How To Wear Popcorn Pants: 5 Stylish Tips For Modern Men


When we think about pants we usually focus just on jeans or dress pants. That might have been the trend in the past but nowadays there are so many different choices and options that are going to make you look fabulous in any given situation. Popcorn pants are becoming more and more popular and when you see them you will realize that they are one of the slickest types of pants that you can wear. They look gorgeous and they are a great way to dress up or down depending on the occasion but always look modern and fashionable. Here, we are going to tell you how to wear popcorn bands and what to pair them with to always look great. Keep on reading if you want to learn some stylish tips for modern men.

1. Go with lighter colors


Experts suggest that these types of bands work best when they are chosen in lighter colors. The model itself is pretty minimalistic and sleek however it does have some nice details that are best noticed when the pants are in white, beige, or any other lighter hue.

The reason why you should choose to go with something lighter instead of the darker colors is that they are great to pair with pretty much anything. No matter what your style is and no matter what the occasion is when you choose good bands and when you pair them with pretty much any shirt of your choosing, it is going to be easy for you to look fashionable. Keep in mind that this option is also amazing for the summer when you can add some statement jewelry like your sunglasses or your watch and be ready to tackle any problem that you may have.

2. Pair them with a nice dress shirt

The popcorn fans are pretty easy to dress up or down so if you want to wear them on a special occasion and if you want to look fashionable and feel comfortable, then you can easily pair them with a nice dress shirt.

If you are not in the mood for a traditional dress shirt then you can opt for any of the polo models that are a great option for unofficial occasions during the day or if you want to go out with your friends to any casual or even business dinner. You would need to choose the color of your shirt depending on the color of the pants as well as the other items that you’re wearing such as your belt, shoes, and even jewelry.

3. They can be a part of your streetwear

Nowadays, every modern man wants to look stylish no matter what they are up to and no matter what the plan for the day is. If you’re one of those people who are on the go all the time and if you don’t necessarily know what the day is going to bring, you want to be able to look presentable and good in any given situation at any given moment. The popcorn pens are going to help you do this and they can be part of your streetwear.

As we previously mentioned, they are easy to dress up or down and you can choose the type of footwear and other pieces of clothing to make sure that you are capturing the right look depending on where you need to go. If you are interested to explore some wear that will help you look trendy and stylish then you should visit

4. Choose a nice blazer to go with them

Another thing you can do if you want to look good during the day and at night is to pair your popcorn pants with a nice blazer. We all know how complementary the Blazers can be and we know that they can transform pretty much any outfit and create the statement piece that you are looking for.

The combination of these two pieces is great for pretty much any season, so you can just pick colors that go well together and try different things out. By combining the blazer and the popcorn pans you can create a perfect look, and you can just add some chic loafers that will make you look stylish for business casual events or you can even choose dress shoes that are going to completely elevate the look. Test different things out, see how comfortable you feel in them, and check different pieces out to add to the seriousness of the look or make it more casual.

5. Don’t forget about the shoes


You should never forget how big of a difference the footwear you have will make. Even though popcorn pants can easily look amazing with pretty much any type of footwear, you should remember that sports shoes or gym shoes are not the best choices when putting on a look including these types of pants.

These models are made to be worn with something a bit more stylish and a bit more official. If you choose to go with any type of sneakers make sure that you find the best possible model and that they are not your traditional sports shoes. Choose sneaker models that are going to follow the line of the pants and that are going to help you create the look you want to go for. Different types of loafers and similar models are best worn with these bands but you can test out different models and see how they finish the look or what they do to it and decide on your own if you want to go with them or if you want to choose another model.

Depending on the type of boots that you have you may be able to pair them with some nice and slick boots just make sure they don’t look too much compared to the minimalistic design of the popcorn pans.

There are different types and models of popcorn pens that you can find almost everywhere on the market just make sure that you are purchasing quality. Keep the fabric in mind and know that when you invest in something good it is going to be far easier to wash and maintain and the hues will never fade out. Know that once you purchase your first pair of popcorn pants you will never go back to any other type of pants.

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