3 Reasons Why Some Vape Juices are So Expensive – 2024 Guide

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A decade ago, vaping was as expensive as smoking cigarettes. As popularity grew, vaping products became more affordable with more people switching from tobacco to vaping. For some reason, recently the vaping liquid prices hiked up, while others stayed at the more affordable level. This created confusion among consumers and raised the question of the quality of cheaper products. Nowadays, vaping is again as pricey as it was when it first hit the market with the prices creeping up more and more every year. Why is this happening and what can you do to cut the costs? Let’s find out.


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You probably noticed that those gigantic puffs are way more expensive than before. That’s because they are. To make big clouds, you’re going to need a lot of liquid. The more liquid you use, the more it’s going to cost you. So, it’s not your imagination, that you’re using more e-liquid than ever before – you are. Even though the price of the liquid went down, you still have the feeling that vaping is starting to make a dent in your monthly budget. The reason is that you’re using more and more liquid to produce bigger puffs.

The price of the liquids is determined by their ingredients and the way of production. Like in every other product, the higher the quality of the compounds, the more expensive the end product is going to be. Although to the consumers it might look like a simple process of getting a strawberry flavored e-liquid, in reality, it can be a very complicated process. First of all, it’s not only a vape liquid and strawberry juice as people might think. Several different products are made before they, if any, can be introduced to the market. Tryouts take time, and the shelf product needs to be a perfect balance of liquid and juice. The process is also expensive for the manufacturers, so it’s only logical that the customers are going to pay a higher price also. Click here to check out a wide variety of high-quality juices.

In cheaper liquids, you’ll find cheaper ingredients. Oftentimes, the low-cost liquids are loaded with sugar or sugary syrups, which makes the production quick and easy process. This drives the price down, and you can feel in the taste. All things considered, investing in pricey e-liquids are going to make vaping enjoyable as it should be.


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The vaping community is very demanding when it comes to new tank and coil designs. Every model that comes out keeps the attention of the consumers for a short period of time, and it quickly becomes old news. These high expectations drive the initial prices up for one simple reason – makers of the coils have huge overhead costs and the hype about the new model only lasts so long.

It’s impossible for the manufacturers to recoup from the expenses of developing and making new coils and tanks as fast as the vaping customers can get over it asking and waiting for another improved product to come out. In short, makers can’t realistically follow the wishes of the consumers to always have some new models available. The development of the new model takes time and thousands of working hours, then the testing of the product and finally, manufacturing it. Then the cost of marketing and logistics of getting it to the consumers, and the costs quickly add up.

Besides the obvious cost of manufacturing, there is a question of the longevity of the coils. Every coil is made to be used for days, if not the whole week. If you’re changing the coil every day, you’re probably using the low-quality e-liquid. Cheap, sugary liquids shorten the life of the coil by leaving a thick residue every time you vape. Very quickly you will be tasting the burned sugar instead of the taste of the liquid, which means that it’s time to replace the coil. While liquids are not so expensive, the coils can be up to $5 per coil. Change it every day, and you’ll see the cost of vaping go through the roof. It can quickly exceed the cost of smoking tobacco or cigarettes. Buying more expensive liquids will save your coils, but if you insist on using sugary ones, you might want to try making your own coils to save a bit of money. Another option is using e-liquids with a higher concentration of nicotine. Usually, when using stronger liquids, people use fewer amounts, saving on both e-liquids and coils.

Additional facts

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Some consumers reported having horrible headaches when using cheaper variations of liquids. This is probably due to the manufacturers of low-quality liquids use propylene glycol, instead of vegetable glycerin. Too much PG and sugar can make vaping cause coughing and migraine. Propylene glycol is used in the production of cigarettes and is notorious for causing sore throats. Vegetable glycerin is gentler on the respiratory system, making bigger clouds without the scratchy throat. It’s widely used in the food industry for its sweet taste, which at the same time, is the reason vaping liquid manufacturers are staying clear from it. Getting the right sweet note of the liquid is hard when the basic ingredient already has its own taste, so mixing it together can cause unwanted changes in the final flavor.

Storing is another factor that can reduce the quality of the liquid. The main rule is to keep in a dark place in a glass bottle. Plastic containers can interfere with the compounds in the e-liquids and change the structure. Some people keep it in the fridge or a freezer, but that’s not necessary. Just storing it in a cupboard will do it. Also, always check the “best before” date, since different liquids vary in longevity.

In the end, it’s all based on personal preferences. While many go for the cheaper options of e-juice thinking that they saved a few bucks, others choose more expensive options claiming that there is a huge difference in taste and longevity of the product. In any case, try both and see what best works for you.

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