Top 5 Services Your Business Should Be Using in 2024

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It is very easy to start a business. There are various tools available to help you launch a startup with a mobile phone and a laptop. However, making that business success requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Probably, a lot of long hours, whether you run the business on your own, or with a full team. The good news is that there are various services you can now access to relieve some of that pressure.

Whether it only gives you a little more time in your day or helps you become more productive; these services are must-haves for your business.

1. Kendlebell Fairview (Call answering, diary management, holiday phone cover)

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It is important to leave a good first impression when it comes to running a business. An outsourced telephone answering service such as Kendlebell Fairview makes it easy for clients and prospects to contact your organization, never getting an answering machine again. This can be the difference between getting new customers and losing them to your competitors.

Kendlebell Fairview allows you to concentrate on other parts of your company while making sure that no potential clients are ignored. Telephone answering service should be an irreplaceable part of running your business.

You cannot ignore the power of a simple phone call. It is a vital aspect of growing your business. The phone call can impact revenue and growth in surprising ways. Some reasons why you need a call answering and diary management service as Kendlebell Fairview include:

  • Power and trust

Even if you have a good FAQ section on your website, a huge fan base on social media who support each other, or a contact form a client can fill, there’s nothing like connecting to another human with the emotional and technical skills to help you solve any issue you might have.
You cannot take the feeling of powerlessness for granted. When your customer service representative speaks to your clients, their job is to transform a problem into a solution.

  • Passion and purpose

Providing top-notch customer service requires far more than you might imagine. You don’t only need to have a happy voice and a pleasant greeting. The answering team needs to be trained in the ‘how,’ ‘why,’ and the ‘what’ of your business.

You need to be able to connect with frustrated clients and turn their experience into satisfaction. When you partner with a dedicated answering service, like Kendlebell Fairview, they have already been trained for the skills and passion to deliver great customer service.

2. Wave (Free accounting software)

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When it comes to reliable accounting software, Wave stands out. This accounting software has several advantages; however, you need to understand what accounting software does and doesn’t do.

Simply said, accounting software is a computer program that makes it possible for users to manage the finances of their organization.

No matter the size of your business, automating accounting tasks has several benefits. As you incorporate accounting software into your workflow, you’ll find yourself benefiting in many ways including:

  • Higher accuracy

Since traditional bookkeeping needs calculations by hand, the chances for errors are higher than with automated business accounting. Accuracy is vital to accounting, so it will benefit you to take any opportunity that promises to produce consistent, error-free results. But, remember that computers can’t eliminate the possibility of human error when it comes to data entry.

  • Work quicker

Computers can process faster than humans, and business accounting programs are no different. Although faster isn’t always the best, when it comes to accounting, it certainly makes a big difference for your business.

  • Reduces cost

Time is money, and accounting software can save you time. While software often has costs linked with buying, installing, and learning how to use it, long-term gains in productivity and efficiency mean this software offers a huge return on investment. To get the best information about cost reduction in various situations check here.

  • Gets rid of redundancy

Some difficult calculations such as profit and loss statements may need higher computing, but most business accounting is data entry that can take a lot of time. Accounting software allows you to enter account information once.

3. G suite (Emails & drive)

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G Suite is a suite of intelligent apps from Google. Formerly referred to as Google Apps, it is recommended for clients that need email hosting for their companies. G Suite is much more than just email; it has various apps and features that are important.

Any business owner can make use of G Suite to make, collaborate, communicate, and generally be productive in various situations.

For basic subscribers, G Suite provides key Google apps such as:

  • Gmail for business
  • Google Meet for video conferences
  • Drive for Google cloud storage
  • Chat for quick team messages
  • Access to G Suite apps via the Google Marketplace
  • Calendar for setting events and appointments
  • Docs for creating content online
  • Keep for making and saving notes
  • Sheets for spreadsheets and organization

4. Siteground hosting

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It might sound boring trying to get a hosting provider for your business website, but it’s not a decision you should take for granted. When it comes to hosting, you’re deciding on so much more than just another vendor – you’re selecting the foundation on which the website of your business will be built on.

Having that in mind, you need to understand that not all web hosting providers are the same. Each has a unique combination of pros and cons. But when it comes to performance and cost, SiteGround comes top.

This hosting platform has various benefits such as:

  • More server resources
  • Priority support providing solutions to issues within 5 minutes
  • Daily backups so you don’t lose vital information
  • Affordable price, lower than that of other hosting platforms

5. Linkedin

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Even though a lot of people see LinkedIn only as a platform for job hunters and for growing your professional network, it is an effective tool for generating prospects and nurturing good relationships. Studies reveal that 84 percent of users generated several business opportunities from using LinkedIn.

Your company would benefit from LinkedIn for these reasons:

  • Showcase your brand
  • Search engine optimization for your website
  • Networking
  • Locate new employees
  • Remain updated

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