Top 7 Famous Bitcoin Investors in the World for 2024

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Bitcoin is often referred to as the father of all cryptos. Not only that this was the first crypto that was launched and presented to the world, it is also the one that managed to reach the highest value of them all. Without any doubt, we are talking about the most successful digital currency of them all.
Back in 2009, when it was officially released, almost nobody was so interested in investing their money into this concept. This wasn’t a surprise, this was something completely new and almost nobody had a clue about what it really is, who it works, and how money can be earned through investing.

However, we can see that the adoption of this digital currency is now more common than it has ever been. For example, a plethora of companies have introduced it as a legit payment method for their services or products.

Also, many celebrities have started selling their merchandise for Bitcoins. This led to massive popularity that managed to create some more ways you can actually earn these coins. If you are interested in taking a look at some of these concepts, take a look at Now, let us take a look at some of the most popular people who’ve had the vision and invested into Bitcoin before it was cool.

1. Bill Gates

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Surely, Bill Gates is one of the persons best known for readiness to accept and invest in many new technologies. So, there is nothing wrong with being one of the people who become really interested in investing in Bitcoin. Even though we can see that he talked about having certain reservations about the concept recently, that doesn’t change the fact that he was one of the first people who invested in this concept.

He frequently praised cryptocurrencies for many different characteristics they have. In one of many interviews where he directly talked about cryptos, he stated that Bitcoin is an excellent chance for investment, due to its characteristics.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

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One of the most popular actresses in this day and age, Gwyneth Paltrow is often present in media. Mainly due to many health advice, many people see it as controversial. But, at the same time, she is one of the most popular personas who’ve claimed that they really believe cryptocurrencies are the future of the world’s finances.

Not only that she expressed her support for the cause, she even becomes the face of Abra, one of the crypto wallets. Also, she managed to become one of the advisors in that company. Plus, she even shared a couple of interesting articles where anyone interested in cryptos can take a look at all the interesting particularities about this concept.

3. 50 Cent

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50 A cent is a person who was one of the most popular rappers of his generation. At the same time, he presented the public with his strong entrepreneurial spirit which helped him earn additional money from a plethora of other sources. In fact, he was one of the first celebrities to take an interest in Bitcoin. So, became so interested that he started selling his albums for coins.

Not only that, but a lot of his additional merchandise was also sold for this cryptocurrency. Not only that the managed to raise a lot of money from selling his music and other merchandise for BTC, he was so good that he was able to raise a small fortune that can be best expressed in millions of dollars in BTC.

4. Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher is one of the best-known faces on TV and big screens of his generation. Not only that he is an exceptional actor, but he is also a businessman, but that also managed to launch a couple of companies. The first company he ever launched is called “A-Grade” and is an investment company. Besides that, he becomes interested in the concept of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, along with Mark Cuban, he invested a significant amount of money in a company called UnikoinGoid. This is a company that focuses on betting cryptos on eSports, games like LoL, Dota 2, etc. Also, this famous actor was known for investing his money into a plethora of startups. We are sure that he reaped the benefits from all the companies he invested his money in.

5. Johnny Depp

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When talking about Johnny Depp, it should be said that we are talking about one of the best actors of his generation. What many people don’t know is that he actually got involved in the world of cryptocurrencies. At one moment, he becomes so interested in it that he became a partner at blockchain startup TaTaTu. So, you can see how popular this concept becomes among celebrities who are recognized as a perfect way of making additional money.

6. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

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When we are talking about some of the most successful investors in BTC, the story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron. It is widely believed that these brothers are BTC millionaires. They were one of the first people who got interested in investing their money into BTC and this was the result of their vision.

Their company, Gemini, which was launched back in 2015, serves as a middleman that operates for people who are interested in buying, selling, or storing digital assets. One of these assets is BTC, you can be sure of that.

7. Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson is one of the most loved athletes of all time. Surely, pretty much every person in the world has heard about the big guy. After his finances started going down, he decided to participate in a new opportunity called BTC. So, he managed to product BTC ATMs that bear his face tattoo as one of the details on it.

At the same time, he started collaborating with a company called Bitcoin Direct, with whom he succeeded to provide his face tattoo as a brand for the BTC wallet. In the end, back in 2015, it was announced that he got involved with the creation of the Bitcoin ATM system. We have absolutely no doubt that he managed to make a healthy profit out of it.

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