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8 Benefits of an Electric Skateboard Vs. Other Modes of Transportation – 2024 Guide

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Recently, electric vehicles like the electric skateboard have become a popular mode of transportation for many, and rightly so. Electric skateboards are considered a sustainable option to use for commuting in the present time. Not only are they fun, but they are also considered good for the E.

Skateboards are no more just cool sporting equipment, they have evolved into electric skateboards or e-skateboards to become a great option for day-to-day travel as well. Below is a detailed list of how riding electric-skateboards is a much better choice than using any other mode of transportation for your regular commute. For some of the best E-skateboards, visit

1. They are fast

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Electric skateboards usually have a speed of 29 to 45 km per hour. Some of these electric skateboards can even go up to a speed of 65 km per hour. Although the speed of your electric skateboard is based on its model, all of them are much faster than just going on foot or using a regular skateboard. This saves your time as well as your energy and can also be thrilling, as long as you use the proper safety equipment like helmets, knee caps, etc.

2. They save your time

Most people use their four-wheeler vehicles and cars to commute, especially in urban areas. But even though cars are comfortable, they are not always the fastest option available and don’t necessarily help you save your commute time as compared to a two-wheeled vehicle or an electric skateboard.

In places of high traffic, taking a car through the road is a slow process and takes a lot of time. In such a situation, electric skateboards can prove to be of much more help. It is almost impossible to get stuck in traffic while using an electric skateboard to commute. Also, it can help you navigate through small lanes with high traffic as well. This, in turn, will eventually save your commute time.

3. You can travel at your own pace

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In case of the unavailability of a personal vehicle, we often tend to travel via public vehicles like buses and subway rails. We might also choose to go via a taxi or a cab. But these modes of transport are not under our control and can lead to delay. Using an electric skateboard can be a great option during such times.

Having a personal electric skateboard enables you to reach wherever you want, whenever you want, and at your own pace. This will help in reducing any unaccounted for delay.

4. Using them enhances physical well being

Due to the advent of new technologies for vehicles, traveling from one place to another has become a physically stagnant activity. There are many of us who travel long distances daily on our way to and fro from work. This is a time-consuming activity, but it barely requires us to do much physical activity. It can lead to a monotonous and lethargic schedule that contributes to an unfit lifestyle. Using an electric skateboard for such a regular commute can curb this problem.

Electric skateboard, while being electric, also requires you to control it physically. This means that you won’t have to put a lot of physical effort to run it but just enough to keep you on the right track to having a much healthier lifestyle.

5. It is better for the environment

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Unlike vehicles that use petrol, diesel, and other harmful fuels and emit harmful gases in the environment, electric skateboards are eco-friendly. They require less electricity to run as compared to other electric vehicles. Besides this, they are also able to travel long distances with overall lesser energy consumption. They also do not cause any pollution. This makes them better for the environment as compared to other modes of transport.

6. It is a cheaper option

As compared to vehicles that are much more expensive, and those which run on fuels that require a lot of investment, electric skateboards are a much more pocket-friendly option. They are much cheaper as compared to buying a car or a two-wheeler vehicle. Charging them also does not require as much electricity as is needed for running a bigger electric vehicle. Besides this, the maintenance of electric skateboards is also cheaper, and in the long run, these electric skateboards also prove to be cheaper than using public vehicles regularly.

7. They are much more advanced than regular skateboards

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If you are still skeptical about the idea of using electric skateboards then it must be important for you to know that electric skateboards are much more advanced than regular skateboards. Electric skateboards are more sturdy and have heavy-duty wheels which are controlled by a motor that allows you to travel with ease without using a lot of physical force. They are both stable and easy to use once you get a hang of them. So if you are confused between using a regular skateboard or an electric skateboard then it’s better to use an electric skateboard, especially if you plan on traveling long distances.

8. They make commuting fun

Not only do electric vehicles come with a lot of practical reasons to use them, but they are also fun to ride. Unlike the boring vehicles that we use to commute from place to place, electric skateboards are exciting and new. They provide a great experience, and it is fun to use them for commuting simply because you can control their speed according to your own needs. Since they are quite portable, you also can choose to carry them from place to place when you don’t feel like skateboarding.

Above are the reasons why you might choose to use an electric skateboard rather than the usual vehicles and other modes of transport for commuting. There are various types of electric skateboards suited to the needs of everyone. Thus, you can even find an electric skateboard suitable to your needs and make your traveling time much more fun and exciting.

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