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Top 10 Best Hockey Stick Brands In The World

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Hockey is one of the most famous field games around the world and the way it is becoming popular among youth is incredible. People are getting attracted to this sport more and that’s all the hockey players and viewers want. In hockey, there are different types like Bandy, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Roller Hockey and more. Each of these subtypes has its own features and is played all around the world. Today we are going to talk about the Top 10 Best Hockey Stick Brands In The World which are quite famous.

Also, we are going to rank these companies by the popularity of the brand and sticks. So, without wasting any time let’s start the ranking of these hockey stick brands.

10. Mazon Hockey Stick

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Starting off with the list is Mazon which is one of the most popular top brands in Australia. Also, this brand is providing the most amazing sticks and that makes it a very good brand for the people. This brand’s sticks have good power with lightweight.

Well, the question is what is this brand is doing in numbers 10? I think the answer is this brand has good quality sticks and that makes this brand in this position. Lots of big players and teams route for hockey sticks of this brand.

9. Osaka Hockey Stick

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Next up is Osaka a Europe based company and it is included in our list because of the fact that this brand has better goodwill, popular and used by many elite players. Also, the makers have focused on the styling of the stick which makes it different from other hockey sticks.

They release hockey sticks in different series of which some will not contain carbon while some will have more depending on the type of series.

8. Princess Hockey Stick

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Next on our list of best hockey brands we have is the Princess brand. Well, Princess is a good baby brand and their sticks are just as charming as the name. This brand also has a very good buzz in between people because of the good stick and that it makes and is very popular among the people. They are the major sponsors of the Holland team but they also sponsor many other international teams.

Also, the weight of the stick of this brand is less than 550 grams. The Princess hockey stick brand has own goodwill in between people which because of which is known as one of the popular hockey stick brands.

7. STX Hockey Stick

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STX is a USA based company and is one of the famous brands that manufacture hockey sticks and accessories. You will definitely love the sticks of this brand. It is one of the largest manufacturers of hockey sticks.

STX is getting a good response from the players and teams. Also, a lot of new players are attracting towards this brand and they are promoting it in a good way.

6. Dita Hockey Stick

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Dita is one of the oldest hockey stick brands and has been producing hockey sticks since 1891. It has been growing and producing various types of hockey sticks. Dita also manufactures different accessories except for goalie products and these types of hockey sticks are mostly used by young hockey players.

They provide hockey sticks to players who need lightweight, more stiffness and more power.

5. OBO Hockey Stick

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OBO produces high-quality hockey sticks and is one of the best hockey stick brands in the world. They are a bit expensive but assure you of quality sticks. OBO produces sticks that are used by many players of all ages.

They provide sticks of different types and use durable materials so that it can last for years.

4. TK Hockey Stick

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TK was founded by Thomas Kille a German hockey player. The first stick was sold in 1985 and from then it has become very popular among the people. If you are thinking to buy a quality stick for yourself then we think this would be the best stick for you.

TK consists of Platinum, Synergy, Trillium, and Mulberry each having its own specifications and qualities. What we liked about this brand is the way makers invested their time to produce a quality stick.

3. Gryphon Hockey Stick

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Next in the list of hockey stick brands is Gryphon which has the quality and good design is one of the top brands. It is one of the high-quality hockey stick manufacturers. They provide different types of stick shapes like Classic Curve, Pro, Pro II, T-Bone, Deuce II, Sentinel Curve, Indoor curves and many more.

Along with the production of hockey sticks, they also manufacture different hockey accessories like shoes, socks, grip tape, apparel and many more.

2. Grays Hockey Stick

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Gray is one of the most famous and oldest hockey stick brands known for producing the first fully composite stick. It was formed in England in 1855.

Grays provide many types of head shapes like Hook, Micro, and Maxi. It is the most preferred hockey stick brand by players around the world. We personally recommended you use this brand once in life.

1. Adidas Hockey Stick

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Adidas is one of the most popular brands all over the world. Everyone is well known by this company and from a long time they are making lots of products and hockey stick is one of them. So, if you are looking for the best hockey stick under a very low budget then this brand is made for you. Many famous international players use this stick and also do advertisements for this brand.

Adidas is combing speed with technology so as to produce a stick that will provide more power and strength to players. After holding the Adidas hockey stick you will get a feel-good factor which is very important as a player.

Top 10 Best Hockey Stick Brands in the World

  1. Adidas
  2. Grays
  3. Gryphon
  4. TK
  5. OBO
  6. Dita
  7. STX
  8. Princess
  9. Osaka
  10. Mazon

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