Top 10 Best Fighting Game Characters of All Time

Best Fighting Game Characters of All Time

Which is your favorite cartoon character of all time? Someone really sexy, hot, beautiful and dashing definitely. The cartoons are loved by everyone may it is a toddler or an old ma of 70 years. We all are fascinated with some cartoon characters one or the other time for sure. The graphics, visual effects and background in the cartoon series are the important aspects that interest everyone.

The sexy outfits and the amazing make-ups given to the character increase the popularity of the cartoon shows. Now, we have a look at some of the fighting cartoon series on television. The unending battles between rivals, tons of weapons and chain of power and abilities define the fighting characters. We have listed the top 10 Best Fighting Game Characters of All Time.

10 Shaq fu Memphis

A 2D game of fight, Shaq Fu was released in the year 1994. Memphis is a character in the game which does not die anytime. He is always up to some fights with his enemies.

Memphis is a green-colored lich in a ratty robe. He can give powerful punches on the mouth. His strong punches and hits make him one of the best fighting characters of all time.

9 Jin Kazama- Tekken

Jin Kazama is the main character in all the series of Tekken. He was born to Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. Jin was trained by his mother in the mountainous regions for many years. She taught him the tactics of self-defense.

He went through many struggles in his life which made him a tough man which he was not before. Jin Kazama is a rude, arrogant and angry person who speaks harsh words. He is described as the monster in the series but under that Jin Kazama is a good person too.

8 Bakuryu

Bakuryu is a character in the Bloody Roar series. He was born in the clan who worshipped Earth. He was trained by a ninja named “Bakuryu”. He is an arrogant boy and a powerful fighter. He has red eyes and wears a red scarf. He is similar to Mogera, breed of mole.

Bakuryu has a muscular body and has bluish and black colored hair. He has some of the strongest and aggressive attacks on the enemies. When he is in beast form, Bakuryu attacks in a ferocious way.

7 Drahmin

Drahmin is a villain in the Mortal Kombat series. He is a very cruel monster. He is insane and was removed from the Nether Realm for his evil deeds. He was a cruel landlord whose soul was brought to the Netherrealm for his evil crimes.

He has abilities from oni which mixed with Iron Club and makes him even more deadly. Drahmin can defeat the Scorpion. He is one of the most dangerous and powerful fighters of all time.

6 Ryu- Street Fighter

Ryu is the main character of the Street Fighter series. He is a trained martial art and he wants to become the strongest fighter. He has rough and arrogant nature and in some other episodes, Ryu is shown as a happy guy. He wears a sleeveless short and has medium length hair with a red headband. He often fights with his childhood friend, Ken.

Ryu has the ambition to become an expert in martial art and for that, he roams in many parts of the world. He is often neglected by people due to his orthodox outlook thoughts. But, in fact, Ryu is a sweet person with a kind heart.

5 Fulgore

Fulgore is the cyborg which is created by Ultratech. It has an appearance like that of a medieval knight. He has red eyes and has an extension at the back of the helmet. He has yellow-colored highlights and patterns on his chest and metallic blades are filled with superheated plasma.

The retro outfit of Fulgore is taken from the original Mark 01 and Mark 02 models. It has the ability to destroy the enemies in a fraction of seconds with his superpowers.

4 Steve Fox

A young and handsome Boxer from Britain, Steve Fox is a very determined fighter in the series. He strived hard for fulfilling all of his desires. He just had just guilt that he cannot know about his past life. The reason behind this is he was adopted and did not know anything about his real parents or the mark which he has on his one of the arms.

Steve won the fight against the Mafia. In each of the series, Steve Fox is shown with more powerful abilities. At the end of the series, he wins and celebrates the victory with his other partners.

3 King- Tekken

King is the name of two characters in the Tekken series. The same name is given to two different persons in the series. They have jaguar masks with a strong muscular body. They have an awesome look which made them popular characters in the world. The King I is an orphan and he learnt many fighting styles and ways. King II was a street urchin who was raised up in King I’s orphanage.

The character of King is shown in a nice way with perfect outfits and fighting ways. King is a powerful wrestler and deserved the throne. He works hard to win the prize money in the tournament.

2 Akuma

Akuma is a demon in the Street Fighter series. He desires to be the master in Satsui no Hado. He is a feelingless demon who has tremendous fighting ways during wars. He is a gi who wears a sleeveless outfit. He wears a black belt on his waist.

Akuma has a cold nature with the superb abilities of a true warrior. He can defeat the strongest enemies in no time.  Akuma hates those who cause a disturbance in his training session.

1 Scorpion- Mortal Kombat

Scorpion is a ninja who has resurrection is the Mortal Kombat series. He hates and wants to take revenge on those who destroyed his clan and killed all his family members. He joined the evil forces when he resurrected on the Earth. Scorpion is not at all evil and has a kind heart.

He takes actions which can be beneficial for all. He is a unique character as such from all others. He has only skulls in his original form and he will get his human form again when he will capture all his demons.

These were the powerful fighting characters who became popular among all the game lovers in the world.

Top 10 Best Fighting Game Characters of All Time

1. Scorpion- Mortal Kombat
2. Akuma
3. King- Tekken
4. Steve Fox
5. Fulgore
6. Ryu- Street Fighter
7. Drahmin
8. Bakuryu
9. Jin Kazama- Tekken
10. Shaq fu Memphis

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