5 Most Important Factors for Success of Your Digital Marketing Campaign – 2024 Guide

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A long time ago you realized the importance of digital marketing and decided to invest time and money in a campaign to improve your business. It is a great move that will almost certainly bring you expansion in the market, increase in earnings and all the other things that every business strives for. The best indicator of the importance of digital marketing is that every year the investment in this type of advertising grows by several billion dollars.

However, creating a strategy for a digital marketing campaign is not easy at all. Although you will invest time and money, it is not a guarantee of success. The only guarantee of success is that you do everything the right way during the campaign. And how are you going to do everything the right way? You will do so by paying attention to every most important factor for the success of your digital marketing campaign.


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We will start with the website first because it affects a large part of your campaign. It is very important that you have a well-designed and optimized website, which primarily refers to smartphone-friendly, because it is something that is only yours. What do we mean when we say only yours? So unlike social networks where you can only have a profile, a website exclusively presents your company. Also, it is easy to notice a trend that social networks are losing and gaining in popularity constantly.

Although Facebook has been present and is always at the top or close to it for a long time, it cannot be said that it is constantly the most popular. Snapchat, TikTok and many other social networks are taking over for at least a short period of time. Also, Instagram and Twitter are equally popular, for some niches even more. We will look at the importance of social media later, but you need to have a website first. It is also very important for search engine optimization, which brings us to the second paragraph.

2. SEO

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If you don’t know much about search engine optimization, you may have thought that websites are randomly ranked on Google or that large companies have an advantage and are always on the first page. This is not true. Search engine optimization is affected by a number of things that should positively affect the algorithm, in order to position you as well as possible. It is a long term process, but necessary for the success of every company. The longer and more dedicated you work on SEO, the better your position will be, and therefore your business will be better. Check out and their different seo services.

SEO is influenced, among other things, by the quality of your website, then the use of keywords, various content and much more. There are a number of different types of tactics, and they are usually divided into white, black or gray hat SEO. The white approach means full compliance with the rules, while black means many risky tactics that can bring a lot of benefits in the short term but can also disappear abruptly. Gray is a combination of both.

3. Social media

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We already mentioned social networks while talking about the website and then you may have got the wrong impression that we think they are not important enough. We absolutely don’t mean that, because nowadays if you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all. What is important is that you know the difference between social networks and use them in the right way. It is desirable that you have a profile on as many of them as possible, but also that the profile be regularly updated. If you just create it and don’t post anything for years, then that practically means you don’t have it. It can even leave a bad impression on a potential client. Here is a brief overview of the most important social networks

Facebook – The most popular and used for everything. You need the least strategy for Facebook.

Instagram – Very close to Facebook in popularity, with a tendency to come in first place. The reason is that it is completely oriented towards the visual, which suits people. Upload photos and short videos there.

Twitter – This is a social network intended for short news and information.

Along with these three, YouTube is also worth mentioning, where you need a serious strategy for recording videos. LinkedIn is useful for communicating with other companies and businesses and finding employees.

4. Influencers

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You’ve probably heard of many influencers from different fields. In the last few years, commenting on various things on social networks has grown from a hobby to a very lucrative business. For this reason, many influencers are very rich and make a living solely from it. What you need to do to further enhance your digital marketing campaign is to contact at least one influencer and offer them cooperation.

Some of the most famous ones will be very difficult to reach, but there are many who will be happy to work with you. You will pay them, and they will advertise you on their profiles where they have a lot of followers. Followers of influencers tend to accept all the advice that influencers give them, so they will certainly open your website, which will increase traffic and follow you on social networks, which is again very positive.

5. Realistic timetable

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What is equally important for the success of your entire campaign is that you have realistic expectations. This means that you need to be patient and give enough time to all these factors to positively impact the operation of your business.

If you expect everything too quickly, it is very likely that you will be disappointed and leave the whole campaign, which is a huge mistake. Another option is to invest too much money due to impatience and then not make any profit from the fact that your customer base has increased. It is necessary to make a long term plan and stick to it, with only minor changes that are necessary on the go.


These are the five most important factors. Also do not neglect email marketing, as well as quality content, the best in the form of a blog, on your website.

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