Top 10 Features for Your Travel App – 2024 Guide

We live in an era that is not just connected via mobile phones but runs on them. From dealing with our hunger pangs to delivering gifts to selling daily utility items there is nothing that a mobile app cannot do for you. With the mobile application market being so extensive, every industry wants to reach its customer through this medium. The travel and tourism industry is no different to this. According to a study, travel-based mobile applications are one of the most downloaded apps and more than 60% of smartphone users have an app that is used to plan their vacations and leisure stays well in advance.

One thing that makes travel apps different from other types of applications is the fact that it has a UI/UX design with a certain feature set. These features add to the ease of navigation and utilization of the application for the users. Enterprise mobility solutions providers at A3logics, share here some important features to have an app that covers all the aspects of your industry.

What Are the Must-Have Features for Your Travel App?

When talking about a travel-based application it needs to have extensive features that can help users not just have a virtual view of their destination but actually the complete stay. The on-demand mobile app developers share here some of the features that you cannot miss to have in your travel app.

1. Travel Itinerary Generator

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Many travelers have a fixed duration to spend their vacation. The trouble arises when they have to plan a day to day or an hour to hour itinerary. Managing time, distance, and exploring all the destinations becomes a little difficult to plan for them. In this case, offer them an itinerary generating feature that would take care of their vacation and give them a memorable trip.

Let one add their favorite destinations and tourist spots they want to visit and get a tour plan that is ideal for them. Travel app developers confess the complexity of the feature, but they do add this helps an app climb up in users’ favorite app list.

2. Geo-Tracking Service

Being in a new place all by yourself, surely you need GPS to make sure you do not lose your path. GPS based location service is one important feature that needs to be integrated with your travel app. This can spot the user, and show the nearby results to eat, explore, relax, or simply stay.
With a feature like this, the new city would not seem new anymore and one can explore the nooks and corners easily. Also, this would help users have an idea of how to manage their travel plans by saving time.

3. Weather Forecasting

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Pleasant weather is one important factor to plan a visit to a place for leisure. Even if the plan is work-related, it is important to have a look at the weather to plan the whole tour. To avoid any kind of last-minute changes one can simply check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.
It is important when visiting a place one is prepared for the weather there. With such app features, one can trust your app. If they get all the information in one place, they are never going anywhere else.

4. Language Translator

An in-app language translator is a gift for foreign travelers. It makes the stay easy and comfortable. Speaking to the locals makes the tour fun and enjoyable. It needs to be worked on well. This is another feature that would stop your users from wandering to other alternatives.

With international travel being so popular these days, language translators help businesses and the public alike.

5. In-app Cab Booking

In a new city, booking the cab using the same app that helps you enjoy the tour is a big Yes. Your user won’t need a separate app for this. Thus, all the basic necessities can be dealt with in the same app and that too without panic. Trusting the local cabs in a new place may be difficult but trusting a cab service from an app that you rely on is easy.

So, when you decide to launch your travel app in the market make sure to integrate this general yet impressive feature too.

6. World Clock Time and Money Converter

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Although these days the smartphones come with an in-built world clock time and money converter, it would be great if your app has a similar feature. This would make it easier for the user to make plans and decide the schedule using the app itself instead of switching from one app to another.
Also, this would help them input currency and time according to their native place and get the outputs as per the tour destination. Thus less brainwork and more fun!

7. Emergency Services Based on Location

In a foreign land, this feature turns out to be a great support. This lets the user connect with emergency services irrespective of time and place. In your app make sure the developer integrates the contact address of the nearest contact points based on location and kind of emergency. This would let the user enjoy services at the nearby places when needed without worrying about who to contact and how to contact.

8. Online Reservation Making

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Your app is not only meant to display information about the destination. It is meant to be the one-stop solution to all travel-related requirements and queries. Let users check the best stays available and make reservations instantly. It is easier for them and profitable for you.

If the users don’t have to skim between apps, the user experience would be better and would definitely boost the ROI. Let your app be your users’ travel kit with all the details and emergency contacts listed in one place.

9. Safe and Secure Payment Integration

We are talking about making reservations and booking cabs here. For all these features to work better than your competition it is important that the payment integration is safe and secure. If you use a payment gateway that is certified and your users can trust, your app is already near the winning ribbon. It is important that users rely on the app’s payment functionality. In case of any failure or other issue, responding to it immediately shows how much you value your customers.

10. Reviews and Ratings

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It is important that your travel app shows reviews and ratings by other users. A positive response would be a clear reflection of what the app can do and your response to a negative review would reflect how prompt you are to your customers’ concerns. This would not only help you build brand image but also paint a beautiful picture of customer relationships.

It is important your users are always confident that they are heard and taken care of.

Some More Features You Can’t Ignore

  • Washroom Finder
  • Integrated Social Feed
  • Deals and Offers
  • Simple Navigation
  • Reminders
  • Local Events

These are just a few more features that you need to integrate in your travel based app for a happy experience for your customers.

Wrapping This Up!

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The world is going digital and people look forward to easing in their lives. One thing that has made lives easier for humans is a mobile application. With every need being fulfilled in a few taps life is easier and happier. If you want to compete with a travel-based mobile application you need to make sure it has all the features that would make things simpler for your audience. A feature ladened app with great aesthetics and simple navigation would keep you way ahead of your competition and help you win your customer’s hearts.

So, with a list of features in your hand, hire a mobile app development services click here and get ready for ROI that would take your business to the zenith.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical content writer. She has been working for A3logics for a couple of years. She is a techy interested in technology related to mobile app development and has worked for clients documentation on the same. When not wearing her writer’s specs she is wearing that of a reader. She loves to read and is often found wandering around the nearby cafe enjoying her coffee and Agatha Christie mysteries.

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