Top 5 Evolving Trends in Software Development – 2024 Guide

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Software development has come a long way these last one or two decades. The potential of well-developed software is so big, it doesn’t make sense not to utilize it in almost every industry in this world. It can boost efficiency, it can make things simpler and can create easier access for customers. The possibilities are endless. This is why it is essential that we constantly push ourselves to grow software development even more. And that is exactly what every industry is doing right now. New trends constantly pop up on the market.

By creating these new trends and evolving them, we are constantly pushing the technology of software development even further. It also helps developers improve their techniques and understanding of the subject.

I believe that 2024 may be the year with the highest potential when it comes to new trends in software development. It seems like many companies around the world are constantly looking to implement and invent new things. If you want to more know about the subject, here are the top evolving trends right now.

1. Cross-platform

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In the past, when software development was still a pretty new thing, developers would write code for a certain platform or device. For example, the code that would be used for games or programs on consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System could not be used for a different console such as the Sega Genesis.

Of course, codes aren’t exactly compatible with every single device even today, but there is some kind of middle ground that allows developers to replicate that same code for a different device. This is actually a very important step towards the future of digital technology. If we were to come to some kind of a universal operating system, developing programs would become much simpler and better.

Let us take Windows and Linux as an example. These two operating systems are very different, but similar in quite a lot of ways. However, Microsoft has a lot more people invested in their Windows project and a lot more money too. This is why Linux has a lot of compatibility issues with a lot of programs and games. If we were to invest time to make these two operating systems more compatible, we would see a lot more improvement in both speed and performance.

2. The Internet

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All of us already know that the Internet isn’t exactly something new, but its full potential still hasn’t been discovered or revealed. There are so many things we can do and have already done with the help of the Internet that may improve the quality of our daily lives. I’m not talking about faster browsers or prettier websites. And talking about software that can fully utilize the Internet and the database on it.

Even today, many companies are pushing their software development towards the use of the Internet. In these modern days, simple devices such as lamps or light bulbs have advanced programs that allowed them to connect to the Internet. With the use of the Internet and Wi-Fi, we have complete control over these devices even when we are not home. With just a press of a button on your smartphone, you can start your lamp, you can cook your dinner and you can heat up your home.

This is just the beginning and I believe that the potential of what we could do with the help of the Internet is quite obvious. Let us hope that companies will make decisions to take the right direction.

3. Haskell Programming Language

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Today there are thousands and thousands of different programming languages and that number will continue to rise. Some prefer to use C, others C++ and someone else prefers to build their own programming language from scratch. Currently, Haskell is an evolving trend in 2024. This general-purpose programming language suddenly started to pique the interest of many software developers around the world.

The biggest reason why there is such a rise of interest for Haskell is the fact that there is going to be a huge update for it in 2024. The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is another reason why Haskell is an ongoing trend and according to, there are many ways people around the world can contribute to its development. Such an open-source compiler might be the future of software development.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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There has been a lot of talk about machine learning and the infinite potential of artificial intelligence. And, there is a good reason why this subject is so popular these days. We have finally made some real progress in artificial intelligence that will allow us to properly utilize. Many businesses today have great integration of machine learning to improve the speed of their software and the way people can utilize it.

In fact, many programs, websites, and devices today use either artificial intelligence or complicated machine learning. For example, your smartphone utilizes AI to predict your actions and movements. It can tell when you accidentally touch your screen and when you have purposely done so. This may seem like something very simple, but it is actually quite advanced software development.

Even cars today have great use of artificial intelligence. A great example of such cars is Tesla’s lineup. The level of autopilot they have achieved is simply remarkable. It can detect people, animals, detect obstacles, it can follow lanes and imitate reactions faster than a human being. Just 10 years ago the idea that AI would be able to recognize objects in such a way was unthinkable.

5. Voice detection

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This trend might be directly connected to machine learning and artificial intelligence, but I still think it is worthy of mentioning. The idea that in the future we could have every single electrical device activated by voice is simply amazing. And that future might not actually be that far away. It seems like many companies have started to implement advanced voice detection in their software.

Keep in mind that these trends I mentioned above in this article are not the only ones. Software development is constantly evolving and progressing in something more complicated. This year artificial intelligence is the future, but it might be something completely different the next year.

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