5 Tips and Tricks – How To Boost Wi-Fi Speed For Your Home Office 2024

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Do you know what the most annoying thing is? Having the best session on a webinar and bam – your internet signal just dropped. If you think this is not the most annoying thing, then think of having an important video call with your team and then your internet starts showing its true colors. In our opinion, having a complete shut-off on the internet during a video call is bearable instead of receiving a weak signal in the middle of a video conference and you have to run around the house with a laptop in your hand to catch a strong Wi-Fi signal. All of these are happening in most of the houses across the United States. However, there is a solution to this misery.

The coronavirus spread has completely changed how people used to run their lives. This includes employees, working from home, students getting an education online and almost everyone operating their life duties from their homes. This current situation has not only made us entirely dependent upon our internet connection but it has also increased the need for a high-speed internet connection.

With coronavirus spread making rounds in the United States, we cannot see the normalcy returning to the country at any time. This means that we have to start preparing ourselves for a future with more sitting and working from home. This also means that having to suffer on low internet speed or weak Wi-Fi is just not happening. Instead of spending your days into making peace with your disgraceful internet connection, it is time for you to bring the needed change in your lifestyle to spend peaceful days in the future.

Nevertheless, there are tons of ways that you can try to give your Wifi the boost it needs. However, there is a crucial step to take before you get into knowing the tips and tricks into fixing your Wi-Fi for getting decent signals around the house.

The First Step – Change your Internet Connection

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There are a huge number of people, especially in the United States, that are suffering from low internet connection speed, which is sabotaging their productivity and overall performance. If you are one of the victims from the list then we have just the right solution.

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All you need to do is put your postal code in the postal/ zip code bar placed on the home page of the website and then let the bar fetch all the details. The BuyTvInternetPhone will provide information about the best internet service providers in your area including their price packages, bundles, and more.

Now that you know what you need to do first to fix your internet problems at home, here are more tips and tricks into boosting your home Wi-Fi:

Find the Best Spot

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Before you think of making that crucial video call or start your online presentation, you need to find the best spot in your place. By best spot, we do not indicate to find a comfy place in your house, but the place where your device can catch the strongest Wi-Fi signals.

Your Wi-Fi is more likely to catch the best signal in the room where it is located. However, some people might even find the strongest signals in their washroom. In this case, you need to prepare yourself in advance to have a video-less conference with your teammates so that there is no unsolicited bathroom tour for people at the video conference with you.

Pick Best Location for Router

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As we said, your Wi-Fi is more likely to send strong signals in the area where it is located which means that the location of the router is an important aspect to shed light upon.

Many people try to test the internet speed and strength of their internet connection by putting their router in the most unusual places possible. Starting from placing their router in the floor to under a pile of clothes, behind a wall, and rest you can imagine.

While you might think there is no harm in invading the personal space of your router, the router cannot provide the appropriate signals to your devices around the house if it is not placed appropriately.

You need to place your router somewhere high in the house, preferably not behind a wall or large objects that can block the signal strength. Also, make sure that no unnecessary things such as clothes, books, and other things are placed on the router.

Also, make sure the router is placed in the center of your house so that every room, even washroom, can catch a decent Wi-Fi signal.

Try Troubleshooting

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If life has been kind, enough to you in the United States that you are living in a bungalow that you might expect some serious Wi-Fi range troubles. However, you can try using a Wi-Fi extender to enhance the connectivity range of your network.

While Wi-Fi extenders can exceed the range of your Wi-Fi by amplifying the original Wi-Fi signals, you will still need a good internet connection for that. An internet connection that provides low internet speed will face more troubles in the presence of a Wi-Fi extender.

Add Hardware

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You can support a Wi-Fi signal by including hardware. Outside receiving wires and remote range extenders can build the scope of inclusion for your remote switch or passage. Also, you can utilize a remote repeater to impart the sign significantly farther.


Find out the ways you can boost your Wi-Fi at home. Also, get bonus information about how to find the best internet service provider in your area in the blog above.

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