lines to write the introduction. It must capture the attention of your reader and arouse the curiosity to read your entire paper. Choose the most strategic words for your introduction.

5. Compose Essay Body

The body of your essay should include supporting paragraphs. Be sure that the paragraphs are related to the thesis and flow smoothly. Each paragraph should be written as though it were an independent essay. Be sure to introduce the topic and close the thought with a closing sentence.

Each paragraph should capture one of the points you are making. Choose words thoroughly because you do not have the time to explain them endlessly. A one-page essay does not require too many details. However, your idea must be clear and understandable.

6. Conclusion


To conclude the paper, you will write the conclusion. The body should be summarized and the conclusion should briefly explain why the thesis statement is true. This is the first draft of your essay so it’s possible that it will take more than one page.

The conclusion is only summarizing two or three points. There is no reason to write a lengthy one. You four to five sentences to produce the most compelling conclusion to a 1-page essay.

7. Editing

You can edit your essay to remove any unnecessary words or fluff. Reduce the length of your paper by condensing sentences and words. Cut as much as possible and then check the length. It may be necessary to reconsider if the assignment is longer than one page.

You should not attempt to cheat the assignment by shrinking the font on your computer or reducing the margins of the paper in order to fit more words per line. Your professor will likely be interested in these tricks. He or she will require that you use type 12 font with one inch left and right margins.

8. Proofread


Examine your draft carefully for errors in punctuation, grammar or any other issues that could cost you points. You should ensure that your essay has an academic tone. Also, make sure you follow the instructions of your professor.

It might take more time and energy to write a one-page essay than a longer one. You have no room for empty words or irrelevant ideas. Make your point using the least possible words.

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