11 Things To Know About Instagram Story Viewer in 2024


Now the users can see the stories on Instagram without getting know and you can also download the stories of different users anonymously. On the other hand, this will enable the users to download and automatically save the stories from anyone’s profile. Moreover, this software is free of cost and it can support all types of devices and you also do not require installation of any type of 3rd party program.

What it actually is?


This Story viewer is one of the best online free tools that will provide you the ability to see the stories on Instagram and it will not let them trace your identity. On the other hand, this app can help the users to view all recent story updates as well as the highlights about any Instagram public account. Moreover, it contains some additional tools and it will allow you to save the stories and highlights in any device such as the android, iPhone and others. And you can not only view but it will also let you to download the public stories.

What is meant by Auto-save Story Updates?

Moreover, this best-ever tool has the ability to track all the updates in the profile of the account that you are looking for. In addition to it, it can also help you to watch and track more than 100 profiles.

Furthermore, this app will collect and save all the stories in the profile of instagramers. In such a way it will not provide any constant tracking. Additionally it can also save the live stream record on anyone’s profile.

Why one should use Instagram Anonymously?


Lest suppose that you have a lot of the profiles of different people whose story you want to see but you don’t want to show your identity and your fee eager to see their story updates. Henceforth, now the users do not have to make fake accounts. The reason is that this software is here for your help and it will help you to see the stories anonymously without getting tracked and the profile owner will not be able to check your activity on their profile. In such a way the users will be able to access all the stories over various public accounts that you want and it will not reveal your identity and keeps your privacy secure. In addition to it, it will not show your name in the list of viewers until the users have not added their data to get stories.

How you can save Stories on Instagram?

Moreover, makes it very simple and easy, all you need to do is to follow few steps to use it:

  • Step 1: First of all start the Instagram software and then make a copy of username.
  • Step 2: Run in any browser, drop the username in search bar.
  • Step 3: Choose profile image that you want to download and hit download option.
  • Step 4: After that choose the story ig that you like to save and then hit download options once again.

All done, your story video in MP4 format is ready to use. And it will provide the story videos and images in real story formats of the Instagram.

Instagram Story Viewer Algorithm:


The programmers of Instagram said that the order of Instagram in which it shows views on the stories of users can be easily analyzed with the help of their secret algorithm. However, the algorithm will only select the post and images that you might like very much and it will push them all to the top in your feed of Instagram. On the other hand, the algorithm has the ability to customize the sequence in which the story of the accounts that you like will be shown, if the users use their story as the viewers. Moreover, Instagram keeps the activity and functions of their algorithm secret that are much similar to the things that pass from progeny to progeny.

In other words, the programmers have also shown that the algorithm is stimulated with the content on timelines, relationships, interests, and activities of the users on Instagram. Furthermore, all these details are added and saved to the algorithm through unique designed learning technology.

Is Algorithm similar for stories?


However, besides all the similarities, the story algorithm are much different from Instagram feed algorithm. Similarly, the major dissimilarity, it can look for the signals in stories. On the other hand, all the signals are the basic order of the behavior and working. In addition to it, the algorithm will adopt all your methods to use this software, once you define the word signals. For instance, if the users are curious about the signals, now need to wonder about anything because it provides the round-up for the right things to monitor.


Whenever the users visit a specific profile several times it means they are interested in that account users. Moreover, this account user might be their favorite brand, celebrity, crush, partner and friend as well. In other words, you follow it for an instant, Instagram will become familiar and it will make it possible to prior the story of that user.


If the users usually messages, comment and hit likes with a specific person, it will make the stories top in its ranking. And it will show them at the top of story feed. It means that it is simple and easy to understand that you will see the story of that person more with whom you interact the most.


In other words, Instagram can also make the sequence of your stories in order of their old and newly post in your story feed. However, the stories of people who have old stories and you interact with the too frequently, hence all these post will get the priority.

Online Tool:

Gramvio is one of the best online tool that will enable the users to save and download all types of stories on Instagram and you will be able to save them in your devices anonymously.


Additionally, the users frequently select one profile all the time it, after sometime the users will see that this will always show the same story in which you are interested the most.

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