Top 10 Ways to Improve your TV Reception in 2024

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It’s really frustrating when you want to tune in to your favorite channel and all of a sudden the signal starts experiencing interruptions, especially in times like these when we finally have enough free time to watch some TV.

Unfortunately, weak TV reception signal and interruptions are not as rare as we would like them to be, even considering the fact that it’s 2024 and we have such advanced technology. Some consumer-grade products such as aerials and junction boxes cannot really be more expensive than they already are, so facing issues is most likely going to remain common for some time.

Thankfully, experiencing something like this is not the end of the world, as there is always a simple and easy solution that you can do. We came up with a brilliant guide that’s going to contain ten best ways to improve your TV reception, and knowing how impatient you are, we’re ending this introduction right here and jumping straight into the informative content. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Place your antenna on a higher spot

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As we all know already, the best way to receive signal is by placing your aerial on top of your roof, or somewhere on your balcony if you happen to live in an apartment building. No matter how you decide to do it, just make sure that it stays high enough to receive the signals without any obstacles interrupting. According to the statistics, it needs to be about fifteen feet off the ground, but more doesn’t hurt as well.

2. Rotating makes a difference

We’re not sure if you know, but your device needs to be pointed exactly at the direction from where you are receiving your signal. If you are not really sure where your provider is located, you can try searching their location on the internet or giving them a phone call. We’re pretty sure that they’ll be more than glad to help you out by providing this useful information.

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3. Check for obstacles yourself

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Always be careful when you are going on the roof by yourself, and if you are not really sure in your physical capabilities, ask someone else to do it instead, especially if you are an older person. Now with that warning out of the way, you should always try to check for any obstacles yourself, such as taller buildings, trees and things of that nature.

Position your antenna in a way that will allow it to receive signals directly, and possibly without any unnecessary interruptions.

4. Examine the connection

An aerial, or any other device that’s in the chain of things you need to ensure a proper signal, requires electrical energy, and this comes through multiple cables. It’s a very common issue to find out that a certain cable has disconnected from the port or that it has been damaged from either the weather or something else. Make sure that you check this before attempting other fixes because they might be all pointless if the cables are in a bad condition.

5. Restarting the device

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In the world of technology, turning something off and on again is a fix that seems ridiculous at first, but helps a lot more than people would like to give it credit for. There have been numerous times that we’ve fixed something simply by restarting it, because as we all know, chips are complicated and sometimes a glitch will prevent the device from functioning properly. Restarting it will completely reboot the system and hopefully fix the issue.

6. Purchase a signal booster

If you are sharing the same signal on multiple devices in your home at the same time, it is often a great idea to purchase a signal booster. These are not very expensive and can be found in every tech market, possibly even in the one that’s near your home. They work flawlessly and allow you to enjoy your favorite content without going through interruptions, even if you are multiple people who share the same signal.

7. Phone-call your provider

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Like it or not, sometimes the issue is not on your end, and these are the worst situations because you know that you cannot really do anything about it. In such a situation, the only thing that you can do is to call your provider and carefully explain everything that you are experiencing in detail.

It’s their job to send a team of professionals who can fix or replace something that’s not working properly, so if you are currently in such a situation, we hope that the issue will get fixed as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, try the rest of our fixes to see if you can get things working again.

8. Purchase a better package

Just like with internet connection, different providers have different packages, and those packages have different speeds. Roughly said, the more you pay, the more you get, so if you can’t seem to get things to run smoothly, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. A few dollars to have your peace at home doesn’t sound too bad.

9. Check for possible interference

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Did you know that some items such as other antennas, routers, or electromagnetic appliances can disturb and in some scenarios even interrupt the signal? If you have any of these things near your aerial, or even your TV, you should try to place them somewhere else, to allow for the signal to be received smoothly.

10. Install an antenna rotator

Last but not least, something that you can do for a few dollars that’s going to have a huge impact on the long run is installing an antenna rotator. This is a device that will allow you to reposition the direction your antenna is facing without having to go on the roof and risking an injury. We’re not sure if these things are compatible with every antenna out there, but it’s worth to try one out, they’re really useful.

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