6 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Digital Signage Software – 2024 Guide

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As most of you know, digital signage is used for digital advertising. The most important is the player that plays images, videos, etc. So, in order to get your ad, you would have to go through a more complex process. Simplicity will depend solely on the content you plan to play, but software processing is definitely waiting for you. Either way, you can probably guess how important hardware capabilities, as well as software features, are.

We are sure you want the best for your business. That’s why you chose this way of advertising. However, you must adhere to the standard. It would be ideal if we told you that the budget is not a factor here, but that would be a lie. So you should avoid the cheaper version of digital signage software. Keep in mind your goal, which is to find the best model. Unfortunately, the cheaper ones are generally worse.

To find out why you shouldn’t accept the cheaper option, keep reading and find out the list of reasons we’ve listed below.

1. Poor hardware specifications

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Before you decide to buy one you need to consider several factors. The primary thing is the hardware. If you have a computer, you know how good specifications are for your computer to function better. Since this is one of the key things you will consider in this case before you decide on a computer, think about it when it comes to digital signage software. So, higher costs bring you better results. On the other hand, a cheaper option can ruin all your plans. What does it mean?

If you opt for a cheaper option, you risk a lot. You will most often encounter slowness, basic installations that are not at all impressive, limited content, etc. This is the opposite of good hardware performance. To achieve quality advertising, you need hardware that supports interactivity, rich content and great dynamism when it comes to change.

2. Unauthorized stores

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When searching for cheaper software, you may come across such actions. You may not know right away that you have encountered unauthorized sales, but there are clear warning signs. Very often you can notice favorable special prices at lesser-known or totally unknown points of sale. It is usually accompanied by free delivery, maybe a gift, etc. These are cheap store tricks that sell bad goods like this.

Although the product description will contain a number of advantages that contribute to an impressive visual display and everything else, the reality is totally different. First of all, behind such software are mostly suspicious suppliers. This means that they use defective goods with outdated operating systems but at a very attractive price. However, don’t let this blind you. You will surely agree with us that in this case, low costs are not the best option you can choose.

3. Lack of security

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Your content is a potential victim to hackers if you do not have a proper protection system. To prevent this, we advise you to seek help in quality solutions. A cheaper one can’t offer you something like that than just those with better specifications. This way, you will not allow access to the systems to all unauthorized persons. According to the IndigoWorkplace, it reduces safety incidents and quality defects by 41% so it is clear to you why this is not something you should save on.

4. Lack of software compatibility

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In addition to hardware specifications, the second item is compatibility. It is important to differentiate your needs and opportunities. Therefore, the appropriate one must be compatible with the player in order to run successfully. Only then will all the needs of your company be met. However, the cheaper one is generally not compatible with most players. Their systems are not like the most popular you can see on the market.

In that case, they do not have the software solution you need. This means continuing the search until you come across one that will save you time, raise the value of your inventory and ensure excellent network performance. It is important to mention another important thing when it comes to choosing software. Whether you opt for the more expensive or cheaper option, think carefully before choosing hardware that can limit the options of high-end software as well. This compromises the optimality of your business. Remember that a good one allows the integration of content, dashboards, news, feeds, etc.

5. Lack of support for important media formats

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When choosing good equipment such as a player, it is important to pay equal attention to the demand for software that will provide you with good digital advertising. Its quality is reflected in the displayed moving content that it must support. This refers to the standard format that even weaker software must support, ie MP4. However, 4K content is used more today. Our advice is to look for software that can support this format. Of course, a cheaper option is then out of the question.

If you want dynamic content that supports HTML5 and ad serving for your ad, you must adhere to a certain standard. Only in this way will you be able to provide the audience with unforgettable and innovative displays.

6. Poor software stability

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If you do not want certain types of accidents with digital advertisements to happen to you, forget about cheaper software. It is very unreliable because it can lead to crashes, errors and other problems that irritate customers as much as publishers. On the other hand, you can get a stable one for just a little more money. However, once you realize how much you will pay for new software or certain problems, you can even save with a seemingly more expensive option.

Better options are certainly perfect runtime, an excellent display of business elements and the absence of failures.


If you want the best for your company, you must have made a plan by now during your projects. However, sometimes the budget does not allow us to realize all our ideas. Find a way by sorting out your options or reconstructing some parts of the plan. Stick to the ultimate goal during the project plan and don’t agree to less just because it fits your budget. That way, you risk losing much more than expected.

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