Overwatch Maps Guide 2024

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Overwatch is a top of the class multiplayer first-person shooter. It has a variety of unique characters, incredible dynamic action, and gorgeously crafted maps. Overwatch is a one-of-a-kind hero shooter that is probably the best in its genre. It offers the depth, style, and variety that not many other games deliver. The maps can be put into four categories, Control, Assault, Escort, and Hybrid. Each of these locations provides its challenges.

Control Maps

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Control maps or as many players refer to them as King of the Hill maps has an objective or a capture point in the middle of them, and both teams battle to capture it. After that, the team continues forward to capture three more capture points. In this game mode, you have two options. Kill the enemy team, capture the empty objective, go to the first point, and do your best to win the fight there. To win, one team needs to beat their opponents in three rounds. Theoretically, this is the most balanced game mode because both teams are in a spawn room at the beginning; this way, no one has an advantage over the other. The objective is unlocked after thirty seconds from the start of the game.

Tips for Control :

  • Lucio is a good choice. He can use his knock to push back enemies from the objective and provide resistance to his team with his ultimate. You can also use Lucio’s boost; this way, your team can go to the capture point faster and set up a small defense.
  • If your team is losing the objective, don’t rush alone, wait for your teammates, and make a coordinated attack. If you combine all ultimate’s, you have a higher chance of turning the game around.

Assault maps

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Also known as two CP, short for Tow Control Points, have attacked and defending teams. Attackers launch a coordinated attack on the defenders to stay within the objective. After that, they need to build up their capture percentage to one hundred. If a defender sneaks on the point, the capture is paused until the defender leaves or gets killed. Before attackers can take over, they must move from one point to another, adding three minutes to the clock. When the attackers capture the next point or run out of time, the two teams switch sides. If both teams have captured a point on their attack round after the switch, additional rounds will then be added. Then the two teams will have to take both of the objectives back in the time remaining. There are not many ways to win a game of assault. Some of them are playing a good team composition in the meta or just being lucky and be on the more advantaged side of the map.

Tips for Assault

  • The assault maps sometimes have choke points on the map. In order to overcome your opponent, you need to take advantage of the choke points. This is called a Bunker Composition, and Orisa is usually one of the best heroes for this strategy.
  • You need to be aware of spawn locations, as this can give your opponents an advantage.

Escort maps

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Escort maps are played differently. The attacking team needs to push a vehicle called a payload through three checkpoints on the map before running out of time. The defender team will try to stop the attacker’s initial push by eliminating them and then protect the payload from being pushed again. Attackers can use the payload for protection from the defenders, and the defending team has forty-five seconds to prepare their defenses around the vehicle. The attacking team has five minutes to push the payload to the first checkpoint. Once the checkpoint is cleared, the Attackers will receive additional two minutes and thirty seconds get to the next checkpoint. After that, an extra one minute and thirty seconds will be added to the clock once the second checkpoint is clear to make it to the third one.

Tips for Escort

  • You need to stay near the payload, unlike many teammates who will not do it. There are advantages if they can hold on.
  • The Bunker Composition is very useful for both Assault and Escort.
  • Group with your team and initiate a coordinated attack to go through the Bunker Composition.


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Hybrid maps are a combination of Escort and Assault maps. Again there is an attacking team and a defending team. Defenders have forty-five seconds to take their optimal defending positions. The Attackers have five minutes first to capture the payload; after that, they can advance. On Hybrid maps, the attacking team usually needs to breakthrough a chokepoint first and then move the payload.

Tips for Hybrid

  • Vehicles that do not have wheels on them can be used by the opponents to levitate.
  • Enemy shields can still block Earth Shatters; this gives the enemy a sense of being exposed.
  • Keep track of your time, and know where the payload is at all times.

Each map in the game has its twist on a real-world location. All maps are incredibly well crafted from a visual and competitive perspective, but some of them are just a little bit batter the rest. Here are five of the best maps in the game

№5 Hanamura

This is one of the more visually beautiful maps in the game. One of the unique things is the first point that needs to be captured. You can hide behind a giant bell in the middle of the point and get an advantage from the environment bay pushing people off the cliff. However, the second point is way more exciting and well design.

№4 Watchpoint Gibraltar

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This is a pure escort map that provides a unique architecture. You have a big dip on the first point that adds an interesting new playstyle. Throughout the second point, both teams fight around a giant spaceship that you can climb on top of. And the third point is very open but still provides a lot of opportunities.

№3 Lyshang tower

When it comes to this map, there are not that many quirks to it. This can allow players to play pretty much any character that they want because the map has a pretty stander layout.

№2 Hollywood

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When it comes to Hollywood, there are a lot of things to talk about. Being a Hybrid map, the attacking team first needs to capture the payload to push it forward. One of the funny things about Hollywood is that the payload is a limousine. After that, the second part of the map, a movie set location, is incredibly well detailed, and the last part is a space theme studio. This map not only looks good; it plays well too. There is so much room for activities and different strategies.

№1 Ilios

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All three versions of the map provide an incredibly exciting landscape to play with. For example, the Well map gives players a very distinctive environmental future to eliminate enemy players. The Lighthouse map has the smallest capture points, where players need to think of a way to get coverage because of the map structure. And then you have the Ruins map with its distich look of the point indented in the ground, and make the map feel unique.

The Overwatch maps give players various options on engaging an attack or making an excellent defense to stop the enemy team. There are many maps, and all of them are incredibly detailed, with multiple ways to enter an essential part and paths under or around the map made for flanking enemies. The game has many maps, and it can be hard to explore and all of them by yourself. If you want to progress faster, check There you can get professional help and everything you need to know about Overwatch. With 24/7 support, data protection, and account security at all times for an affordable price.

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