Top 4 Growing Tips And Medical Effects of The Harlequin Strain – 2024 Guide

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Cannabis strains that contain THC have long been used for a wide range of medicinal effects, however, in recent years, strains that are high in CBD – a substance called Cannabidiol – are becoming increasingly popular. And this is exactly why people opt for consuming the Harlequin strain.

Harlequin is a hybrid that is saliva-dominant – containing about 75 percent – and it also contains about 7 to 15 percent of THC, and from 10 to 15 percent of CBD. To put it simply, it is a strain that will offer you the best things, including medical benefits that can help you with a wide range of conditions and health problems.

If you are thinking about cultivating this strain and using it for the health benefits it can provide you with, this article might help you go through the process easier. The text below is going to feature some growing tips that you should know, as well as the health benefits you’ll get from consuming it. Let’s take a look:

4 Growing Tips to Keep in Mind

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By planting the Harlequin Strain, you’ll be able to get moderate to high yields with flowers that are high in CBD. What is the most important thing you can do when growing such a plant? Well, the key is to ensure that it is taken care of from the time you place the seeds in the ground until you harvest it.

You should know that the best time for harvesting the buds is earlier than other marijuana plants. And the right time is when the plant is entirely full and covered with its lovely CBD hemp flowers. The four tips you should keep in mind when growing this particular strain are:

1. You’ll Need to Trim Them Properly And Often

Whether you choose to plant it outdoors or outdoors, you should expect it to grow quite tall and large because it is Sativa dominant. If you have a large area for growing them indoors you should, however, if not, your best choice would be to grow them outside. The big fan leaves that grow at the bottom will grow quite large, hence, you’ll need to trim them properly.

Why should you do this? Well, they will block the light and air from reaching the plant, and if so, you should know that it can lead to the development of mold, weak steams, and badly developed buds. As soon as you notice them, you should trim them in order to boost the airflow and light. You might want to use a sterile blade when cutting since you could use the cuttings to grow more smokable hemp.

2. This Strain Loves The Heat

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Although these plants love the heat and warmth, you should never place them directly under the sun. If you do so, it will probably cause them to wither and die. Hence, you might want to place them in the shade, however, somewhere where they will still get enough light that will allow them to grow.

3. The Food Needs to Be High Quality

According to the experts from Miami Rave CBD that offer Harlequin Strain, smokable hemp, CBD hemp flower, the best food that you can give to your plants will depend on how developed they are. If they are in the process of developing or in a vegetative state, they will need fertilizer that has more nitrogen. This will allow them to become bigger and healthier.

However, once they start to flower, you should opt for a fertilizer that has less nitrogen and more potassium. They won’t need nitrogen since they won’t grow anymore, but, potassium will help them develop more and larger buds. When you purchase the fertilizer, you should check the instruction manual that comes with it.

4. The Soil Needs to Be High-Quality

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You’ll definitely need healthy soil to grow this strain, for instance, a sandy clayey soil. Why? Well, it is capable of absorbing more nutrients and water, however, it is capable of draining excess water quickly. Additionally, it can improve the airflow by allowing the oxygen to move into the soil and go straight to the roots.

The Medical Effects of Consuming Harlequin

1. It Can Alleviate Pain And Inflammation

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If you are suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, you can opt for consuming this particular cannabis strain. Besides helping you with the pain you are feeling, you can also use it for taking care of any inflammation that you are feeling.

2. Can Be Used For Muscle Spasms

There are various conditions that cause muscle spasms, especially with athletes. And, if you are suffering from such a condition, you could opt for consuming Harlequin CBD oil. By applying it, you’ll feel it easing up in several minutes.

3. It Helps With Nausea

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People who are suffering from nausea reported that they felt at ease once consuming this strain. It is good for relaxing and calming the body, which is why you also might feel at ease if you suffer from nausea. The oil produced from the buds can also help cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy.

4. It Boosts Your Energy

One of the first effects that you might feel after consuming this strain is that it will immediately boost your energy levels which is perfect if you need to work from home during the night or if you simply want to have the energy for hanging around with your friends.

5. Your Focus Will Improve

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Besides helping you with your energy, it will also boost your focus, which means that it can help you with focusing on important things such as finishing a project for work. This combined with complete relaxation will allow you to stay on track as well.


As you can see, there are some tips that you should keep in mind if you are planning on growing the Harlequin strain. Additionally, this particular strain can help you with a wide range of conditions and health problems, which means that you can use it for solving some of your issues in a healthy way.

So, now that you are aware of the things you should do, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, you should do a bit more digging, gather all the equipment and tools you’ll need for planting the seeds, and then take proper care of your plants in order to ensure that they are successful.

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