Top 3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Tree Service in 2024

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Pruning tree-tops is perhaps of the greatest importance for the growth and development of trees. On the other hand, due to erroneous execution – there is almost no procedure that causes such severe consequences, contributing to the premature decay of trees. And not only that. If the tree-top has grown too high – it can start to move external electrical installations, which can be very dangerous. Therefore, professionals should always be consulted for such tasks. There are many reasons for hiring professional tree services – and we will point out some of them.

Trees – Decoration Or A Problem

Trees are a source of oxygen on the planet and beautify our environment. However, in some situations, we have to interfere sometimes with an urgent intervention. This is especially important if the trees for any reason pose a danger to the surrounding. Although today we are more environmentally conscious than before – there are still situations in which we have to react by removing or pruning individual trees. This most often happens when old trees completely rot – or when they grow so much that they endanger the closest surrounding.

Dangers Lurking From The Trees

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It often happens that citizens complain that in many settlements old trees are standing on shaky legs. Therefore they can be a risk for passers-by. Trees felled by a stormy wind can be a danger because they can injure passers-by – and it has happened that cars have also been damaged. Sometimes the treetop grows so much – that it starts to push the roof or electrical lines that are in the immediate vicinity. On the other hand, deep and huge tree roots can also be a big problem. There were even cases when the deep tree roots undermined the foundations of houses. Therefore, these are the situations when we are forced to react. The problem with trees can also be aesthetic. Let’s say that the tree in your yard has started to grow crookedly and creates trouble for you – but also an aesthetic problem. Then we usually approach cutting or pruning the problematic tree.

Tree Removal And Pruning Trees

The removal and pruning of trees is a procedure of removing trees from the place where the treetop has largely affected the electric and telephone lines – or where there are residential buildings near the tree. It is a procedure where the tree must be carefully cut and its fall directed. On the other hand, pruning is a reduction of the treetop, which becomes necessary due to various factors: Lack of sunlight, the safety of people, traffic, etc. For situations like this, it is best to turn to professionals.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Service

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Many people think removing a tree is a simple job. However, think twice. Sometimes it just seems to us that we are capable of removing or pruning trees. Do you think that just having a good tool is enough for that? Of course not. You need much more than that. You need knowledge and experience – and that is where professionals have the advantage. Tree removal companies have professional employees who have the skill and routine to do this type of work. According to AB Trees, it often happens that people try to remove the trees themselves – and afterward bear the consequences of their inexperience. Sometimes, even fatal mistakes can happen. Here are the 3 main reasons why you need to hire professionals for this job.

1. Professionals Can Estimate The Risks Much Better Than We Can

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To most laymen, this job seems extremely simple, but it is not. You may have noticed which branch is a problem for you, and you may know which one you want to cut, but when it comes to cutting and removing trees – many things are not what they seem. Namely, you cannot assess the risks with certainty. Sometimes, branches of a tree can be weaker or even completely rotten – and it cannot be seen from the outside. Such branches will break easily if any pressure is applied to them – and this can result in injuries. An ordinary person for whom this is not a professional orientation cannot determine such levels of risk with certainty. On the other hand, trained professionals have sufficient knowledge and experience – and will know with certainty how to mitigate such risks.

2. You Don’t Have Modern Equipment – But Professionals Do

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Employees in tree-service companies are ready and trained for all kinds of situations when it comes to this issue. This means that they have access and are trained to work with new and modern devices –  but also with those that are used manually. Professionals will easily do the job using hand or chainsaws, ladders, and axes – but also by using modern cranes and mountaineering equipment (if necessary). Also, tree-service companies have modern safety equipment that you certainly do not keep in your household. Given the number of injuries caused by improper handling of chainsaws and similar devices – the advice is not to take risks, but to leave the job to professionals.

3. Experience Is On The Side Of Professionals

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When some of us decide to remove a tree or cut a branch on our own – very often bad assessments happen. That is almost non-existent among professionals. Namely, doing this job for years, they not only acquire the necessary knowledge – but also develop a kind of sense when it comes to risk assessment. Therefore, they know if a particular branch will fall off or if so – in which direction the tree or branch will fall. Since you don’t have that kind of experience – you can put yourself and others at risk of injury. In such situations – every, even the smallest mistake can be fatal. Therefore, it is good to hire a tree company because you will be far safer in terms of security and potential risks.


We all love that we are surrounded by nature and greenery, and that is why the idea of ​​trees that will grow for generations in our vicinity is beautiful and noble. However, the beautiful trees that surround us do not always last as long as we would like. It very often happens that it rots, bends branches, or causes us a problem. And no matter how much we like the fact that we are surrounded by trees – sometimes we will have to come to terms with the fact that a tree or branches have to be removed. However, when we do that, we need to be sure of the safety and quality of the work done. Therefore, choosing a tree company is always the best choice.


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