15 Things Only Gamers Will Understand

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Memories, that indelible mark in our memory. Sometimes they will be good experiences, others bad, but all of them as a whole define us ourselves, for example, awakening certain sensations when living a type of family situation. It happens when you get angry with a friend when you watch a movie when you go to class or work … And also, how could it be otherwise, when you play video games.

Within these adventures we have lived a thousand situations, gaining knowledge and experiences that in no other way would we have acquired. For example, who is not moved by the melodies of your favorite Final Fantasy? But there is much more. As players, we have experienced a thousand situations that would otherwise sound so strange to us. Do you think you are a true player? Then see if you will be familiar with all these things we are going to mention in this article.

1. Scratched or stuck discs on the console

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Like forgetting the time you wanted to play your favorite game, but you couldn’t because the disc was already too dirty or scratched.

2. Tangled cables

The controls now are wireless, but the previous versions were not and without knowing the reason, you always ended up with a ball of tangled cables, and if you were unlucky, they pulled, knocking your console to the ground. What stress!

3. Losing track of time

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“—I just play for a while and go to sleep”, suddenly you feel muscular neck pain, you turn to the clock and it’s already 3 am! At least we managed to pass that level.

4. Forgetting to save progress

There is nothing more traumatic than losing all the progress that you had in the level.

5. Kid beat you

Although it sounds ridiculous, the fact that a child beats you is humiliating, more because we all know how children are mocking so much.

6. Video game exchange

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Sometimes it is out of necessity because you do not have money to buy it new, or simply for fun, exchanging video games not only helps you to play more, but also to socialize and learn new tricks that others can give you.

7. Cartridges

For those who had the consoles of the ’90s, what was done in case the game got stuck? Exact! Blowing the cartridge, hitting it, without a doubt the cartridges marked our childhood.

8. Rage attacks

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Real gamers understand this concept perfectly. Hitting consoles or the wall of the room, throwing anything you had in your hands (including the control), shouting like the Hulk, enraged, and even spilling a tear, are just some of the reactions that are unleashed if something does not go well inside of the video game.

9. Interruption in the middle of a mission

Whether it was because they called you to eat, do homework or go to the store, being interrupted in the middle of a special mission, was the worst thing in the world, and it was that there were missions impossible to leave on pause, and see, let them understand that you could pause the game.

10. Buttons, eyes and back wore out

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And it is that a true gamer can spend hours in front of the monitor playing, without eating, sleeping, going out or bathing. And although we know that in the long run, this will bring consequences to health, the emotion of playing is not changed for anything.

11. Spending money to improve

Although you hide this from your parents or spouse, we have all done it. When you want to improve and save yourself the time of hard playing boring quests to get to some item. Or simply some missions exceed your skill, so you need the help of professionals, then you go to a site like and hire a pro help.

12. Create a more beautiful or older version of yourself in the editors

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Yes, yes. We already know that your response as soon as you read the title was “I never did that.” Egos aside, you have, and you know it. You may have put on a long beard to see how it would look, or those blue eyes you always wanted. Longer hair, big muscles, or that arm tattoo you’ve always longed for. We create ourselves, more or less, sometimes worse and sometimes better. It also depends on the publisher of the game, of course, but at least we tried. However, once that is done it is not enough and you know it. You put on those ten additions you always wanted or those extra years. Even that suit, or those bizarre clothes. You might even put on a clown mask and go out into your virtual world in boxer shorts.

13. Destroy everything on stage before moving on to the next

This seems to be a sign of some psychological disorder, so much destruction. But gamer, what have all those objects on stage done to you to destroy the furniture in that way? Calm down, we don’t usually do that. We are looking for objects, money, gold, whatever. Especially in RPG games, it is habitual behavior to squeeze every last reward we can find. Ah, what are you doing in GTA? Well, there you have to stop two streets of traffic and make them jump through the air, it is somewhat cloudy, but what about fireworks, what, eh? Without a doubt, we find in the exercise of destruction a kind of inner peace that gives us a calm like few other things. Break all those vases, tables, chairs, and be comfortable! Destroy everything on stage before moving on to the next.

14. Spend hours getting collectibles that are worthless

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It is ego. Yes, yes, it is nothing else, let’s not fool ourselves. That weapon is not worth anything. That armor, or that rare item that only appears in your inventory. What is cool to show off, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t love saying to your colleagues, “Hey, kid, do you see this object? Well, twenty hours of farming to get it. TWENTY HOURS. Now you go and tell it”. And that’s it, you are the master of the show, the boss on duty. Let no one take away those moments that taste like glory!

15. Reload even if you shoot just one bullet to feel more ‘Pro’

It is not practical, it is not useful and it is not … nothing, in fact, it is the most absurd behavior, and that we can see especially in the multiplayer modes of Call of Duty and Battlefields. We do not know if it is because the number of bullets in the magazine is better when it is full, because it makes us feel more secure or because we like to recharge a lot. The fact is that from time to time it can be useful. That bullet may or may not determine the death of an enemy, or save you from trouble, but in general, it is not useful at all. Seriously, this point is interesting for us psychologically. Why the hell do we do it?


If all these things have made you smile, then you know that you are a gamer with many years of experience.

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