Top 5 Glass Lifting Aids in 2024

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When we’re looking at some high powerful building or a nice looking house – one of the first things that will catch our eye is the glass. Whether we are looking at some big windows or glass parts of the building – that is something that provides the greatest aesthetic pleasure. But have you ever wondered how the glazing process works? How much effort does it take to make a building look so beautifully glazed?

What is it like to do glazing at high altitudes? How to lift large and heavy glass panels and install them properly? For this purpose, powerful machines are used. Without such equipment this procedure would not be possible. Therefore, we are introducing you with 5 top glass lifting aids.

Application Of Glass in Construction

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Glass is a material that has its advantages. It is because various types of processing as well as advanced technologies have enabled this fragile material to acquire the property of a strong, safe, functional – and aesthetic element in space. The use of glass in interior design in today’s architecture is unavoidable.

With its possibilities of various processing and design, with its transparency and sophistication – glass as a material is ideal for arranging residential, business, and public spaces. It is almost impossible to create such an effect with some other materials. It doesn’t matter if it is a strong or discreet color – the glass surface reflects light and gives the rooms a new and modern look.

Universal Material

Today, it is difficult to find a city without at least one building with a glass facade – but even that is not the end of the application of glass. Today, glass is a universal material. It has many advantages because various types of processing and advanced technologies – have enabled this fragile material to acquire the property of a solid, safe, functional, and aesthetic element in space.

As a rule, almost all buildings are glazed on the inside as well. For glass floors and fences – tempered and laminated glasses of larger thicknesses are used so that they can withstand the load, have impact resistance. Also, in rare cases of cracks – it prevents collapse.

Where Can We See The Application Of Heavy Glass?

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Glass for floors

Glass for floors and fences can be additionally decorated, according to the architect’s solution – or individual wishes (eg sandblasted). However, the filling of the surface under the glass can also be interesting and effective.

Glass rooftops

We see them often on buildings. They give the interior the benefit of natural light and heat. The glass should be tempered and laminated for safety – and different types of glass can be combined depending on the desired glass performance. The new glass production technology also offers the possibility of using self-cleaning glass, given that this is an area that is difficult to access.

Glass partitions, sliding walls and shop windows

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Today, this is an unavoidable detail of all major shopping centers, business facilities – and private homes. Their use is most common when full visibility is required from one space to another. For that purpose – laminated and tempered flat glasses are usually used.

Glass doors

Glass doors are increasingly present in both outdoor and indoor use of the building. We distinguish revolving and sliding doors, automatic or manual, from the types of glass doors.

Glass Lifting Aids

All these glass elements require installation. This is not always easy – especially considering the weight of the glass and its sensitivity. Precisely for this reason – certain aids and machines are used in the construction that will facilitate the placement of glass and glass elements within any structure. Introducing the Top 5 glass lifting aids.


1. Glazing Robots

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Today’s time of modern technology has enabled the use of smart machines in construction work. One of the greatest helpers of people when it comes to glass lifting and installation is the glazing robot. This machine of advanced technology is a great help when it comes to speed and precision of work related to glazing. Above all, these robots are very precise and durable. You can see more about their performance and durability here.

What is important to note is that they can hold, move, lift and place flat or curved glass surfaces of high weight. This allows construction workers to easily complete the installation of glass surfaces – such as window panes, doors, etc. They are especially convenient for the installation of very heavy glass elements because there is no risk of falling and breaking.


2. Suction pads

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The use of suction pads or cups is a special technique of lifting the glass that provides a lot of possibilities. For example, you can hold objects, handle and manipulate glass or similar plate materials, select components, etc. Certainly, different applications require different types of suction pads, as well as their different sizes. Various types can be found on the market – that is, a wide selection of these aids is available – so each type of application will have an adequate solution.


3. Glass cranes

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Glass cranes are used when placing and lifting heavy and brittle glass that can be easily broken. It is extremely important in construction work – because it helps with lifting and mounting heavy glass surfaces. This is especially true for some more demanding installations such as on buildings. We can find them in a larger or mini version – where the mini crane has a slightly lighter lifting capacity. They are very convenient because they are light and portable, and can lift a large load.


4. Glazing hoist

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Glazing hoists of larger capacity are often used as well. This type of machine will save you a lot of time on glass installation projects. These are electrically powered machines – and they can be easily moved back and forth. That capability of glazing hoist allows you to easily manipulate the machine. With the use of glazing hoists you will have good control and you won’t need manual strain during installation.


5. Glass Handling Gloves

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When you work with glass, that job also requires adequate equipment. Speaking of the basic parts of glass lifting equipment – we cannot omit glass handling gloves. These are certainly not ordinary gloves. Namely, their performance is mostly related to resistance and protection against cutting. On the other hand, they must be made of such materials to allow you to have enough feeling in your hands, to perform tasks that require dexterity. Many of these gloves also have special coatings on them that make them resistant to cutting. Also, these gloves are resistant to cold, heat, oil, and water – so they are very suitable for work related to manufacturing.

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